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Publication Order of The Edge Books

Edge of Obsession (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Edge of Temptation (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Edge of Control (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Edge of Power (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Edge is a series of novels written by American and USA Today bestselling author Megan Crane. The events depicted in the series takes place in a shattered world in the far future where a group of warrior best described as Vikings encounters the outlaw bikers.

Megan Crane has published over sixty novels since she made the first appearance in the publishing world in 2004. Different publishers have released her including each of the New York Big Five. Currently, the author emphasizes on contemporary romance from a small town, cowboys to bikers and beyond the unimaginable.

The first book in Edge series is Edge of Obsession published in 2016. The second book Edge of Temptation was published several the same year as the debut but after several months later. Edge of Control and Edge of Power are the third and the fourth books published in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Edge of Obsession (2016)

The first book in the Edge series is a gritty dystopian novel. After the world we know ceased to exist after storms took place over a century. Much of the land is destroyed, and the world that remains people will do anything to survive.

Tyr is the powerful and the leader of a group of evil men who adhere to not a single rule and live a very different life from the rest of the population in the world. Try only lives for his clan, and that is where his sole loyalty lies. When Tyr meets Helena a beautiful and spirited prisoner during one of their raids, he cannot help but fall for the feisty woman.

However, looks might be deceiving and are not always what they seem and so is Helena. She is not one of the usual compliant prisoners he is used to meeting. Helena might be the key to getting Tyr to his sworn enemy, one that he always wished to kill.

On the other hand, Helena has own motives in mind and secrets as well and an agenda that she must fulfill before the winter or she be thrown into another marriage for breeding. She might be attracted to the Viking, but nothing will stop her from accomplishing what her dead parents were attempting to achieve.

The first book is a great dystopian with some added bonuses of small amounts of sexy alpha males and some serious sexy times. The storyline is simple to understand, and as the story progresses, it will leave a complete picture of the entire story arc.

The two main protagonists, Helena and Tyr, are such fantastic characters. They both cannot help but fall for the profound and overwhelming connection they share with each other. They express passion which is real in the midst of danger and many uncertainties.

At first, Tyr is depicted as a lustful and a wicked man, and despite his sinful lifestyle, when he finally meets the woman who catches his attention he turns out to be her savior. He is determined to undertake whatever it takes to protect Helena until his death. The book contains some action packed scenes, but there are also scenes of romance.

Edge of Temptation (2016)

Edge of Temptation is the second novel in Edge series. Once again, Megan Crane has written another fascinating read that dystopian reader will love.

After the storm destroyed the world, and now what remains is a man eat man society. The novel introduces Gunnar one of the great and most prominent Raiders. He is on a mission to find a virgin whom he will use to cast a spell that he believes will resurrect his dead mate, Audra. However, when he meets Maud, a beautiful young woman who ran away from nunnery where she served as a slave since the age of 11, he cannot help but fall for this beautiful lady.

However, despite the attraction that he feels, Gunnar plans on carrying on with his initial plans of sacrificing a virgin to bring back his dead mate. As Maud and Gunner sizzling passion develops, will he find out the truth about his lost friend and target for what he can share with Maud?

What you will love most with Edge of Temptation are the two main characters, Gunner and Maud. Love deeply connects them from the moment they meet face to face. Their passion was real and grew even in the midst of the world that was shattered into pieces.

Edge of Control (2016)

Edge of Control is the third novel in Edge series. The book narrates the story of two main protagonist Riordan and Eryn, characters who were introduced as secondary characters in the prequel novels. Eryn is a half sister to King Wulf and serves as his personal bodyguard although of recent she has had difficulties in fulfilling her clan’s duties.

She discovers that her brother gave out the orders to cripple their dad with a view to intend to take over as the leader. She has always blamed Tyr for the attack that crippled their father, but after finding out that her brother was the man responsible, she becomes less satisfied with her role. When the opportunity to get away from the Raider home comes knocking, she jumps at the chance even if it means that she will be traveling with the man who first introduced her to sexual delights before ending up breaking her heart some years earlier.

Riordan is the man that the clan turns to, the man who takes on the tough assignments. He escaped as a child from an event that resulted in the death of his entire family. Even though he is a member of the Brotherhood, he feels that he should amend for their deaths and he does so by taking undercover assignments.

Riordan is sent by Wulf on an undercover mission to infiltrate the church headquarters and find out what the church head, the man who was involved with mercenaries tracking down Helena wanted to do with her. To infiltrate the church headquarters, Riordan is accompanied by Eiryn to disguise themselves as a couple in need of Pope blessings. Will Eiryn accompany the man who once broke her heart? Will their undercover mission result to more than infiltration? The third novel is an entertaining read that will keep you hooked.

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