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Edge (Ilona Andrews) Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Edge Books

Author Ilona Andrew’s “Edge” series was first published in the year 2009, when “On the Edge” was released. The series ended after four books, with the release of “Steel Edge” in the year 2012. In Andrews’ “Sweep in Peace” novel (which is part of her “Innkeeper Chronicles” series), some characters from this series appear as adults, making the two series connected loosely.

It is a weird story about a weird place. The Edge is located between worlds. It is on the border in between the Broken, right where people go to shop at the Walmart. Magic is something of a fairy tale, while the Weird is a place that blue blood aristocrats are in power, and changelings roam. The very strength of your own magic is something that can shape you destiny for you. Poverty is real here, and life is quite hard. Fairy tales, however, do come true here.

Originally, the series was just supposed to be a freebie novella that Ilona Andrews was going to post on her site. Someone read it, and called Andrews, threatening her with some bodily harm if she did not turn the story into a full length novel.

She wrote the first draft of “On the Edge” about two months in between two of her “Kate” novels, and she enjoyed writing the novel. Her editor worked on it, and started calling it rustic fantasy, not urban fantasy. This was a sign of trouble.

It turned out that no one was really able to classify the novel. That is what happened when she showed it to her agent, and even when she showed it to one of her editors. The editor still wanted to buy it though. Even the art department, who Andrews feels did a great job designing a cover for it.

“On the Edge” is the first novel in the “Edge” series and was released in the year 2009. Rose Drayton dwells on the Edge. Only those that are Edgers, like Rose, have an easy time of traveling from different worlds. However, they never really truly belong in either world.

Rose believed that if she only practiced magic, that she would be able to establish a better life. Things did not turn out quite how she had planned. Now she works for minimum wage in an under the table job, it is in the Broken and it is just so she can survive. A blue blood noble (named Declan Camarine), that comes from the deepest part of the Weird, comes to her and wants her as well as her power.

Declan and Rose end up having to work together to destroy a horrible danger that comes from the Weird into the Edge. They are a flood of creatures that is hungry for magic. If they do not destroy these creatures, they will eat up everything and everyone in the Edge.

Fans of the novel found that they liked the book even more the second time around than the first. Some wished that the book was longer, as everything was simply spectacular. Rose was a wonderful heroine that some had no problem relating to, and she even makes it easy to like her. Declan was a really interesting character that some wanted to read some from his perspective. Even the secondary or minor characters were lovable and likable.

“Bayou Moon” is the second novel in the “Edge” series and was released in the year 2010. Cerise Mar and her wild family do not have a lot of money but are land rich, as they claim a big swathe of Mire. It is swamp lands in the Edge that are in between of the Weird and the state of Louisiana. Her clan’s old rivals are the first suspects when her parents go missing.

All is not at all as it might seem. Two of the Weird’s nations are fighting a cold war with espionage and feint being the primary weapons being used. Their fight will come into the Edge, which will put Cerise’s life in danger. William is a changeling solider who left the Weird’s politics behind him, but is supposed to find one of the spymaster from the rival nation.

Both William and Cerise’s will push them to cross paths with one another, and it makes sparks fly. They are going to have to work with each other if they want to survive and make their plans succeed.

Fans of the novel find that time and time again, Ilona Andrews delivers an excellent read that never disappoints. Some enjoyed the time they spent reading this, and hope that any other books in the series are just as good. Some find that Cerise is another likable heroine, who is pretty, loyal, responsible, and smart. Andrews does a great job of creating heroines who are everyday women, not something very unique that the hero just has to fall for them. Some found themselves simply loving William, both from the first book, and throughout all of this one. He is a contradiction, full of insecurities and confidence.

“Fate’s Edge” is the third novel in the “Edge” series and was released in the year 2011. Audrey Callahan left her life in the Edge behind, and she is doing all she can to stay on the straight and narrow. Her brother gets into some trouble, and she takes on a final heist, and she ends up matching wits with someone who is a jack of all trades.

Kaldar Mar (who is a thief, spy, gambler, and lawyer) thinks that his new assignment of finding a stolen item to be a quick and easy one, but then Audrey turns up.

Readers feel that every book Andrews releases is a gift from her to her fans, and her fans cannot get their hands on her work quick enough. Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about Kaldar, both in this novel and the one before it; he is a beautiful, glib, and charming guy that some really enjoyed reading about him. Some cannot get enough of this series, or even anything that was written by Ilona Andrews. With this one, readers were able to jump right in without having any problems with the world building going on in the story.

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