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Publication Order of Echoes from the Past Books

The “Echoes from the Past” series are a set of novels by Irina Shapiro, a cozy mystery and paranormal romance author from the United States. Shapiro was born in Russia but her family moved to the States when she was just eleven. As soon as she learned English, she began reading Gothic novels and Historical romance which are two genres that expanded her knowledge of history and captured her imagination. She still loves the two genres though she also has developed a liking for cozy mystery and time travel. In the United States, Shapiro went to Bernard M. Baruch College from where she earned a degree in business. She would then work for several years in Import/Export and Advertising before she thought she should try her hand at fiction writing. Even though she got a degree in International Business and Marketing, writing and reading have always been her first loves. As soon as she was able, she settled down and began penning the manuscript for “The Hands of Time” the first of the “Hands of Time” series.

Irina Shapiro always loved reading though she never thought she had what it took to become an author. When she completed her debut novel and had it published, she surprised herself more anyone else. She had always wanted to become an archeologist ever since she was a child. Since she had loved history for the longest time, she thought it would be interesting to unearth clues from the past by sifting through history telling the stories of people from the past. She has also had some fascination with paranormal happenings and this theme is also present in some of her novels. “The Lovers,” which is the debut novel of the “Echoes from the Past” series of novels was first published in 2017. She now has more than twenty novels and still loves creating new characters and crafting stories. She hopes she can continue to entertain and engage her fans for years to come.

“The Echoes from the Past” series by Irina Shapiro tell the story of Dr. Quinn Allenby who has a rare gift. Just by holding an object that belongs to someone deceased she can look far into the past. As an archeologist, this is a very handy gift that helps her in all manner of situations. In “The Lovers,” the debut novel of the series, the story is set in 1665 and 2013 London. The seventeenth century thread tells the story of Elise de Laseppes who is forced to marry a man. She is horrified to learn the reason why he married her when he reveals them to her on her wedding night. Fast forward to 2013 and Dr. Quinn Allenby is looking into the mystery of the two lovers that had been dubbed “The Lovers.” In “The Forgotten,” the second novel of the series Dr. Quinn Allenby looks into the case of a mother and child that died mysteriously. But even as she looks into the interesting case, she has to confront secrets that may break her relationship with her fiancé Gabe. In “The Unforgiven,” the third novel of the series Dr. Quinn is looking into the case of Madeline Besson, even as she gets closer to learning the truth about her psychic abilities.

In “The Lovers” the first novel of the series, Elise de Laseppes is a woman who gets forcefully betrothed to Edward Asher. She is heartbroken as she has always been in love with a man that works for her father but now needs to marry Asher, and give up her first love for the sake of duty. On the wedding night, she is horrified to learn why Asher had married her. The revelation sets in motion several tragic events that result in the death of the two newlyweds. Fast forward to 2013, and a construction crew finds a huge chest underground that they did not have in their blueprints. Dr. Quinn Allenby a renowned forensic archeologist is asked to investigate. The chest contains skeletal remains and given her psychic gift, she can shed more light into what happened to the people in the makeshift casket. While she is working, a leading producer approaches her and asks her to use her gift to piece together the identity of the people in the chest. He intends to use the material for “Echoes of the Past,” a historical drama he has been working on.

In “The Forgotten,” the second novel of the “Echoes of the Past” series Dr. Quinn is engaged to Gabe and is planning their wedding. She had agreed to do the BBC show “Echoes from the Past” and has two more episodes to go. Her producer calls her with a new project – she needs to find out about a woman and her son that had been buried face down at the Dunwich cemetery. They soon learn that these were the bones of Edwin and Petra Ordell. Petra had been recently left a widow and had to care for her three children her mother and was in particularly dire straits. She had been working as a companion Lady Blythe a local lady, which is where she got reacquainted with Lord Thomas Devon her son. Thomas just like Petra is recently widowed and declares his love for Petra. He wants them to get married so that he can take care of all of them. He is a loving, compassionate and kind guy and Petra should take the offer. But she has a few secrets she is hiding.

“The Unforgiven” the third novel of the series is the story of 19th century teenager Madeleine Besson. She is sent to live at the Arabella Plantation with his estranged family following the sale of their family estate to pay off debts. She receives a warm welcome from George his cousin and Amelia his pregnant wife, even though her grandmother could not be colder. He is still grieving the loss of his father and has an uncertain future. As such, he is wholly unprepared for resentments and the unearthing of long buried secrets. Fast-forward to 2014 and the now pregnant Dr. Quinn is travelling to New Orleans where she intends to meet Seth Besson and learn if she is his daughter or not. A DNA sample concludes that he is and Seth wants to have a relationship with her as he introduces her to the family including his son Brett. Quinn longs to learn how she came to have psychic powers and continues digging into the life of Madeleine Besson. But it seems as if the woman has been deleted from historical records.

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