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Publication Order of Douglas Convolution Books

Douglas Convolution (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bright Companion (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prelude to Chaos (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Salvage and Destroy (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fugitive in Transit (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Word-bringer (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon

Edward Llewellyn was a University Professor, an English Scientist, and a science fiction author. In his lifetime, Edward managed to publish more than sixty scientific articles on eye movement and psychology. An active member in the field of pharmacology, Edward Llewellyn took an interest in ethical development. In Edward Llewellyn’s science fiction series, the Douglas Convolution, the author highlights the breakdown of civilization after an entire generation is born sterile, as one of the side effects of the wide use of an anti-cancer medication. Edward Llewellyn was born in Salisbury, England. He was admitted to the University of London where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, towards the end of World War II. During the outbreak of the war, Edward Llewellyn joined the army where he served with Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as a communications and radar specialist.

During this time, he saw action in the Far East and North Africa. While in the army, Edward Llewellyn managed to rise to the rank of Captain. After the war, Edward Llewellyn was attached to the British War Office.

Edward Llewellyn

Salvage and Destroy

Salvage and Destroy is one of the best science fiction novels that author Edward Llewellyn has ever penned. In Salvage and Destroy, the belligerent and quarrelsome inhabitants of the earth did not only possess space satellites, but they also had planetary probes as well. While conducting their planetary probes, humans accidentally stumble upon the orbital beacon of the Ultrons. For many years, the Ultrons were the dominant species on earth and in the process controlled thousands of civilized planets. When earth stumbled on their orbital beacon, they knew that trouble was just around the corner. If the beacon, which they used to transmit data, were found, then they would not be able to put an end to the interstellar mischief of the earthlings. It is at this point that author, Edward Llewellyn introduces the readers to Lucian, one of the Ultrons.

The Ultrons have ruled thousands of plants for thousands of years. They have been the dominant species ever since the former master of the Universe, Drin, made the fatal mistake of contacting the barbaric Ultrons. Total annihilation denied the Drin, the only chance he had to learn from his mistake. With the Ultrons now being the most civilized species, look back at how they came into power. They are never going to give the keys of the universe to a barbaric race. Ever since they seized the empire that was being controlled by the Drin, the Ultron decided to focus on the empire instead of looking for new colonies. The economically marginal worlds are emptied, and their populations relocated to ext6remely rich planets within their interstellar network. The planets controlled by the Ultrons is referred to as The Cluster, which is a secure empire, where the powers of the Ultrons are unquestioned.

The Sol Mission happened to be the last exploratory mission by the Ultrons. The only inhabited system that was found was the one that was occupied by earthlings. It did not take long before it was determined that earth was not only distant but also very barbaric to warrant any integration into the Cluster. The Ultron eventually decided to head home. However, they decided to leave behind an orbital beacon, which will be used to monitor the planet. The Ultrons, in turn, decided to take with a handful of humans who were rescued from certain death. The hundreds of refugees eventually grew into millions, which was still quite a few compared to the trillions of the inhabitants of the Cluster. As this was happening, the earth began to develop at a breathtaking speed, which was a potential threat to the Ultrons.

After a little bit of brainstorming, Lucian decided to take human form and operated a space cruiser. The space cruiser was filled with tame earthlings. Lucian’s mission was one, Salvage and Destroy. However, as time goes by Lucian realizes that the problem was much more complex than they had imagined. Salvage and Destroy is the fourth installment in the Douglas Convolution book series.

The Bright Companion

The Bright Companion is the second installment in the Douglas Convolution book series. Just like the first installment, the Bright Companion is an improbable, post-apocalyptic narrative that is very enjoyable to read. A decline in civilization is caused by a birth control medication that was handed out to the human race. As a result, it caused sterilization in the next generation. The expected drop was so massive, such that the remaining population formed very few communities. Leaders, whose main objective was to find women, who were still fertile, ruled each of these communities. The first section of the novel reads like an old western. When the protagonist decides to sail into the Mediterranean, the narrative begins to sound like an old-time swashbuckling adventure, that is complete with pirates. Despite the fact that the Bright Companion is a great post-apocalyptic narrative, it still had an upbeat, energetic flavor.

Author Brendan Mathews has done an excellent job of developing highly likable characters. For such a longtime, Anne has been a tradeoff wife. However, when she managed to kill her captor and run away, then there was only one person, who was going to help her. The person who was going to help her is a young man, whose hidden piles of medicine, made him important to the isolated homesteads. The exciting and surprising adventures of David and Anne begin at this point. They begin by fleeing their barbarous pursuers and in turn head for the legendary sanctuary, which is located far from the ocean.

Prelude to Chaos

In Prelude to Chaos, author Edward Llewellyn introduces the readers to Gavin Knox. Gavin Knox used to serve as the bodyguard to the president. While he was serving as a bodyguard to the president, he became a witness to a crime, which could end up shaking the entire world in its foundation. Apart from Gavin, the author also introduces the readers to Judith Grenfell, who previously was a neurobiologist. While serving as a neurobiologist, Judith discovered that there was a pharmaceutical in the market, which could cause one of the greatest biological disasters. Now, both of these characters are prisoners in one of the most advanced maximum-security prisons. Without having the information that these two prisoners had, the remaining human population could engage in a bloody civil war. Thus, these two characters have no choice but to escape to ensure the survival of the human race.

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