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Publication Order of Dr. Kate Vet Mysteries Books

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Publication Order of Kate Turner, DVM Books

Eileen Brady is a mystery fiction novelist from Arizona, where she lives with her husband and children.

The author was born to an Air Force officer and thus spent much of her childhood on military bases in the United States and abroad. By the time she was a teenager, she had lived in Wisconsin, New York, France, the Philippines, Yugoslavia, and Arizona.

She would later work with the Syracuse Repertory Company as a performer on stage and also on WOLF and WAER radio.

Upon graduation from Syracuse University, she headed to New York and had many jobs from waitressing working in an architect’s office, and singing radio jingles.
Since she had always been an animal lover, she found a job at the Manhattan-based Animal Medical Center, even though she would have preferred to be a veterinarian.

She finally managed to get herself admitted to a Bologna, Italy-based veterinary school and along the way also picked up a husband.

After practicing for more than two decades alongside her husband, she decided to try her hand at writing fiction novels.

Growing up, Eileen Brady was quite the reader who read almost anything she could get her hands on including everything she could find in her mother’s library. She used to read the local paper every day in addition to Time Magazine and National Geographic.

However, she got into thrillers and mysteries when she was in veterinary school in Italy. She needed to read fiction since her brain was busy trying to internalize medical facts.

During this time, she used to read a lot of Agatha Christie as she loved how she slid her cues into storylines so smoothly. It is perhaps for this reason that she would gravitate toward writing mysteries.

Even though she is kept very busy by her veterinary practice, she still finds time to read thrillers and mysteries.

As for her favorite characters, she cites Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, and the characters by Clive Cussler, and would have loved to have lunch with Lisa Scottoline’s Bennie Rosato the lawyer.

Eileen Brady had a very interesting journey towards publication as she started out drawing and writing homemade pictures for her kids while she was working in New York.

When she later moved to Phoenix, she started taking non-fiction and fiction classes from community colleges. It was also at this time that she got a job at “The Scottsdale Tribune,” as a contributor to a weekend column.

Brady also attended all manner of workshops and conferences, where she polished her skills and learned everything she could about the book business. She also credits her critique group for being instrumental in getting her debut novel published.

Eileen Brady published “Muzzled” her debut novel in 2014 and has never looked back since. She now has more than half a dozen titles to her name and has shown no signs of slowing down.

When she is not writing her novels, she likes to cook Chinese, Italian, Thai, and old American cuisine. She also cultivates an organic garden and often signs up for any dancing classes that take her fancy.

“Muzzled” by Eileen Brady tells the story of Dr. Kate Turner, a veterinarian who is making her rounds on a rainy spring morning.

She visits a farm that breeds Cavalier King spaniels for competitions and then rescues a hamster that had been stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

Instead of taking tea with his hosts as would be expected, she enters to find the compound all bloody and filled with bodies, dogs running wild.

Initial investigations by the police indicate a murder-suicide but the veterinarian shows that the champion spaniel is missing which indicates a darker reality. Her grandfather had always told her that the motive for murder is either money or love.

While Kate is treating some pets in the locality, she starts finding motives and potential suspects all over the charming town that may have wanted to kill the lovable couple.

Could they have been killed for the potential winnings the spaniel could win for another breeder? Their daughter who is the sole heir of a coterie of pampered dogs has been handling her windfall very bizarrely.

Could they have been killed because of long-buried personal secrets or is the celebrity filmmaker next door responsible since he was facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from the couple?

Eileen Brady’s novel “Unleashed” continues to follow Dr. Kate Turner, who could not have been happier in her new home in upstate New York. She now runs a small house-call practice and loves working with the local community in Oak Falls.

Everything changes when Claire Birnham one of her clients is found dead in what the police believe is a suicide. She had been a talented artist with a bright future. The feisty woman Claire and her dog Toto had been devoted to each other.

Kate does not believe Claire would ever abandon her pet and thinks the death could have been murder. The police try to shut her up when they arrest Eugene, a young kennel helper.

The fragile relationship between Luke Giannetti the police officer and Kate begins to fray since she continues asking questions and ignoring his advice.
Her calls to various clients continue to provide clues and gossip with a few proving helpful and many not so much.

The art gallery where Claire worked had fallen into turmoil immediately after her death and it does seem that AJ the heavy metal rocker might have had a grudge against Claire who was once his high school sweetheart before she dumped him.

“Chained” by Eileen Brady is set in Oak Falls in Hudson Valley where everybody once expected their Golden Boy Flynn Keegan to make it big as an actor in Hollywood before he went missing.

When Kate Turner the veterinarian asserts that a bone that had been dug up by the dog of one of her patients is human, no one thinks it could be Flynn. But a smashed skull and a DNA test prove that he had been killed.

The forensic team has few skills and the man’s family asks Kate to look into the case. Teachers and neighbors remember that he was a man full of charisma while his closest friends plead ignorance.

In the meantime, Kate is still juggling the unexpected reappearance of a former boyfriend from college, and eccentric housecall clients.

Jeremy Engels comes back like an Indiana Jones returning from an African quest and is eager to offer his help and hoping to rekindle their romance.

Together, they intend to crash the dead man’s high school reunion so that they can question more of his friends.

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