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About Eleanor Shearer

Eleanor Shearer is a renowned British author of historical fiction. She has had many successes throughout her writing career, due largely to her skill at crafting characters that readers can sympathize with, making her stories entertaining and engaging. Her protagonists are always strong and expertly developed, enabling readers to become deeply invested in their stories.

Her gift for creating compelling stories with captivating narratives has made her a popular author in the UK and abroad. Her work has earned her critical acclaim and recognition from national and international organizations. Her dedication to conveying the truth behind the history she writes about makes her stories captivating and timeless.

In addition to her writing, Shearer is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the literary world. She is a strong believer that everyone should have access to stories that represent their own unique experiences, and she is an inspiration to many.

Shearer’s stories are known for their vivid imagination and creative approach to historical fiction. She draws on her own family history to help inspire her writing, creating characters and stories that are rich with detail and authenticity. She is also known for her ability to bring readers back to the past and make them feel as though they are immersed in the moment.

She is constantly exploring new ways to develop her imagination and bring her characters to life. She is passionate about finding ways to make the past come alive and create stories that readers can connect with. Her vivid descriptions and unique perspectives allow readers to experience the past in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Her fiction is often praised for its originality and creativity. Her gift for bringing her characters to life through her words helps readers to understand the perspectives of those from different backgrounds and cultures. Her stories are exciting, thought-provoking, and filled with a sense of adventure.

The use of character is another one of her many strengths as a writer. She is a master of crafting characters that readers can sympathize with, making her stories entertaining and engaging. Her protagonists are always strong and expertly developed, allowing readers to become deeply invested in their unique stories.

Shearer is also adept at creating characters who are complex and multi-dimensional, allowing readers to explore different perspectives. Her characters are often relatable and resonate with readers on a personal level. Her commitment to conveying truth and realism make her stories captivating and timeless.

Her stories show a deep respect for her characters and bring to light the experiences of those from different backgrounds and cultures. Shearer’s writing stands out for its clever use of character and her ability to bring her stories to life in a captivating way.

Early and Personal Life

Eleanor Shearer developed a passion for literature as she was growing up. She was always an avid reader, and her love of storytelling led to her writing her first novel. She wrote her first book following studying for her Master’s degree in Politics at the University of Oxford, drawing inspiration from her fieldwork in St. Lucia and Barbados. Along with this, she’s also heavily inspired by the stories of her own grandparents immigrating from the Caribbean to the UK, being a part of the Windrush Generation.

She was inspired to tell the stories of people living in the Caribbean, and how they were affected by the legacy of slavery. Her debut novel, ‘River Sing Me Home,’ was praised for its honest and powerful portrayal of the realities of life in the Caribbean after slavery.

Eleanor’s writing is always a mix of history, culture and personal stories, as she brings a unique perspective to her work. Eleanor is dedicated to continuing to tell the stories of those who have been affected by the legacy of slavery, and she hopes that her work will bring attention to the ongoing issues of racism and inequality. Eleanor is passionate about exploring the Caribbean through literature, and she is determined to continue telling stories of resilience and hope.

Currently she continues to write, spending much of her time between Ramsgate and London.

Writing Career

Eleanor Shearer is a highly respected and celebrated writer. She began her career in 2023 with the publication of her debut novel, ‘River Sing Me Home.’ The novel was inspired by the true stories of brave women who searched for their stolen children after the abolition of slavery in 1834. It was released in the UK and the United States to much acclaim and reached the top of several bestseller lists.

Her writing has been recognised for its emotionally powerful stories that are both captivating and inspiring. Shearer’s writing continues to captivate readers around the world and she is currently working on her next novel. Her writing career has been a great success thus far and she is sure to continue to produce many more inspiring works.

River Sing Me Home

Eleanor Shearer’s stand-alone historical romance novel, ‘River Sing Me Home’, was published on January 31, 2023 by Berkley Books. The novel was the author’s debut historical romance novel, and was warmly welcomed by fans of the genre. ‘River Sing Me Home’ was a success for Shearer and the publisher, with the book garnering favorable reviews from readers and critics alike.

Rachel, a slave of the Providence plantation in Barbados, was overjoyed when the king declared an end to slavery. However, she was then informed that she and her fellow slaves must stay at the plantation for another six years as apprentices. Rachel, who had already lost five of her children to slavery, could not accept this and ran away. In her search for her lost children, Rachel traveled from Barbados, to British Guiana and eventually across the sea to Trinidad. Her hope was that she could find her children and finally find freedom.

Along the way, she encountered adventures and told stories of Mary Grace, Micah, Cherry Jane, Thomas Augustus, and Mercy. Rachel’s journey was an inspirational, heartfelt mission to unite her family and gain her freedom.

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