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Publication Order of Elemental Mates Books

By: Miranda Bridges, Kyra Snow

“The Elemental Mates” series are a set of paranormal romance novels by Miranda Bridges and Kyra Snow. Miranda Bridges is a bestselling paranormal historical, science fiction and romance author who began writing her novels as a teen. During her teenage years, she would sneak romance novels into her room and she still reads the novels to this day. After years of voracious reading, she woke up one day with an idea for a story in her head. She decided that this was the time to silence her imaginary friends by writing a fiction novel. She published “The Maverick,” the debut novel of the “Den of the Fallen” series of novels in 2019. Miranda went the self publishing route just to supplement her income and she has never looked back since. When she is not writing her novels she can be found drinking coffee, writing or reading.

Kyra Snow is a paranormal romance and science fiction author from Scotland that is best known for her collaboration with Miranda Bridges on the “Elemental Mates” series of novels. She loves to write about seductive alien warriors and sassy heroines that are kidnapped by them. “The Elemental Mates” series of novels debuted with “Glacier” that was published in 2020.

The “Elemental Mates” series of novels are paranormal romance novels about Strong Alpha aliens who come to Earth and take captive strong sassy heroines who come to love them. The lead in “Glacier,” the debut novel of the series is a heavily tattooed man named Hazel who grabs Xalias who had gone into his ship to steal some food. Over time, their feelings grow for each other and what had been lust develops into love. In “Inferno,” the second novel of the “Elemental Mates” series is the story of Kayla who is kidnapped and then fell for Blaze who believes she is his mate. Even though she had been earmarked for the Darkblood commander, he intends to hack into the database and save her by assigning her to himself. In “Obsidian,” the third novel of the series, Jade was kidnapped and taken to a far away planet and now the sexy and sin Darkblood commander Castien is determined to rescue her and make her his.
“Glacier,” the debut novel of the series introduces the Koraxians, who left their home planet to look for human mates as most of the females on their planet had been annihilated. They need a female to achieve their full potential and Earth is their last hope of finding mates. But Earth has also been decimated by a recent calamity and humanity is at its worst with most people starving. This is how Hazel meets with Xalias the alien whose tattoos glow in the dark. She had gone into the ship to steal some food for family and friends when he found her. The fact that his tattoos began glowing indicates that she is his mate. Their feelings for each other soon evolve from lust to love and he goes from treating her like a sex object to someone he cannot live without.

In “Inferno,” the second novel of the series, Kayla finds herself the exhibit in an alien zoo. Abduction was always something she had dreaded but being gawked at by strange looking aliens is a very scary thing. But then there is Blaze, a bright red haired alien who looks at her with blazing hunger. It makes her think she wanted to eat her and play with her in the most sinful ways. She had been set aside for the Darkblood commander but Blaze wants her for himself. While she does not have the time for his dark fantasies, she cannot help but ask for his help. While Blaze agrees to help her it is on condition that she becomes his mate. Meanwhile, her desire for him is rising and she is not so sure she will be able to walk away once he manages to free her from her prison. Will he make her his?

In “Obsidian,” the third novel of the “Elemental Mates” series of novels, Jade finds herself at the center of an alien auction. She knew she was in deep trouble from the looks the aliens were giving her and her all silk clothing. She is in an upscale brothel and is expected to provide entertainment for the gawking customers. The bidding is going higher as her anxiety levels also rise given that she does not know what will be expected of her from her new owner. But then she meets Castien, a handsome and sexy alien who not only saves her but promises to reunite her with friends and family. But he also makes no apologies for trying to seduce her. She does not find it hard playing the part of lover but she is not so sure she is just acting as the days go by. He my just have bought her with her heart.

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