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Publication Order of Edge of Honor Books

Ready, Set, Jett (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
When You Dare (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trace of Fever (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savor the Danger (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Perfect Storm (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Chris Wants (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American author of romance and romantic suspense novels, Lori Foster has become a highly reputable brand within her field. Writing urban fantasy novels under the name of L.L. Foster too, she is extremely versatile in her approach to genre and the format of the modern contemporary novel. Clearly understanding her craft on a very grounded level, she has been able to build an impressive writing career on her own terms. One such series that she has become particularly well know for is that of her much acclaimed ‘Edge of Honor’ series that’s been running for quite some time now. Following the lives, loves and work of a group of mercenaries it combines all that she has come to be well known and well regarded for. With both romance and action combined with good character studies, it manages to draw the reader into a well defined world of escapism and fantasy, whilst remaining grounded still.

Starting out back in 2011 with the short-story ‘Ready, Set, Jett’, this was to be the first in the ongoing ‘Edge of Honor’ series of novels. That was later followed by the full novel ‘When You Dare’, it being released in the same year as the first short-story. After that two other novels were also released in 2011, with a fourth title being published in 2012 the following year after.

When You Dare

Initially published in 2011, this was the first novel in the ‘Edge of Honor’ series to come from author Lori Foster. Setting up the franchise, it would only be preceded by the short-story ‘Ready, Set, Jett’, which would set the franchise up chronologically. This was the first full novel in the series, though, as it establishes all of the central themes and ideas, setting up the main concepts and ideas for all the characters to follow.

With ideas of love and honor, this is a first title that clearly signals its main intentions straight up-front for the reader. Allowing them to not remain under any illusions what the forthcoming series will be about, it manages to quickly establish everything. This includes not only the characters, but the world as well, with an in-depth eye of what the world of the mercenary involves. The main character of Dare Macintosh himself is also very well drawn, as he manages to evoke a feeling of strength and stability. Combining that with the independent nature of Molly Alexander and they make a potentially sizzling couple. This relationship between the both of them is what makes the narrative work, as their personalities are juxtaposed against each others. In regards to the use of location, it’s all spread across a criminal underworld, making it somewhat claustrophobic at times. This works really well for the plight of the main characters, as they attempt to remain undetected by the dangerous forces. Clashing against one another, they’re made to deal with these forces, whilst simultaneously cementing their love and passion for each other.

Working as a professional mercenary, Dare Macintosh is living his life to the rule whereby he never mixes business with pleasure. That is until one Molly Alexander asks him to track down those responsible for kidnapping her, leaving him to find himself taking on a lot more than he’d initially expected. Attempting to get to the bottom of who did it, Molly also soon finds herself dangerously attracted to the one man sworn to find those responsible for her kidnapping. Will she find the kidnappers? Can she overcome her feelings for Macintosh? ‘What’, she asks herself ‘happens when you dare?’

Trace of Fever

Second in the ‘Edge of Honor’ series of novels, or ‘Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor’ series in full, this provides another exciting story. This time featuring another mercenary, it tells the story of another man who puts his life on the line and risks it all to protect those close to him. Initially brought out on the 1st of January in 2011, this was, like the first, brought out through the ‘HQN’ publishing label again.

Similar to the first title, it takes the original themes and concepts of the original novel and ultimately moves them forwards. Whilst they may not be profound, it’s a self-aware fun novel with plenty of escapism to keep the reader hooked throughout. It also doesn’t shy away from portraying the lives of these servicemen and what it takes to actually serve as a mercenary. Again set within the criminal underworld, the story this time deals with even more claustrophobic confines, as the main characters must this time stay undercover. Trace Rivers has nerves of steel, something which is essential in his line of work if he wants to stay alive and do his job. Not only that, but Priscilla, his potential love interest, must also remain undetected too, that is if she ever wants to complete her mission as well. It is this initial friction between the both of them that will help them to ignite their passion for one another and overcome the insurmountable odds placed before them both.

Passionate for the adrenaline rush of a well-planned mission gone right, Trace Rivers the undercover mercenary lives for his work. Looking to take down the corrupt businessman Murray Coburn, he aims to get as much dirt as he can on him, that is until Coburn’s long-lost daughter Priscilla steps onto the scene looking for revenge. Not only that, but they then need to fight the undeniable attraction they feel towards each other, something they really must fight. Can they overcome their urges for long enough to take down Coburn? Are they going to make it out alive? Will they leave a trace of fever?

The Edge of Honor Series

A strong and entertaining run of novels, these deliver exactly what they set out to do, as they provide a fun and compelling set of stories. Taking the genre and playing with it, Lori Foster has really managed to create a niche here that is all of her very own. Many readers have also taken to her stories, as her audience grows day-by-day with more and more continuing to discover this series with each passing year.

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