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“Either write something worth reading or something worth writing”. This famous quote is of Benjamin Franklin who rose to power in the U.S between the years 1785 to 1788. We may never know whether Wilbur Smith took this quotation to heart and used it as the inspiration behind his series about Egypt.

Wilbur has masterfully done both the things that Benjamin said in this quote – He wrote something really worth reading and also wrote it on the historical figures who did a lot that was worth writing! His “Egyptian” series is one of his more recent works considering that he has been a professional writer since 1964. This series, spanning a total of 6 novels with the sixth titled “Pharaoh” set to release this year in October. The first book in the series was published all the way back in 1994 marking the dawn of a new era in the life of Wilbur Smith and his followers.

Originally hailing from Zambia, Wilbur Smith was born in 1933 and to kindle the flame of the writer with in him, he set out to pursue his higher education in South Africa which is by far the most well developed country in the African Continent. He chose the path of writing for him despite the fact that his family was not at all thrilled by his choice of career but he persisted; and eventually found such high fame that even he did not think that he would achieve this much. His most recent project is about Ancient Egypt and though it does not have any official name, the series is sometimes titled as “Egyptian” or the “Ancient Egypt” series.

The first two books of the series titled “River God” and “The Seventh Scroll” are the only two of the six to have been published at the twilight of the 20th century. They were published in 1994 and 1995 respectively. All of the other of Wilbur’s publications that fit in this series came at the dawn of the 21st century or thereabout. With “Warlock” coming in 2001, “The Quest” in 2007 noticeably after a six year gap since the release of its predecessor. Another seven years by taken by Smith to conjure up the next book titled “Desert God” in 2014 with the latest one “Pharaoh” after that.

Talking broadly without giving any spoilers; the series follows the time in Egypt when Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt and has a cast of likable characters with whom the reader can easily relate. The story revolves around a kingdom built on gold, greed and war. As the men try to fight for the crown, only a handful of the people actually try to restore peace before realizing that the thirst for blood can only be quenched by blood itself. Some characters want gold, others pursue the crown while sum just want to avenge the deaths of their loved ones. It is a captivating story of love, deception, power struggle and the ruthlessness which takes a hold of men when they are blinded by rage or greed.

The narrative then shifts forward to a time of relative peace in which Royan Al Simmu – the main character of the series finds herself. But when a lost and forgotten treasure makes itself known to the world along with a riddle that has even the greatest of thinkers and knowledgeable people perplexed, she is forced to take refuge in England, away from her home and her loved ones as the land erupts with war once more. Brother turns on brother, people are butchered like cattle because the others are willing to stop at nothing to claim the glory and the prize for them and them alone.

Moving onto the next novel in the series “Warlock” is set many years after the events of its predecessor. This book adheres to powers un-imaginable by a common man which can only be summoned by the use of a special magic which has long been forgotten but has been revived. As a result, Egypt is under threat once more by an abomination of evil beyond comprehension which threatens to overthrow the king and leave the kingdom in tatters and to destroy one person in particular who is was prophesized to be the prince that stands between the light and the darkness and restore order to the state. And as if that was not enough for the Egyptians, in “The Quest” Wilbur tells of an Egypt which is struck by plague after plague. Food gets less and less, livestock dwindle and human lives begin to succumb and perish to the harsh order of nature. Still the Gods don’t have their way and as perhaps the final nail in the coffin, the river Nile, the source of all life in Egypt dries up and fails. Catastrophe befalls the nation like no other as they face a dilemma like none other.

Just one man can be dependent upon at times like this and is summoned to the Pharaoh. Taita being the only man of knowledge is sent to the source of the river to find out the problem and rectify it before the kingdom falls and people begin to revolt against the Pharaoh. Yet none of them have any idea of the horrors that lie ahead and the ambush that has been preplanned for the visitors by the enemies far and beyond at the end of their world. “Desert God” is the story about restring Egypt to its former glory by Taita and his companions who are still loyal to the Pharaoh and are trustworthy. They must create a plan to dismantle and destroy the enemy that threatens the kingdom and restore its former peak. The plan they make is difficult but not impossible but for them a treacherous journey across Babylon, Arabia and the Nile awaits if they are to achieve what they hope to achieve. Unbeknownst to them, their biggest foe will not meet them on the battlefield and it will not only threaten their hard made plan but also out the future of Egypt hanging by the thinnest of threads which could snap at any moment should any mistake occur.

The books are a very good read for any and all history fans along with those who prefer thriller, suspense and power struggle based novels. The series is moving, captivating, inspirational and fascinating at the same time and really delivers on the promise done to the readers.

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