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Elemental Assassin Books In Order

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Publication Order of Elemental Assassin Books

Fantasy author Jennifer Estep has been writing the ‘Elemental Assassin’ series for some time now. Set around Gin Blanco, an assassin who has been codenamed ‘The Spider’, they focus on a world wherein she controls the elements of both stone and ice. Located in ‘Ashland’, a fictional southern metropolis, where by day she manages ‘The Pork Pit’; a barbecue restaurant. When evil is afoot though, she turns to her secret assassin alter-ego, as she doles out justice to wrongdoers killing those who threaten the lives and safety of the innocent.

In this world are scores of vampires, giants and dwarves, along with the ‘elementals’; a breed of people who are able to control the elements, such as stone, fire, air and ice. With over twelve books in the series so far and counting, Estep has been successfully publishing this series for some time now. As there’s a whole universe created around it too that’s being expanded upon regularly, it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon either.

Elemental Assassin: Spider’s Bite

First released on the 4th of January, 2010, this was to be the book that begun Estep’s ‘Elemental Assassin’ series. In it she introduces her readers into the world of Gin, who is also known and feared as the ‘Spider’; a deadly assassin of great repute. Feared throughout the south, she also works at the ‘Pork Pit’; the tastiest barbecue joint in all of Ashland, the fictional city where they reside. Using her vast powers as an ‘elemental’, she defends the city from evil, whilst keeping the peace. An elemental holds the power of the elements, drawing them up from the surrounding environment to do their bidding. The elements that Gin happens to control are stone and ice.

Everything seems to be going fine, as she works by day and fights injustice by night. Not wanting to use her magic on the job, save the occasional ice-spell, she conducts her everyday affairs just as anyone else would. This seems to be coming from a source of pride for her, as she wants a space to function as everyone else normally would. It all seems to running smoothly, that is until her ‘handler’ is double-crossed by another elemental, this time an air-elemental, which leaves Gin now wanting to seek revenge for.

On a quest for vengeance, nobody is going to get in her way, as Gin seeks retribution and justice for the elemental that wronged her handler. Using everything at her disposal, nothing will stop her getting what she wants, and she’ll exterminate anyone who tries to prevent her from doing so. Although she may not look it, she’s the deadliest of them all and far from being ‘one of the good guys’. Set within the ever corrupt Ashland though, it appears her work may be cut out for her as it seems she’s got a real fight on her hands.

Add into all that the ruggedly handsome Detective Donovan Caine and she’s got a melting pot just waiting to boil over. Looking to help her seek the justice she’s hoping for, Donovan may be running on his own agenda, as he also wants her dead just as much as the enemy. Will she be able to avoid his charms and get down to the task at hand? Can she get justice and take down the target that wronged her handler? What will become of Gin on her quest as she looks to give a spider’s bite?

Elemental Assassin: Web of Lies

Following on from the first book, this installment of the ‘Elemental Assassin’ franchise was initially published on the 5th of May, 2010, by Estep. Carrying on with the adventures of Gin, it features her attempts to now retire from the dangerous life, as she tries to quit being an assassin. This isn’t to be though, as danger is constantly chasing her and making trouble. Despite wanting to live the quiet life working in the ‘Pork Pit’ barbecue in Ashland, it seems that fate has other plans for her. After what appears to be an attempted robbery, this fate may be coming for her sooner than she thinks.

After two robbers attempt to hold-up her barbecue joint, they take some shots, which instead of being aimed at her are fired at one Violet Fox, the woman she is meant to be protecting. Grand-daughter to a property owner, they’ve come into the cross-hairs of a certain coal-mining tycoon who has evil and nefarious plans in store. Looking to acquire their land, the tycoon hopes to get them out of the picture so they can take the property for their coal-mining enterprise. This is just another element of corruption in Ashland and another day for Gin Blanco.

Drawn back into the world she initially tried to escape from, Gin Blanco vows to protect Violet and her grandfather from the aggressive advances of the evil coal-mining tycoon. Also coming back out of the woodwork is Detective Donovan Caine, who is looking to offer his assistance as well. This along with his straight-laced personality, he’s trying to reconcile his feelings for Gin which he’s attempting to suppress whilst doing his job. Gin is also trying to fight her feelings too, as she undertakes her job, whilst simultaneously attempting to hold her passion for Donovan in as well. Can they stop the advances of the evil coal-mining tycoon and their attempts to seize control of the property? Will they manage to contain their feelings for one another during the subsequent course of events? What will become of Gin as she immerses herself deep within the web of lies?

The Elemental Assassin Series

With over twelve books written in the series so far and counting, this popular line of novels looks set to continue into the foreseeable future. There are also a number of e-novellas available on the market, along with some shorter stories working as stand-alones within the ‘Elemental Assassin’ franchise. The potential is there to create even more, as there’s a whole universe cast within the pages. Having created an entire mythos surrounding the series, Estep has built a strong franchise that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, with more exciting installments expected to arrive shortly.

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