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Publication Order of Echo Mountain Books

Mountain Rescue (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Covert Christmas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Payback (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Undercover (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witness Pursuit (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mountain Ambush (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Echo Mountain” Series is a set of novels inspirational novels by American author Hope White. White was born and spent much of her childhood in the Midwest before she moved to the Pacific Northwest as an adult. However, she had always been passionate about writing stories and was spinning tales of adventure and intrigue back when she was in grade school. Sitting in class, she used to daydream of mystery, adventure, and romance and cannot remember a time when she did not want to write. As an eleven-year-old, she wrote his first thriller that culminated in a mysterious phone call. As a teenager, she went to college to study journalism before she got a job working as a feature writer for several publications before she rediscovered her love for fiction writing.

Hope White started her career as a journalist before branching out into public relations. She then went on to work with the American Academy of Pediatrics and was involved in the dissemination of information on children’s health issues. While she always had a passion for writing and reading, she never got to writing until she was challenged by a good friend who told her that she needed to read and write fiction if she was to make something of her passion. White was initially skeptical about how one could ground the reader in visual imagery and create characters from nothing. But she began reading the likes of Debbie Macomber, Julie Garwood, and Judith McNaught and began thinking that she could do it. After she got her second son, she decided to go for it and started penning her manuscripts. Seven years later, she got her breakthrough as she was the winner of a writing contest and a year later sold her first novel titled “Hidden in Shadows” to Silhouette Romance. As her career developed, her editor suggested that she write something for Love Inspired Suspense line. White made her debut in inspirational fiction with “Mountain Rescue,” the first novel of the “Echo Mountain” series. She has asserted that working for the line has been a great match as it allows her to write spiritual stories and she also gets to blend faith, mystery, and romance which are her three favorite things.

The “Echo Mountain” series of novels are all about finding love and saving lives on the mountains of Washington State. In the first novel of the series, a woman was led to believe that her husband was involved in a freak hiking accident where he met his death. But now she thinks that may not be the case as his former criminal partners come after her as they try to take back his share from their criminal endeavors. She is in very real danger of being captured, used, and murdered by the vicious criminals greedy for her dead husband’s share of the loot. In the second novel of the series, a man is shot and his killers leave him for dead up the mountain. But he survives and teams up with a search and rescue operative named Bree and together they go on a quest to find answers even as they have to confront a growing attraction between them. The third novel of the series is the story of a woman who gets entangled in the complications of the release of her brother from prison. She now finds herself in danger but an unlikely man steps in and together they try to get out of a very difficult situation.

“Mountain Rescue” the first novel of the Echo Mountain series of novels is the story of Billie Bronson, a woman that at last wants to confront her demons. In this regard, she heads to a Cascade Mountain trail, to the spot where Rick her husband had been rescued from in the previous year. They had gone on the hike to salvage their marriage but on the trail, they had fallen out badly and Rick had decided to head off alone and fell off a cliff. She had kept watch over him until help arrived but he had died from his injuries soon after. She is now looking for understanding and absolution on why her marriage had to end the way it did. But then she is startled by a man from Ricky’s past who makes demands about her giving up something she knows nothing about. The man attacks her and as they scuffle, she falls and before she blacks out, she thinks of Quinn, a man who had come to her aid when she was in such dire straits before. He was the only man he could depend on to find her and over the past few months, she had grown to love him. Meanwhile, Quinn’s heart had skipped a beat when he was told that he was to rescue Billie. He had grown to care for her but thought he was not the best man for her and hence he kept his feelings to himself. When he learns that someone is stalking her, he vows to protect her at all costs. Billie does not particularly appreciate his intervention into her life but he is not going to back down when her life is in danger.

“Covert Christmas” is the thrilling second novel of the “Echo Mountain” series. Up on Echo Mountain, a man was shot by unknown people and had been left for dead. Breanna McBride had led the Search and Rescue team that had located him and now she wants answers. But the man has amnesia and the only thing he can remember is that some unknown person wants to silence him and that his name is Scott. The man knows that he cannot trust strangers but he cannot help falling for Breanna his charming protector. On her part, she will not rest until she has the answers she needs, though the growing attraction between them is something she is increasingly concerned about. But as they find more information and are closing in on the truth, she suddenly becomes the target of the mysterious men that had caused Scott’s accident. Now that they are working together, the criminals will do anything to kill the two of them before the holidays.

“Payback” the third novel of the “Echo Mountain” series of novels is the story of Nia Sharpe. She is a woman that never thought she would ever get involved with criminal activity until she finds herself in the crosshairs. Her brother recently came out of prison and now she finds herself targeted by some vicious criminals. Thankfully, Aiden McBride, her boss is willing to work with her to resolve the issues of her brother’s murky past. Nia knows that Aiden is hurting from something that happened in the past and hence when he steps in and offers his help in keeping her safe, she could not be more grateful. But now they have to team up if they are to have a chance of keeping ahead of the people seeking their lives. She was not looking for any kind of romantic relationship but as she watched the man fight to keep her safe, she starts thinking that maybe they could come to share more than a dangerous circumstance.

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