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Publication Order of Eighty Days Books

Eighty Days Yellow (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eighty Days Blue (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eighty Days Red (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eighty Days Amber (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eighty Days White (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistress of Night and Dawn (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

About The Eighty Days Books Series:

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey. Desire comes in more shades other than grey; this fact is well portrayed in the pulse-racing Eighty Days series by Vina Jackson. This compelling series is a mouth-watering food for the senses. The Sunday Times bestselling series of the Eighty Days series includes the Eighty Days Yellow, the Eighty Days Blue, the Eighty Days Red, Eighty Days Amber and the latest being the Eighty Days White.

Eighty Days Yellow, is the 1st of the Eighty Days series. It opens up with introduction of Summer Zahova, who is the protagonist. She originally hails from New Zealand but currently residing in London. She is an extremely talented violinist, but held up in a relationship that’s frustrating; her better half can’t accept her for who she really is, passionate. Summer spends her afternoons basking on the underground, totally lost in the works of Mendelssohn or Vivaldi. When the violin is spoiled beyond repair, she receives an unanticipated proposition from a university professor, Dominik, who has powerful desires for her after hearing her performance. Dominik offers to replace it for free, only if she agrees to play for him in a private concert. Incapable of denying the chemistry, they embark on a passionate affair that is full of very daring twists and turns, which are unpredictable as it’s breathtaking. For Summer it’s a chance to embrace her denied dark side, however she soon learns that where there is pleasure there is pain. Can such a relationship full of consuming passion, ever survive? Seductive, exhilarating and tantalizingly bold, the EIGHTY DAYS is a passionate love story that leaves you breathless and begging for more.

The Eighty Days Yellow has a professionally written style and narration, less sex and more stories without lengthy descriptions. It ends on a high note that definitely forces you to pick the 2nd book of the Eighty Days series, the Eighty Days Blue. Vina Jackson has a writing style that knows how to portray the feelings and emotions in words. The narration and dialogues do not sound gross, when it gets to the erotic part of the story, it doesn’t get better than this. All in all, it’s the best attempt ever to see the story line in real life.

The unpredictable, fiery story of Summer and Dominik, continues. Only that now she is currently staying in New York, miles away from her partner, who is still living in London. She is a violinist with an orchestra, which she is enjoying very much. Under the watch of an attractive and talented conductor, Summer’s career prospers steadily. However, her rise does not help the love life part of it. Despite the distance between the two, emotions grew. Can the two love birds overcome their various issues, or does it spell an end of the road for the two?

Eighty Days Blue which is the 2nd book in the series. It has more romance involved this time round. The story line is calmer but not less engrossing and erotic. The reader will enjoy the emotional and physical journeys that the main characters go through as well as the turns and twists in the plot; the reader will be anxious to unearth what happens next. Both Summer and Dominik are utterly perfect for each other but they don’t see it. Let’s hope that they come to terms with exactly what they want in the next Eighty days series.

The 3rd book in the Vina Jackson’s red-hot romantic series that you can’t dare to miss is the Eighty Days Red. World-renowned violinist now returns to London where it all began. She is free and single; Summer embarks on a string of steamy affairs, taking up the exciting new opportunities as well as trips to Europe to fulfill her dreams. When her priceless violin got stolen, fate brings back the wealthier and charismatic Mr. Dominik back into the fold.

Neither can they deny the passionate obsession that existed between them nor their past that left its scars behind. She realizes that passion and love can’t always glow hand in hand and she also knows she is playing with fire, and may end up burning, but concludes that there’re some pleasures that are too hard to resist…Can they once and for all overcome their obstacles that stands between them, and will she decide to follow her heart or her head instead?

The 4th racy romance novel in the bestselling EIGHTY DAYS series is the Eighty Days Amber. She had always liked the bad boys and as she grew, they became the bad men. In her youthful lifestyle, Luba the Russian dancer fell in love with a bad man; a very handsome but also a dangerous extraordinary amber dealer who would vanish in thin air for months only to expect Luba to dive in when he called. Regardless of everything she could not resist her attraction to Chey, but the passionate, unstable relationship came to a standstill when she fled Russia after discovering a very shocking secret about Chey.

From the elite private clubs in the New Orleans to a London mansion of a mysterious rock star, Viggo Franck, she embarks on a self discovery journey and embraces the enticing, exciting experiences that the new life as a dancer comes with. Her adventures introduced her to a flame-haired, fiery violinist, Summer, as well as Lauralynn, a lady with distinctly dark desires. But can this found new life ever satisfy Luba, or she will end up craving for that one man that she knows is not good for her.

The 5th book in Vina Jackson’s bestselling series is an exhilarating seductive, romance novel that the Sunday Times bestselling author has compiled. The eighty Days White is a romantic adventure with a spirited new heroine, whom you will remember from the EIGHTY DAYS YELLOW as well as the EIGHTY DAYS BLUE. Ever since she was in Brighton as a student, Lily dreamed of falling in love one day, just to know how it feels to love someone unconditionally. She always knew she has been missing something in her life. It’s a path she was yet to take and a deep desire that awaits exploration. Though she finds life in music, Lily prefers to rebel against the direction her life is taking and instead discover what she truly wants.

When she moves to London, the seductive Liana who is her best friend introduces her to the exciting new world of adventure and passion. Soon she meets Leonard, the one person she feels an instant connection with. Despite embracing the new experience and living her life to the fullest, Lily discovers that she is yet to find what she has been missing. Will Lily accept herself as a woman that she really is? Is the thing she has been searching for all along been in front of her? The new red-hot seductive novel in the Vina Jackson’s EIGHTY DAYS series is a tantalizing tale of love, passion, rust and self-discovery.

Overall, if you are looking for an erotic romance series that you can get your teeth into, check out Eighty Days series but make sure that you read them one by one in order. The only low point about the series is that none of the books have made its way into theater or TV show.

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