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Eden Grinshpan
Eden Grinshpan is multi-talented. She is a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the “Grande Diplome” in both Pastry and Cuisine, has hosted many cooking shows, and is the executive chef and co-founder of Dez, a fast-casual Nolita spot which serves Mediterranean food, and some killer style.

She remembers her dad always putting new foods in front of her from a very young age and encouraging her to try new stuff. There was stuff she loved immediately, yet there were also foods that she ended up growing to love later on. She’s always pushing herself to try new foods.

Eden feels like it’s going to teach her more about the person that’s serving her and their culture. When it’s something she’s frightened of, she’ll just remind herself that it’s mind over matter. She just knows how much attention, pride, and love everybody puts into their food and she wants to be a part of that so she will just go for it.

She got into cooking because she was a little troublemaker during high school, and would use any excuse not to do her homework. She was the queen of procrastinating. She came across the Food Network in tenth grade and just got totally hooked. She grew up in Toronto and they get Food Network Canada. That channel just ended up being played in the background during all hours of the day.

Since Eden has such a profound love for baked goods as well as anything which has butter in it, she began baking cupcakes, cookies, and cakes, etc. She fell in love, as there’s nothing more satisfying to her than bringing something she baked to her family or a friend.

When it came time for her to apply to universities, it was only natural to put her energy where it belonged: culinary school. She went to culinary school just knowing the basics of what she had learned on television and cookbooks.

Wow, she was in for a surprise, and she’ll never forget her first day in class. All the students had these new knives and their chef was demonstrating how to julienne when he clipped his fingertip right off. He wrapped his finger, went back to work, and only got medical attention once the class had ended.

Culinary school gave her the basic skills, which help her with approaching just about any sort of cuisine.

After graduating, she went to India in order to volunteer with different organizations, one of which was an orphanage called Ramanas Garden. It was here that she came up with the idea of raising money for the orphanage through re-opening a cafe, that had not been operating in some time. She also taught the children the basics of culinary cuisine.

She taped this entire project, and found an editor when she got back, who cut it down to fifteen minutes. It was here that Eden Eats was born. She met a woman that walked into the bakery she was working at and they both came up with their show concept. Meeting people who come from all over the world and see how they’re able to recreate their customs and culture through the food in America. It made a lot of sense and fit so well into what was already her growing passion for traveling all over the world and sharing some food with her new friends.

Her favorite part of doing the show is she’s surprised by just about every city they go to. She’ll run into people that live in the cities that they feature and they always will tell her they had no idea about the ethnic diversity which exists in their own city. They seem so very excited to learn the delicious and authentic eateries which have been around the corner from them the entire time. She’s proud that her show has opened folks up to exploring new foods in their own town.

Nashville is one town that really stands out to her. They ended up finding a massive Somalian refugee community, and Nashville’s also known as ‘little Kurdistan’ due to its rather large Kurdish community.

On days that she isn’t eating or exploring, she tries to eat as healthy as she can. She does a lot of yoga and tries running. It is incredibly tough and she’s very bad at it. She also loves dancing, wherever and whenever. All of this helps her stay as thin as she is.

Her cookbook, “Eating Out Loud” wouldn’t have even happened had it not been without the support of Ido, her husband. He is her rock and having him by her side to be her official taste tester, super dad, therapist, and the biggest cheerleader really helped her get into things and gave her enough confidence that she needed to actually write the book.

“Eating Out Loud: Bold Middle Eastern Flavors for All Day, Every Day” is a non-fiction book that was released in the year 2020. Discover this playful new take on Middle Eastern cuisine with over a hundred flavorful and fresh recipes, many of which were inspired by Eden’s own Israeli heritage and travels. Eden’s accessible cooking is filled with bright textures and tastes which reflect her Israeli heritage and laid back yet thoughtful style.

She introduces her readers to a whirlwind of exciting flavors, while mixing and matching traditional, simple ingredients in whole new ways. A toasted pita salad filled with tomatoes, peaches, and a bevy of fresh herbs. Roasted whole heads of broccoli topped with herbaceous yogurt and crunchy spice-infused dukkah. And a babka which becomes pull-apart morning buns, layered with tahini and chocolate and sticky with a salted sugar glaze, to name but a few.

For anybody that loves a boisterous spirit both around the table and on the plate, this is the perfect guide to the sort of meal, filled with friends and family that eats with their hands, double-dipping, and just letting loose which you never want to end.

Eaters found these to be exciting and accessible dishes, with a few becoming fans of eggplant as a result of the book.

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