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The Lucy Ghosts (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Manchester Blue (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fallen Angels (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ring of Red Roses (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Terminate with Violence (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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To Kill a President (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Eddy Shah is a businessman founder of newspaper and author of literary fiction from the United Kingdom. He went to school at Gordonstoun Scotland before he went to Grammar School at Haywards Heath. While he was a very good student that got good grades, he had disciplinary issues and was expelled from several schools before he managed to attain his O levels. Even though he did not go to college, he had a lifelong passion for reading and books since he had been reading and writing from a very young age. Once he graduated, he started working in television and theater before he got into journalism. He would then go into business and after more than sixteen years as a publisher he had accumulated a portfolio of more than 60 newspapers the most popular of which was “Today” that he launched in 1986. Eddy is married to former actress and model Jennifer that famously appeared in “Casino Royale“ the original James Bond movie. They have been together for more than five decades and have three children together.

Fresh out of college, he got a job with the BBC as a stage manager for television and theater. He then moved to Granada, where he was instrumental in the making of classics such as “Softly Softly,” “Till Death Us Do Part,” and “Coronation Street” as floor manager. He got into the newspaper business as an entrepreneur after he was fired from the Manchester Evening News. Determined to make it, he had sold his own house to get the capital needed. Much of his success as a publisher and journalist can be traced to his creative and innovative nature. Over the years, he has been responsible for revolutionizing newspapers by bringing in new journalistic techniques and technologies through his papers. He also changed TV programming when he introduced peak time programs. In 1988, he no longer felt that he had any more to give to the newspaper industry and sold all of his newspaper empire. In 1989, an independent company named “Messenger TV” that was responsible for several blockbuster primetime series that aired on British television. While he achieved a lot of success with newspaper publishing and production, he always loved noir crime fiction from the nineties and eighties and always wanted to write someday.

Once he was done with business, Eddy Shah got back to his love for writing and in the 1990s, he published four novels. His debut novel was “Manchester Blue” that he published in 1993 that would become the first of the “Eddy Shah Retro Thrillers” series of novels. He took a long hiatus from writing and came back with the single standing novel “Second World” in 2008. He got the inspiration for the science and fantasy fiction story more than a decade ago but thought it too far ahead of its time and thus shelved it. 2008 proved just the right time for the futuristic, high tech action thriller that is set in a world of virtual reality very relevant to the modern-day. In addition to the novel he has also debuted another series titled “Rogue State.” The debut novel of the new series is titled “Terminate with Violence,” which tells of how the state controls the populace.

Eddy Shah’s “Manchester Blue” is a story set in the sixties, where a young policeman was witness to the discovery of a child’s mutilated body in the Swamps north of the city of Manchester. He is unable to erase the scene from his mind and over the years, the memory turns him into a committed tough, and honest police officer. Several years later, he sets out to bring back order the city of Manchester’s Moss Side, where criminal anarchy is the order of the day as drug gangs rule the streets. But to be successful, he has to change his methods and use techniques that he had always shunned. He has to team up with a man he has not spoken with for years. The man who is also his brother had taken up American citizenship though he had grown up in Manchester. They share a hateful and common distrust of each other but both want to weed out the gangs from their hometown.

“The Lucy Ghosts” by Eddy Shah is set in Germany during the Second World War. Rocket scientists that had served the Nazi War machine traded their knowledge to the American and Russian invaders to get preferential treatment. But the scientists were part of a secret West-East brotherhood that had vowed not to rest until Germany was one. Reunification had unleashed sinister forces and important records go missing in mysterious circumstances as there seems to be a coordinated attempt at the destruction of KGB and CIA files. Adam Nicholson an independent agent is summoned to come to protect an important scientist who was to attend a critical seminar in New Orleans. The agent is forced into a dangerous situation and with voodoo in the mix, not even Billie Wood his CIA sidekick can help him out. But then a series of grisly murders points to a neo-Nazi breeding ground where it seems several hundred people have been training for insurrection. Germany’s fragile democracy is about to go through one of the sternest of tests.

Eddy Shah’s “Fallen Angels” is set in 1994, at a time when the British government was hammering out a peace plan with the Irish Republican Army. But behind the scenes, plans to attack and take out several important IRA targets if the peace plans failed were at an advanced stage. Hoping the peace plans were successful the government had shelved the alternative plan. But some elements believed that peace or no peace, the IRA had to be taught a lesson to force them to negotiate. Things had started going awry when a low-ranking IRA operative had been killed in New York, believed to have been the victim of an assassination plot by the SAS. It is not long before bombs are going off as the IRA look to revenge one of their own. It took Francis Duggan a quiet Irish American CIA analyst and Sam Richardson a former SAS agent teaming up to get to the bottom of the horror. The settings of the novel range from Belfast, New York, the Florida Everglades, London, and Holland and provide an intriguing and fascinating background to a complex yet intriguing story.

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