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Eddie LaCrosse Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Eddie LaCrosse Books

The Sword-Edged Blonde (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burn Me Deadly (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Jenny (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wake of the Bloody Angel (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Drank, and Saw the Spider (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Key to the Coward's Spell (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eddie LaCrosse is the main protagonist in the “Eddie LaCrosse Mystery” series of novels. Written by Alex Bledsoe, the first novel in the series was published in 2007 under the title of The Sword-Edged Blonde. It was received with great reviews and critical success. The Edge LaCrosse is a series of five novels which can be broadly categorized into a mixture of fantasy, mystery and hard-boiled detective fiction.

The series follows Eddie Lacrosse whose office is situated in the fictional town of Neceda, above Angelina’s Tavern. His occupation is that of a freelance sword jockey. He rents his services out for twenty-five gold pieces a day, and for that amount he will basically take on any task with the exception of murder. He is also resilient in that he sees through all his cases regardless of what might be at risk.

In the Sword-edged Blonde, which is the first series in the novel, our protagonist is hired by a king to find his missing princess, in return for her, the king promises him gold. As he embarks on the case, Eddie LaCrosse realizes that not all is as it seems as he is almost immediately flung into a world of enigma and deception. A royal heir is savagely attacked and killed, a queen is suspected of murder and through all this Eddie LaCrosse is dealing with demons from his past that threaten to surface and expose him.

True to form though, Eddie LaCrosse forges through. His reputation for always delivering on hi assignments sees him delve even deeper into the mystery, which in turn exposes the seedy underworld of the society he lives in. he uncovers a conspiracy that spans almost a century. Through his journey he also realizes that in order to come up with the truth that he seeks, he has to look into his past and present, and connect the jigsaw pieces to see the big picture. Packed with action and suspense at every turn, this novel will truly leave you at the edge of your sit hanging onto every word till the very end. It’s a masterpiece in fantasy and mystery.

Best Eddie LaCrosse Mystery Books.

As stated earlier, the first book in the five part series was released to wide acclaim. However, the novels that followed after also managed to garner a dedicated fan base. Some of his more popular books include, but are not limited to:

Wake of the Bloody Angel.

This is the fourth entrance in the Eddie LaCrosse series and it is widely regarded as the best book across the board. As is common with most writers, their work ages as a fine wine as time and experience accumulates. Alex Bledsoe is no exception to this.

This widely popular fourth installment follows our titular hero, Eddie LaCrosse as he is tasked to investigate the case of a missing young sailor, Black Edward, who turned and had become a pirate. The assignment is given to him by Angelina herself, the owner of the tavern in which the protagonist rents his office space.

For almost twenty year, there had been no clue as the sailor’s whereabouts and it is further revealed that before he disappeared, he had been lovers with Angelina. What’s most interesting about this story is that there are so many scenarios at play, and as usual a mystery shrouds the entire case.

According to rumors, his ship, The Bloody Angel, had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Some say that the ship did indeed still sail but as a ghastly apparition, and yet others say that Black Edward was ruler of a secret pirate kingdom. The story is rife with tension and excitement bound to keep even the most hardcore of mystery readers captures for hours on end.

He Drank and Saw The Spider.

Another of Eddie LaCrosse’s more popular installments is He Drank and Saw The Spider. In this installment, we venture into Eddie LaCrosse’s past, where as a young mercenary he is unable to save a stranger that he comes across from being mauled by a bear. The stranger has a young girl with him, and after the bear kills him it’s up to Eddie to take care of the girl.

He decides to leave her with a kindly family and he moves on with his life. Jump forward to the present, sixteen years later and as fate would have it over his vacation he finds himself in the same part of the world that he had encountered the young girl. Curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to look into what became of the young girl. He finds out that she has now grown into a lovely young teenager. However, not all is as tranquil as he had expected it to be.

Isadora, the name of the girl as he finds out later, is in the middle of a mystery whose players are a rather sinister lot; two warring kings, a powerful sorceress, a monster and a prince in love. Secrets are uncovered and it is up to our hero together with help from her girlfriend Liz to try and help out Isadora. They have to peer into the past in order to understand the future and as the book suggests, the spider in your cup is the one that will poison you, under the condition that you see it of course. This makes for a rather interesting read and also gives us a bit of an insight into our hero’s past.

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