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As one of the most successful writers, Stuart Wood is the writer of more than 48 books. The last 28 books in this list have all been featured in the New York Times best sellers list. Ed Eagle is a trained pilot, who loves to fly his personal plane especially during book tours.

Short Straw

Stuart Wood is a highly experienced author who has created a number of leading characters who are living in a fictional era. His characters are not only incestuous but are in various scenes intermingling with one another with some of his works. Short Straw is the second book in this series and it features the Santa Fe lawyer who was introduced in the first installment. The book begins as Eagle wakes up on his 50th birthday only to realize that his wife had not only drugged him but had also cleaned out his brokerage, business and personal accounts amounting to more than 5 million dollars.

Apart from that, she also ran away with Eagle’s private jet. However, Eagle’s effort to recover his stolen property is stopped by assigning him work, which was supposed to be executed by the public defendant. Eagle in turn hires a former police detective and Vittorio to not only locate his wife but to also return the stolen property. The two men are able to find the lady in Mexico, hence they proceed on an intriguing chase across Mexico. Upon locating her, they promise to return her safely to the United States. However, the Mexican police begin to chase them in a black S.U.V. Ed’s wife Barbara is willing to do anything so as to protect herself. With that said, this is a short stopping ride from Mexico to Santa Fe and eventually back.

Santa Fe Dead

The story line begins as Ed’s wife has successfully escaped while waiting for the decision of the jury via a court’s bathroom window. She manages to run and hide in a nearby spa, where her personal lawyer is working so hard to ensure that she does not receive an escape charge. While at the Spa, she meets with an exceedingly wealthy man. Working her usual magic, she makes him propose in less than a week. Ed has sent people to look for his wife because he understands that his wife may try to kill him. Learning about the engagement, Ed sends out a letter to the man, informing him of what the lady is capable of. It does not take long before; the man is eventually dead while his wife is extremely angry that she has only been left with only 50,000 a month.

With that said, the story line and the plot in this book has been well developed. The characters were extremely solid and also well developed. This is a thriller, since we get to know from the first page who the book’s villain is. The reader’s job is to follow carefully, the clues presented by the author and the amount of damage that the villain is going to inflict on her targets.

Santa Fe Rules

The perfect recipe for any mystery is a love triangle. The series’ author, Stuart Eagle follows this widely used writing model and adds it to an unknown and undefined symmetrical love shape. Just like any other mystery novel, The Santa Fe Rules has its fair share of greed, deceit, high price cons and love. Stuart Wood begins the novel by introducing the reader to one, Wolf Willet. Willet wakes up one morning in his extremely large home in New Mexico. He heads towards his personal jet for a ride. After an extremely dangerous landing, Willet learns that three homicides were committed inside his home on the previous night. Three people had been found together naked and in bed together.

The shocking news is that the local news claims that Willet was one of the people murdered. This incidence not only scares Willet but also has him thinking. Who could be responsible for killing all those people and who was the third victim in the incidence. The best criminal lawyer in Santa Fe is Ed Eagle. Willet contacts Ed Eagle and informs him that he cannot recall what exactly happened on the night that the killings were done. Once he heard his ordeal, Ed Eagle asks Willet to turn himself in to the local police. However, upon turning himself in, Willet learns that the District Attorney has built an extremely strong case against him.

The local police and District Attorney do not believe Willet’s version of the story. Willet is informed that they have already found motive since Willet’s wife was found dead with other two men. They also inform him that there is a witness, who can easily place Willet at the crime scene. The local news reporters decide to dig a little bit deeper into the tragedy. The reporters revealed that Willet’s wife, Julia was not the person whom everyone knew because she had a dark side. Her past was a life was shadier since, it was a life, which was full of crime and passion. It does not take long before a fourth murder is committed and this time around, it is Willet, who finds the body. Willet begins to suspect that his life is now in danger.

Immediately after the fourth body is found, Willet learns that all his accounts and stocks have not only been liquidated but has been moved to an offshore account. Since he is desperate to find out who is after his life, Willet now depends on a former biker who he meets with in jail together with the assistance of private eyes who were hired by eagle. HarperCollins originally published Santa Fe Rules in the year 1992. It is jam packed with a tightly and carefully plotted mystery, page turning suspense, heart pumping romance and captivating intrigue. The plots twists are not only interesting but have also been unraveled extremely well. As it is the case with most of Stuart Wood novels, some of the scenes in this book will undoubtedly stretch your imagination.

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  1. Judith Mungle: 10 months ago

    Read all four Ed Eagle books in rapid succession expecting all these characters stories to completely unfold and I’m left with a cliff hanger with NO POSSIBLE END TO THE STORY as Stuart Woods passed away in 2022. Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe my frustration level. I’ve already read all of the Stone Barrington and Teddy Fay novels but I’m now moving on to other authors. I’m not a happy or satisfied Stuart Woods reader any longer.

  2. rukovich: 6 years ago

    I read Santa Fe Edge. Barbara doesn’t get caught. Disappointed! wtf? Exciting page turner.


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