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Elaine Macko is an American author of fiction. She was born in New Haven and lives in the United States, having grown up as a kid in Milford, Connecticut. She is perhaps best known to readers for creating and writing the Alex Harris Mystery series of fictional novels.

Elaine says that ever since she was a young girl, she had an imagination that could be classified as being a little overly active. She was able to take every day, normal situations and transform them in her mind to absolute mayhem or find something to be intrigued about. Even when it comes to fairy tales like Humpty Dumpty, Macko isn’t so sure that he fell on his own. Maybe it was a conspiracy and he was pushed!

Macko was living abroad when she decided that it would be a good time to try and test out how it would be to write a mystery. It didn’t seem that difficult and she kept going. After a couple of months of writing, Macko had the first draft of what would be her first published novel, Armed.

She continued to write in the series and the popular fictional adventures has grown to a whopping eight novels. She says that having grown up in Connecticut, she is always connected to New England as well as her roots there somewhere in her mind.

She also used her memories and her experiences growing up in the town of Milford as inspiration to create Indian Cove, a fictional town in Connecticut. Macko says that for whatever reason, it seems to resemble Milford a lot in her mind. Elaine also explains that she enjoys putting some type of European connection into each novel to make the connection between her love of New England and her love of Europe.

Macko is the author of the Alex Harris Mystery series. Armed is the first novel in the series, followed by the sequel, which is titled Poisoned. Armed was first published for readers to enjoy in 2011, with Poisoned quickly following. There is a third book in the series, which is titled Flossed. This is followed by the fourth book, Mahjonged, then Smoked, then Pickled, then Gunned and then Nailed. The series follows the adventures of the main character, Alex Harris.

Armed is Elaine Macko’s debut novel in the exciting and always suspenseful Alex Harris Mystery series. If you love holiday themed stories and mystery plots set in New England towns that are so sleepy and small that they hardly ever see any crime, then this is the book for you!

It was just a week before Christmas was going to arrive. Cut to a mannequin factory, where everything was a bit off and not what they were supposed to be. Mannequins can be naturally disconcerting; however, these mannequins and their painted eyes silently watched one night and kept guard over the body of a woman in that creepy dark warehouse.

With the holidays approaching, a murder is the last thing that this quiet town and the people who live there want. It’s one of those places in New England where hardly anything ever happens. Think a police force that never makes any arrests because no one’s doing anything crazy.

Alex Harris is the one to find the body. She realizes that it is someone named Mrs. Scott. Harris owns a staffing agency in town called Always Prepared. But when he finds Mrs. Scott’s corpse, everything is going to change for him.

Alex works with Samantha Daniels, her partner as well as her sister. They also collaborate with Millie Chapman, their steady assistant. With the help of some chocolate M&M candies, Alex is going to take on this case and go full steam ahead.

Harris loves to quote Winston Churchill, and she’s going to need a steady constitution as well as plenty of M&Ms if she’s going to have the willpower to crack this case. The killer is still out there for all they can tell, and Alex can’t afford to slip up.

She goes over each and every clue and follows up every lead; but will it be enough? With the holidays fast approaching, Harris needs to work fast if she’s going to save Christmas for everyone in this small town. Can she do it? Read the first book in this series to find out!

Poisoned is the second novel by Elaine Macko that makes up the Alex Harris Mystery series. If you loved the first novel in this series, Armed, and enjoyed meeting Alex, then you’ll love this second story from Elaine Macko!

The holidays have moved on from Christmas and winter to fall and Halloween. Alex is still the owner of the staffing agency, and between providing temps to local businesses and trying to prevent her assistant from over-decorating in anticipation of Halloween, she has a lot going on.

After the last holiday, Alex would hope that her days of dead bodies would be over. However, something is happening in the small New England town these days– because a body of a high society individual from Indian Cove has turned up.

A quick examination results in a pronouncement of the cause of death being poison. One thing is clear, and that is that this death was not an accident. The suspicions turn to Robert Brissart, an older man, but no one is formally accused.

Alex thinks that this older woman was intended to be killed the whole time; that this murder was planned. Since the killer is presumably still out there and maybe even still in the area, they need to figure out who is the killer before they decide to strike once again and target someone else.

This town used to be so quiet– what happened? Indian Cove is getting spookier and creepier as Halloween draws near. With the tension increasing and the holiday approaching, it’s up to this staffing agency owner to figure out what’s going on in this town and just who the killer is.

Will she end up with a trick or a treat? Find out by picking up Poisoned, the exciting second installment of the Alex Harris series by talented author and N.E. resident Elaine Macko!

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