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Publication Order of Eden's Gate Books

Eden’s Gate Series by Edward Brody
Author Edward Brody writes the “Eden’s Gate” series of GamerLit novels. The series began publication in the year 2017, when “The Reborn” was released.

The series stars Gunnar Long, who is a gamer that is dumped right into an MMORPG, a place called Eden’s Gate. The series follows him as he learns to adapt to this new world.

“The Reborn” is the first novel in the “Eden’s Gate” series and was released in the year 2017. Gunnar Long lands himself right into the first fully-immersive virtual MMORPG, and he discovers that he’s in a brand new world. One that is filled with things like adventure, magic, and mystery. No more living in a studio apartment. No more working his crappy nine-to-five job. And no more watching vapid reality television. Gunnar is finally in a place that he is able to call his home and it is one place with some people that he can call his friends.

Yet while more people want to turn in their real lives to get into Eden’s Gate, the government from the outside world wants to shut down the so called “game” at all costs. Gunnar has to learn how to grow in power, survive, find a way to get a message back to his old home. “We’re alive and fine. Eden’s Gate truly is a real place”.

Brody’s novel has a unique premise and some interesting characters. The book is both enjoyable and funny in parts and the story pulls the reader in deeper to the world, making you feel like you are actually in the Elven forest or the Ogres’ cave. The novel keeps you engaged and interested throughout.

“The Sparrow” is the second novel in the “Eden’s Gate” series and was released in the year 2017. Gunnar, after coming to terms with the fact that he’ll never know his former reality again, is eager to building a whole new life inside Eden’s Gate. It is time to gather up resources, form his guild, and earn the acceptance of the inhabitants in Edgewood. If only things were that simple.

Dark elves aren’t that happy that humans are in Edgewood, it isn’t possible to form a guild without some guild mates, and the mine is not vacant. Is Gunnar going to pursue Adeelee? Could Rachel even still be out there? Who is Jax? Is he a Sparrow?

Readers find this story to have some well drawn characters, and enough plot turns and twists to keep you from putting the book down for too long.

“The Sands” is the third novel in the “Eden’s Gate” series and was released in the year 2017. Gunnar, now that Unity has formed at last, it finally feels like he’s got a family, one like he’s never had. All that is left to do is to build up his powers, continue building in Edgewood, and work on earning Adeelee’s affection. Nothing is going to tear him away from his friends and his newly formed guild. Or is there?

There’s still a lot that Gunnar has left to learn about his gigantic world. There are people listening and watching everywhere. Deception can come when you least expect it to. Even in Eden’s Gate, sometimes people can lose control their own fate.

Readers liked that this book shows a new territory in Eden’s Gate, and that Gunnar goes through some change and evolves a bit here. Fans like this rich world of Eden’s Gate and enjoy any and every chance they have to learn more about the place. The pacing of this story is quick and the progress of the Crylight side story is magnificent, too.

“The Arena” is the fourth novel in the “Eden’s Gate” series and was released in the year 2018. Edgewood has just come under attack, and the threat of war looms all around the Serpent Sea. In order to keep their village protected, all of the members of Unity must band together to in order to level-up and find some better gear. They must lay the foundation of the castle that could serve as their fortification from intruders. But, what if there is a better way?

Gunnar learns about how the King of Highcastle will grant audience to any one that wins an Arena championship, so he chooses to enter as a gladiator. If he can earn a meeting with the sick King and persuade him to stop Dryden Bloodletter, he might be able to save Edgewood and, as a result, possibly countless lives. He is also going to get his name posted up in every Arena which may help Rachel locate him.

The Arena is a huge spectacle where people gather around to watch fighters put their skills to the test, earn a bit of fame, and take home the gold. Does Gunnar have what all that it takes to become a champion or could he have taken on too much?

The novel has superb pacing, great action sequences, mixed in with a spot of mystery, drama, and bits of camaraderie. Gunnar has grown in outstanding ways and has grown on readers by this point.

“The Omen” is the fifth novel in the “Eden’s Gate” series and was released in the year 2018. Gunnar, after all of the turmoil back in the Arena, leaves Highcastle and attempts to keep a lower profile while the heat regarding Reborns subsides.

Avoiding the human cities, he goes off to some of the unexplored lands with the rest of his guild mates and a potential new recruit. However his Great Beast disappears, his simple quest becomes a troubling sequence of events that spawns several unanswered questions. Why are dragons threatening the inhabitants of Eden’s Gate? Why would Sora be unresponsive?

The King’s health may be postponing Dryden’s plans, however, Gunnar’s saboteurs might’ve disturbed something that may be even more devastating than a Bloodletter invasion. Could Gunnar mend the very thin thread that holds this whole world from descending deep into chaos, and after more than one month in Eden’s Gate, is he going to finally cave to the temptations of one of the elves?

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