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Edward Stewart is a thriller and mystery author from Grand Rapids Michigan. The author grew up in Michigan and went to the University of Michigan where he got his doctorate degree.
Earlier on, he had earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Harvard University and Exeter before studying music with Nadia Boulanger in Paris.

The author published “The Westerners” his debut novel which was a single-standing work in 1901. He would then turn into a prolific author penning more than forty works of fiction including an omnibus, collections of short stories, series, and single-standing novels.
Stewart has been known to make use of his own experiences and the settings in which he grew up in the writing of his novels. Later on, Edward Stewart would team up with Elizabeth his wife and together they penned several travel stories. They also experimented with writing books about the channeling of spirits and spiritualism.

Stewart has now become known for his many novels and travel books with most of his fiction work being historical fiction set in California. Once he started believing in Spiritualism, it would mark a new chapter in his life as he believed he could contact his recently deceased wife.

It was at this time that he began penning some of his works about the unseen world including the 1940-published “The Unobstructed Universe” and several sequels. He has also penned several science fiction novels such as the “Percy Darrow” sequence which has so far proved very popular with fans.

White has also penned several nonfiction works about his experiences in Africa. Many of these novels detail his concern for the disappearing wildlife on the continent. The 1927 published “Back of Beyond” is a work that has often been believed to have been inspired by H Rider Haggard.

Edward Stewart had cemented his legacy as a novelist by the time of his death in 1946. He was diagnosed with a liver disorder according to his agent and friend Lois Wallace. The man died on October 12 1996 at the Manhattan-based St. Vincent Hospital.
Stewart left behind his parents Edward S. Stewart his father and Helen Tucker of Butte his mother.

“Privileged Lives” by Edward Stewart is the story of Beatrice Vanderwalk Deven, the heiress that gets up one morning to find herself in a hospital room.

She was expecting to be in her own bed at home with her Altman pillow and this leaves her confused. What she does not know is that it has been seven years and seven months since she fell into a coma.

In the meantime, several stories up from the building that houses the Museum of Modern Art, a real estate agent was showing an exclusive apartment to an interested buyer when they stumble upon the mutilated and bound body of a young man.

Vince Cardozo is an attractive widower who is charged with investigating the brutal murder and proceeds to visit Beatrice at the hospital. The police are interested in talking to her, given that her former husband had said he once tried to kill her using an insulin overdose.
Cardozo takes a liking to Babe as she comes across as a simple and charming woman that has not let her social position and wealth spoil her. However, they have to deal with some terrible events when two separate strands of the investigations Cardozo has been conducting become entangled.

Making use of murders and scandals, Stewart writes an immensely readable story of the corruption and greed in the lives of characters whose life has always been privileged.

Edward Stewart’s novel “Deadly Rich” is an intriguing story in which Society Sam is a serial killer that is causing terror among the backstabbing socialites of Manhattan.

Leigh Baker is a four-year veteran of Alcoholics anonymous and an actress that fell off the wagon when a man was arrested, charged, and found guilty of killing her daughter.

Things get even worse when she learns that the man had been granted parole and had found a job at a nearby posh restaurant. Despite his many alibis, Leigh blames the man for the murder of Oona Aldrich her obnoxious pal that had been killed at a boutique dressing room.
She also believes he was involved in the killing of several other women in the circle of uptown women. The elite are finally forced to hire bodyguards so that they can continue impressing at their parties and keep up with their lavish social lives.
On his part, Vincent Cardozo the detective lieutenant is heading a special task force that is tracking a huge sweat-cloth-clad suspect. The flashy and lavish lifestyle in this novel is something of a main character.

While some readers may try to guess who the killer is through several hunches, the motives of the killer are harder to determine. Nevertheless, it makes for a gossipy, tasty, and suspenseful work with veiled references to many iconic places and buildings in New York City.

“Mortal Grace” by Edward Stewart is a compelling work that delves into the complexity of religion. At the opening of the novel, a wearied cardinal of Episcopal persuasion asks what happened to the good old days when the clergy loved nothing better but to drink themselves silly in the rectory.

Dismembered bodies of urchins have been increasingly found all around New York. The killers have been burying them in hampers and investigations show that they have traces of communion wafers in their gaping maws.

The prime suspect in the killings is a beloved and elderly priest from a very wealthy parish. This thread of investigations causes a female priest that is his close associate a lot of dismay.

Luckily Cardozo the police detective and Ellie Siegel his savvy sidekick come in to investigate. They turn over all manner of rocks to unearth some intriguing characters both seamy and sad and find that churchgoing has hanged a lot and even coverups sometimes have their own coverups.

Stewart who probed the world of the underworld of New York City strips away the veneer of piety in the clergy and brutally lays bare their deeds.

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