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The Weird Sisters (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Light of Paris (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Any Other Family (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Paris All Your Own(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eleanor Brown is an international and New York Times bestselling author of the novels “The Light of Paris” and “The Weird Sisters.”

Growing up, she remembers that her parents raised her in a home filled with books. Their parents often insisted that they should never leave the house without a book and they used to consult at least one reference book during everyday dinners.

Reading would become and still is the center of her life which is the legacy of her parents. During her childhood years, her parents used to take her and her sisters on weekly trips to the library where they would get to take all manner of books to read.

Back home, she could only watch half an hour of television a week as she was required t read the rest of the time. Having always been a daydreamer, books would make her imagination run wild in particularly interesting ways.

Eleanor published “The Weird Sisters” her debut novel in 2011. The work went on to become an award-winning title, winning an Amazon Best Book of the Month, an Indie Next Pick, and a Colorado Book Award.

Apart from her books, her writing has also been featured in anthologies, magazines, newspapers, and journals such as “Publishers Weekly” “Crab Orchard Review,” and “The Washington Post.”

Brown is a native of Washington DC and was the last born among three sisters. Over the years, she has lived in all manner of places from England, Minnesota, Florida, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

According to Eleanor, writing is something that she has done for the longest time. It was what she did to work through her emotions, how she acted out her frustrations and recorded her daydreams.

Over the years, Brown tried her hand at all manner of writing from novellas, short stories, journalism, poems, songs, and essays.

Many of these would spectacularly fail but since she has always been a disciple of Samuel Becket, she only tried harder and took lessons whenever she failed. As such, when she failed she learned from it and went on to make more refined mistakes.

Since she was not so sure of writing was a good career she spent much of her time trying it out and doing other things.

Over the years, she did all manner of things such as working as a banking clerk, Tteaching seventh graders, and coordinating weddings.

Still, the experiences that she got from all that were good preparation for when she would become a professional author.

The seed for Eleanor Brown’s work was planted years before she started penning the modern version of the work. Brown was a late bloomer as it was not until she was 30 that she began penning her debut work.

She said to herself I have to do this or I will never achieve the dream. She went on to pen some terrible pieces in different genres which taught her a lot about writing before she started writing what would become “The Weird Sisters.”

Brown had several fits and starts writing her story but once she got serious, it only took her a year and she was done with the first draft. Once she started writing, she fell in love with her characters and just could not stop.

The author currently makes her home at Colorado’s “Highlands Ranch,” where she lives with JC Hutchins her partner.

She teaches creative writing at conferences and workshops across the United States and also contributes to “Crossfit Journal” as an ardent CrossFitter.

Eleanor Brown’s novel “The Weird Sisters” is the story of Cordelia and Bianca, who dash back home to join Rose their sister, when their mother gets a cancer diagnosis.
Cordy and Bean are not going back to support their mother per se, since they are also running from chaotic personal situations.

Bianca had been caught stealing at work and had been fired and after years of living irresponsibly, Cordelia finds herself pregnant.

Rose who had stayed behind in their hometown is the only one with a chance at finding happiness as she is engaged to be married later in the year.

They are the daughters of a renowned literary professor, which perhaps explains their tendency to communicate emotion using flippant Shakespearean quotes.

As the three sisters reunite back in their hometown. The pressures of adult living, the strangeness of going back to the quiet small town they so desperately wanted to escape, and their mother’s illness begin to take their toll.

Somehow, they are unable to find a way to reconnect with each other and are soon bickering just like they used to when they were teenagers.

“The Light of Paris” by Eleanor Brown is a thrilling story of a woman named Madeleine. She feels trapped by her own fears, her controlling husband, and family expectations.

While it does seem that she has the best life, she does not think she has anything that matters to her as she is stuck in a life and marriage she never wanted.
She remembers Margie her grandmother as a reserved, elegant and perfect woman that she would like to emulate. But then she finds her diary that details her very daring romantic trip to Paris the city of lights.

She gets to discover Margie as a dreamer who went against the staid and strict family rules to have an exciting summer, falling for a charismatic artist, living by herself, and writing in cafes.

Despite the fact that she has never been happy in her marriage when it is threatened, she is thrown into panic and runs off to her hometown to spend some time with her disapproving and critical mother.

Back home, she is shaken to learn of a long-hidden secret of her family and gets even more inspiration from her granny’s bravery.

She decides to create her own Parisian jaunt, cultivating a huge circle of friends with a love for the creative arts, reconnects with her love of painting, and has a relationship with a chef.

Eleanor Brown’s novel “Any Other Family” is the story of a bizarre family that from the outside looks just like any other.

The story introduces three couples that adopted four siblings following the death of their granny and promised to ensure they kept in contact.

The planner of the group is Tabitha who is the parent of the twins and hence is in charge of coordinating Sunday night dinners, birthdays, and playdates.

Ginger is a steady and quiet single mother who adopted the eldest child. She has so far been resisting the togetherness since she has not yet healed from her unsettled childhood.

Elizabeth who is the parent to the middle child is still recovering from failed fertility treatments and worries that she may never have been meant to be a mother.

Out of nowhere, they each get an unexpected call from the birth mother saying that she expecting another child. She says that she will need their help finding an adoptive mother, the delicate bonds they have forged almost come undone.

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