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Electric Series

Electric is a series of romance books by USA Today Bestselling author of romance, fiction and fantasy books E.L Todd. The series features two main characters Taylor and Volt who have a strong feeling for each other but torn apart by their dark past.

E.L Todd began her Electric Series in 2016 when Charge the first book in the series was published. She also wrote a novella Electric which gives a background to the series debut novel.


The first book in Electric Series introduces us to the two protagonists Taylor and Volt who have different backgrounds and approach to life. Taylor has worked her life for what she wants and to her relationship isn’t about having sex but a more emotional connection. On the other hand, Volt sleeps with any woman who comes her way and doesn’t care about love or relationships.

The story is told from Volt and Taylor’s point of view giving the readers the backbone to the two sides. Taylor gets a new job as a science teacher for a private school and without many friends except her best friend Sara, who wants to hide herself at home after a breakup, so when she meets Natalie grabs the opportunity to get out.

Meeting Volt sends her inner goddess on a part mode. Volt is handsome on a whole new level, but her discovery on how he uses women soon puts those happy feelings to bed.

Volt no longer wants a love life; he views women as objects of affection in his bedroom and not objects of love. A breakup with the girl he loved the most broke his heart into pieces and transformed him into a womanizer, and this change in life has changed for his future. Giving up his job as a teacher to start a tutoring business has worked best for him. Now with a suit wearing and cunny sweet words to bed women, he sows his seeds. But the moment he sets his eyes on Taylor, everything changes for him. She is so beautiful and strong making him crazy.

Working together in both work and love, Volt soon discovers that he has feelings for Taylor and the more he tries to forget her, the more he thinks about her. Seeing her flirt with other dudes is slowly killing him from the inside, but confessing his life for her might destroy everything that they’ve worked for. Broken pasts and promising futures will push the man who once thought women as objects of affection to get his woman.

Overall, The Charge is a brilliantly woven novel about two characters, Taylor and Volt, who are dedicated to the world of education in New York. While it’s an introductory, but unlike many others, you’ve read before it makes this introduction interesting and without hurry. The characters are beautifully woven, and we see how they are, what they think and where they can go, we know them without repeating the same thoughts all the time. It’s a story that talks about the characters professional developments and not just about friendships.

And the author has introduced several secondary characters that give a lot of realism to the story. In our lives, we never have only three people. Todd has managed to perfectly combine the creation of a good stage for the development of the story but without getting bored with a lot of information left over. Additionally, the writing style of the author is fluid, humorous and captivating. As already written, one is pulled into a vortex while reading, from which one does not want to go any further.


In the second book in Electric series, Volt hasn’t gathered the courage to confess his love to the woman of his dreams. Because she doesn’t tell her, Taylor doesn’t have any idea whether Volt loves her, and soon she dates Sage.

Sage is a good guy who loves Taylor. Unfortunately, Volt is Taylor’s good friend, and when he calls, Taylor goes running. But Sage does not understand Volt and Taylor’s relationship and informs Taylor that Volt loves her. Sage also understands that Taylor has very strong feelings for Volt, but she constantly denies it.

When Taylor takes Volt home for a holiday, her parents love him, and they want him to be part of the family. Volt ends up sharing the same bed with Taylor, and nothing much happens except some cuddling. They spend great times together, and Taylor invites her friend Sarah before the holiday is over. She talks to Sarah and says how she can imagine life without him. But Volt eavesdrops on the phone conversations and thinks that Taylor was talking about Sage.

Volt goes home heartbroken but knows that he has to accomplish one thing. He talks with Sage and informs him everything he heard Taylor say on the phone. But Sage informs him that Taylor has only feelings for Volt and wishes them good luck.


Burn continues the story of Volt and Taylor. In this third novel, Volt realizes that he loves Taylor, but he understands that she isn’t into his cheating ways and so he’s confused on what to do next. Taylor has been dating Sage for weeks now, but even though the relationship isn’t serious, they spend time together. Sage understands that Volt loves Taylor and so he confronts him about it.

But for Taylor being cheated on by her boyfriend was the worst thing she had to undergo but as usual, her friend Volt is always there to back her up and ease everything. Unfortunately, there’s one more obstacle the two have to face. If you’ve followed the series so far, you probably know more about Volt’s past. It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to work out the people involved and know what’s just bound to happen.

As a couple Taylor and Volt have insane chemistry and giving into their feeling is one smart move for them. Meeting their families and finding dark secrets and then a final test will break them before they’ve got a chance to be together.

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