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About Edward Underhill

Edward Underhill, hailing from America, has crafted a reputation as a masterful author within the genre of Young Adult romance. Known for his expert character development and intriguing protagonists, this wordsmith takes the effort to breathe life into every narrative he pens. Readers praises his knack for delivering engaging tales that consistently keep them entertained. Without a doubt, Underhill’s writing prowess makes him a dominant voice within his genre.

Mr. Underhill’s exceptional storytelling skills are amplified by his uncanny ability to create compelling narratives that leave lasting impressions. Each narrative crafted by him anchors the reader, thanks to the nuanced and relatable character interactions.

The strength of Edward Underhill’s character development rests in its authenticity. His words are not just ink on a page, but a reflection of real emotions, creating characters so realistic they practically walk off the page. This seamless blend of reality and fiction underscores his skills. With his profound ability to connect with the reader, Edward Underhill stands tall as a luminary in the realm of Young Adult romance novels.

His exceptional talent lies not only in his creation of captivating characters but also in the way he weaves them into gripping narratives. His stories, entertaining yet substantial, are brought to life through figures that feel real and relatable. Every stroke of his pen adds a fresh layer to the story, infusing it with a unique touch that only he can deliver.

Underhill’s uniqueness can be witnessed in the way he embeds compelling characters into each plot, making them the driving force behind his engaging novels. These characters, multi-dimensional and relatable, are his secret weapon in creating an immersive reading experience. Underhill’s pages echo with the authenticity of their words, thoughts, and actions, showing his distinct ability to create narratives that resonate with readers.

At the heart of Underhill’s success is his knack for saying something utterly distinctive and fresh. His narratives are never stale or recycled, always managing to bring new perspectives. By combining compelling characters with engaging storylines, he sets himself apart, leaving a lasting imprint on the Young Adult genre. Every book pays testament to this, proving Underhill’s unique ability to deliver memorable narratives time and again.

Early and Personal Life

From the tranquil suburbs of Wisconsin, the author Edward Underhill unearthed the fascinating world of crafting narratives. Unable to readily wander easily, he found himself captivated by creating his own exciting adventures. From a young age, Underhill found deep joy in the magical realm of literature, authoring his very first manuscript as a teenager.

Edward Underhill transplanted his inherent creative spirit to the golden landscapes of California, where he now lives with his partner. His unique position as a music writer, especially for cartoons, has enabled him to balance his artistic pursuits. This dual talent has allowed him to nourish his love for storytelling and music, a combination that makes his authorial voice distinct.

Underhill used to constrain his penmanship to the quiet hours of the night. However, his dedication to his craft has significantly honed his writing skills. The early stories, which reflected his juvenile style, have now blossomed into captivating narratives that his readers adore thus demonstrating Underhill’s remarkable growth as an author.

Writing Career

As an author, Edward Underhill’s passion extends beyond just crafting narratives. With his own experience of being a queer trans man, he purposefully writes stories where young queer and trans individuals can find reflections of their own experiences. His commitment to these stories is steadfast, assuring his readers that there will always be a welcoming place for them in his books.

Underhill’s career started with his first novel, ‘Always the Almost,’ which debuted in 2023. This was rapidly followed by his second novel, ‘This Day Changes Everything,’ published in 2024. This pair of novels marks just the commencement of Underhill’s promising writing career, with more to come as he continues to pen his stories.

Always the Almost

The Young Adult romance ‘Always the Almost’ by Edward Underhill reached the reading public on February 14, 2023. This significant contribution to the genre was published by Wednesday Books. This literary debut signified an impactful step in Underhill’s writing career, nicely positioning him in the reader’s hearts with his heartfelt narratives.

Sixteen-year-old trans boy Miles Jacobson starts the new year with two goals: to get back his ex-boyfriend, football star Shane McIntyre, and to outshine his rival at a significant piano competition. However, these aren’t simple tasks, given Shane’s reluctance to reconnect since Miles came out as trans and a tough new piano teacher challenging his identity.

Amidst this chaos, Miles meets Eric Mendez, an openly queer cartoonist who introduces a well-needed passion into his life and, unexpectedly, becomes more with a surprise kiss. But as Miles juggles these complexities, he struggles with self-acceptance and understanding why Eric continues to like him despite his perceived flaws and insecurities.

This debut proved to be a compelling read. Unfolding the life of 16-year-old trans boy Miles Jacobson, it broaches important themes of self-acceptance and personal challenges. Adding to its appeal was the novel’s sincere portrayal of romance, making it an impressive debut for Underhill.

Readers will surely appreciate this thoughtful contribution to Young Adult literature.

This Day Changes Everything

The Young Adult romance, ‘This Day Changes Everything,’ was penned by author Edward Underhill. Released February 13, 2024, the book is published by Wednesday Books, marking another remarkable literary release by the author.

Abby Akerman, an unswerving believer in the Universe, hopes that their high school marching band’s upcoming performance in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be the perfect setting to reveal her feelings (and sexuality) to her best friend, Kat. In contrast, Leo Brewer dreads this trip, not believing in cosmic magic, as the televised parade threatens to expose his identity as a trans boy to his conservative southern family.

A twist of fate propels Abby and Leo into a shared subway journey, leading to Abby’s well-planned confession gift to Kat going astray. Amidst trying to gather new gifts related to Abby’s favourite book, they traverse New York City, gently deviating from their initial perceptions of the trip, of each other, and perhaps setting the stage for a transformative day.

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