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Edie Harris is a romance author born in the United States. In her youth she studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Iowa and the Grinnell College. She now lives in Chicago. Her daytime job consists of writing and editing contract proposals. This is the main reason why she writes her novels during the night time.

Harris enjoys reading romance, from current to historical and even paranormal. On her website she blogs about her writing experience and things in her daily life.

Edie started writing romance in her early 20s and her short erotic story “Shameless,” was part of an anthology. She went on to write romantic suspense due to her love for action and spy films. Harris has several series, such as Wild State and Blood Money.

Her first series was Iliad Lane, which consists of two books: Ardent and Love Songs. Both were published in 2011. Ardent follows Connor Pall, the sixth Earl of Urving and Miss Ava Barry. Both dislike living in London, Connor because he would much rather spent his time with research. Ava because she doesn’t like being around her older sister Valeria, who has a few devious plans up her sleeve. She wants to make certain the Earl and her sister never get married.

Love Songs, the second book in the series, features Audrina Forsythe, the most in demand flutist in London and William Whitleigh, the Marquess of Brindburgh. The Masked Musician wants to woo Audrina with his singing voice. Audrina hates the Masked Musician almost as much as Whitleigh, who has hurt her four years ago, when Audrina was in love with him. Whitleigh regrets his action but has no idea how to make things right between them.

Wild State, the second series followed in 2013 with the releases of Wild Burn and Wild Fire. In Wild Burn we get to know Delaney Crawford and Moira Tully. Crawford is a Civil War veteran who was hired to clear the Red Creek of its savage scourge. Moira is caught in the crossfire. They are forced to work together to find out who was behind Del’s hiring. Both are weighted down by their past but their lust for each other quickly turns into love.

Wild Fire is a novella that plays in July of 1886, after Moira and Del have married and moved into their new home. Moira has trouble settling into her new life as wife and is afraid she will fail those she loves the most. Del wants to protect Moira from the flames that are coming over the mountains.

The Bourban Boys Quartet series started in 2013 with “The Corrupt Comte”. The story plays in 1820 France. Gaspand Tourssaint is known as the “molly comte”. His life is full of twisted secrets and lies. He works as a spy for the Crown. He needs to flee his country but to do that he needs money. The English heiress Claudia Pascale has more money than anyone else as the only child of a wealthy tradesman. She suffers from an uncontrollable stutter which made it impossible for her to find a willing husband. The French lieutenant soon gets her attention. Claudia wants to escape her parents’ household badly enough to join forced with Gaspard.

Stripped was the first book in the City2city series, released in 2013. The main characters are Declan Murphey, an actor who has just made a big career move and Fiona O’Brien, who works in the studio’s hair-and-makeup team.

Declan is fortunate enough to be the replacement for Hollywood big shot, Christopher Lunsford, who was involved in a drug scandal. So Fiona has to deal with Declan, who is jet-lagged and has issues with his facial hair. There is immediate attraction between the two, but Fiona is not really interested in a relationship. She is emotionally and physically scared due to events in her past. But Declan has set his mind to winning her over. The book has then chase Declan after Fiona who is too afraid to become vulnerable again. Declan himself has a huge crush on her, making him insecure. In the end Fiona accepts her feelings for Declan and is able to let go of her past.

Sparked is the second book in the city2city series. It this story we follow Sadie Bower and Ryan Young, who met ten years ago on a train in London. She became an international film star while he is the man behind the scenes. While Sadie wants to reignite the feelings of the past, Ryan has no interest in such.

The Blood Money series started in 2014 with the release of Blamed and was followed by Ripped and Crazed, both released in 2015. In Blamed Beth Faraday is an assassin spy since her youth. Her family is the owner of Faraday Industries, America’s top weapons manufacturer. The family send Beth to take out bad guys all over the planet. After a horrible experience in Afghanistan, where Beth missed her target, a bomb went off and killed children, Beth is unable to recover from the guilt. So she leaves the business behind, taking on a new identity. Using her art history degree Beth starts working as a curator in a museum. Releigh Vick, a British spy first met Beth when she was sixteen. As they were often assigned to take out the same targets, they would meet on their missions. Vick quickly fell in love with Beth. He even started stalking her, wanting to make sure they would meet. They soon started a relationship but due to the nature of their job it never turned serious. Vick was in the building in Afghanistan when the bomb went off, so Beth assumed he died. Yet Vick survives, but he is injured and has to undergo many surgeries. His look changes, so Beth doesn’t notice that the neighbor across the street is in fact Vick. When a hit is placed on Beth and Vick is supposed to take her out things change quickly. Vick does not want to kill her as he is madly in love with her. Beth feels betrayed by him. He was alive and let her believe he was dead instead of reaching out to her. But on their hunt for who wants Beth dead she can’t help but be drawned to him again.

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