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Edie James is an award-winning writer who writes romantic suspense novels with adventurous female characters and heroic men who fall in love. Most of her novels are set in Hope Landing, She’s like riding bikes and running. Edie writes epic stores dividing the line between good and evil and loves flawed, tactile characters struggling to find their way.

The author has lived in most parts of the United States, and she appreciated all the characters that she met on her way.

Hard Landing
Hard Landing is the debut novel in the Hope landing series. Kellie Spencer feels so disturbed after going out to work; she has had a hard time with a stalker, so her mind suspects him when she sees a man’s footprints in her driveway then later remembers that her father was to take her jeep to replace the tires. She had managed to get the attention of a stalker in her town.

Then later, she sees a police officer coming to her office and informing her that her father was involved in an accident after his brakes failed. During the investigation, they find out that the brake lines had been cut, and this leaves her wondering, could her stalker be responsible?

Kellie’s father was worried about his daughter more than himself, and he decided to call her old love, EX-SEAL Jack Reese, and his Knight Tactical team. Jake Reese, an ex-SEAL, currently works for Knight tactical, and together with his team, he had been recruited after their boss retired and founded his own investigating company. He had loved Kellie so much but chose the navy over her ten years ago. Kellie vows never to want to see that man again after he breaks her heart.

On the other hand, Jake had no plans of coming back to Hope Landing or Kellie since he knew that he had let her down by leaving her. How will she feel about him if he returns? He had to make sure she was safe and find this mad man who had been stalking Kellie. To find the stalker, Jake has to be one step ahead of him.

Kellie’s father knows that Jake will ensure her safety, but she’ll have to keep her heart safe from him, But he soon makes it clear to her that his opinion of commitment and marriage remains the same. As Jack and his colleagues try to keep her safe, he realizes that maybe the only thing he has been searching for can be offered by this woman he neglected. He planned to leave the small mountain town as soon as Kellie was safe until he realized that he should have never left in the first place.

Can the two old love birds have a Happily Ever After? Can he keep her heart safe like he’s trying to keep her safe? Can he succeed in convincing her to give him a second chance? Can the two wary souls have a second chance at love if the killer doesn’t kill the first? Will Kellie trust her life with Jack?
The twists and turns make the story interesting and intriguing as the reader keeps on guessing what might happen next. The characters are well-developed with endearing qualities blended with the thrilling storyline to give a perfect read. Hope Landing is a small town filled with big secrets and deadly lies.
Jake and Kellie are a great couple, and their chemistry was wonderful. The Christian element sprinkled in the story adds more flavor to the fascinating novel.

Fast Landing
Fast Landing is the second in the Hope Landing series. After a sniper bullet misses Lauren Lower on her driveway, her life gets out of hand, taking a different turn. Who would have hired an assassin to murder a church-going café owner? Current Knight Tactical operative at Hope Landing, Austin Daggett, is tasked to keep her safe and far from her frightened heart.

Lauren had just turned thirty-five, and her secret crush offered himself as a gift for her birthday when one of her catering members didn’t show up. After the end of the days’ activities, they go to her apartment only to nearly get shot by a sniper. Austin gets to the scene, taking her to a safe house since he’s so sure that she’s the target. Can this have anything to do with her secret past life?

Lauren has always been a risk-taker, brave and adventurous to be with a man who lost a woman to a senseless death. Not that Lauren is looking for a lover, but there is so much to admire in the composed and brave Austin, even though he is plain about his contempt for her adventuring.

Austin had vowed never to love again and isn’t ready to fall for a lady who takes risks in her dangerous hobbies after his heart was left in shatters when he lost his wife. However, sometimes what people plan isn’t always what they get, and soon, he realizes that he can’t hide his feelings anymore.

As the two dig deep into Lauren’s past through mysteries, the smart killer watches their every move. To stay alive, they need all the protection the tactical team can provide and the help of someone Lauren never thought of involving since she can’t think of how she can forgive him. The Long-buried secrets lead to murderous resentments.

Lauren has always been taking advantage of the thrilling adventures to hide her lonely and shattered heart, and it’s so refreshing to how she finds love and healing together in the course of the novel.

As more danger comes closer, their attraction increases, even though sometimes it is nearly impossible for a lady whose heart was broken to trust a man with a shattered heart. They soon realize they might cure each other’s hearts, but only if the killer doesn’t find them. Can they find out what is going on and keep each other safe?

The novel is fast-paced with enough suspense and drama to keep the reader engaged to the last page. Fast landing is perfect for readers looking for an entertaining romance and suspense novel. The mystery is filled with action in the journey to find who is trying to eliminate Lauren and why.

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