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Edward X. Delaney Books In Order

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Publication Order of Edward X. Delaney Books

The Anderson Tapes (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
The First Deadly Sin (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Deadly Sin (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Third Deadly Sin (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Deadly Sin (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Edward X. Delaney seizes is actually a must read for Lawrence Sanders crime enthusiasts. This series is not only fast paced but also classic and will leave you begging for more, litteraly. Lawrence Sanders really did an excellent job in penning down these books and the fact that they are filled with the suspense that should always follow a crime novel is what makes this series really epic and stands out in this genre. The books follow Edward X. Delaney who is a New York Cop that is after a serial killer who is in possession of a very mysterious weapon.

The first book which is titled The First Deadly Sin takes us to a brutal murder scene where Edward has been called. He is a captain in the New York Police Department. Lying dead is a Brooklyn councilman who appears to have been hit at the back of the head by a blunt object that has also significantly punctured and crushed his skull in the most crudest of fashions. The weapon of murder immediately becomes something the police have never actually seen on the streets as far as murder is concerned. With no motive that is known to the police as the councilman wasn’t robbed at all prior or after the murder, a lot of questions remain unanswered. With departmental backstabbing being witnessed as a result of Delaney being picked by the ommisioner as the head of a special task force to solve this murder, Delaney is also distracted by his ailing wife, Barbara.

As Delaney begins his secret investigation, the killer strikes again and with the same murder weapon and the same way he killed the councilman. More people are found murdered by the same exact killer as the weapon is the same in all of them, Delaney slowly puts the pieces together and discovers who the serial killer is. But what is shocking is the fact that the killer is virtually untouchable and with this dilemma, Delaney lays a trap to catch and bring this bigwig monster to justice. Will he succeed? That’s the question you should get the book to find out actually.

Sanders makes use of his craft excellently in this novel and you have to give it up to him for the amazing work he did in this book. The fact that Sanders is able to fuse the victims and their connection to the killer who has really weird fantasies. He maneuvers in the lives and the professions of these two main characters and brings out the existing parallels in the two while still maintaining the purse of the book and making sure that the reader isn’t bored at all through out the book. This is a fete that I found really endearing and Sanders pulls it off quite possibly well and pants an image of the two characters while still not centering much on them and forgetting other developing characters as well. The way this book is prevented leaves you on the edge of your seat at all times.

The second book in this fast paced book series is titled The Second Deadly Sin and Sanders introduces his prowess in story telling by making sure that it leaves up to the reputation of the first novel in the series. In this second book, Delaney is the trail of a criminal that is as dangerous as he is vicious in the art world of New York. Victor Maitland, an artist that is renowned worldwide for his work in the art world is found dead in his studio as a result of multiple stab wounds too the back. Delaney, having retired s called from retirement to solve this really mysterious crime as there are no leads in the case and the New York Police Department is desperate. Delaney accepts the job because he is having a hard time coping with the outside world and boredom is really kicking in.

Putting his investigation skills to the test once more, Delaney uncovers a string of deceptions as well as fraud and avarice in Maitland’s life and the list of suspects grows by the day from his wife to his son and even his mistress. As Delaney is busy trying to uncover the killer, a second murder takes place in New York’s art world and this leads t more questions about the killer who has left no trail at all. Also, the question of the kind of person that Maitland really was comes into perspective and this actually can be a breakthrough in the case as Maitland’s was not really what everyone believed he was, but which of his enemies was capable of this heineous act and actually pull it off without a single trail and will Delaney unravel this mystery? Only by reading this book can you find out about that and if he actually succeeds and if so what methods he uses and who really is the killer!

Most people prefer a thriller that doesn’t beat around the bush and actually has a quick ending but you will find this book really engaging and the series does not dissapoint at all in all the books. This book is fast paced but it also pays attention to detail as it doesn’t just rush over the story but keeps you entertained and glued to the boom for all the time that you will have it in your hands.the writing is really excellent and you will find the engaging involved really up to standard and there are no coverups so that the book can end quickly for the benefit of those people that want a thriller novel that doesn’t waste much time. Actually this does not waste even a single second of your times Lawrence Sanders brings out the best of both worlds and keeps you involved and you can almost feel like you are Delaney himself. The way you can relate to a Sanders book is what has kept his work above at for the many years they have been on the shelves.

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