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Publication Order of Spanish Love Deception Books

The Spanish Love Deception (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The American Roommate Experiment (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Long Game (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fiance Dilemma (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elena Armas is a published author of fiction.

Elena is Spanish, loves writing, and is happy to tell anyone that asks that she thinks of herself as a hopeless romantic. She is married and loves having books to read and getting more to hoard and eventually read! She has been devouring what are known as HEAS for years, also known as a story with a happily ever after. It is when a story is romantic and the story concludes with a very nice ending that frequently has a dreamy quality to it. Elena has always been into HEA romance stories and it should come as no surprise that she ended up choosing to write her own!

Elena will admit that she has not only read her fair share of romances over the years but she has also yelled at the books about the characters and what is happening. With that level of passion for these stories, ultimately at some point she decided that it was time for her to not just read romance stories by other authors but to sit down and write some for herself to entertain readers with.

She loves to write romance stories and hopes for her readers that the stories will be able to give them the ability to start making your heart race, or really become engaged with the story. Elena Armas first arrived on the publishing scene in 2021 with the release of her first book, titled The Spanish Love Deception. This is the perfect vacation book to read whether you are on one or just looking to escape in your mind to an entirely new place! Check it out and see what you think.

Elena Armas authored The Spanish Love Deception, her debut novel. If you are a big fan of romance novels or simply looking for something new and light that you can read, check this book out and see what you think of it! Perfect for reading under a hat and the sun shining down on you in the backyard or by the beach or pool.

Main character Catalina Martin is dealing with a nearly impossible situation. She’s going to have to somehow successfully navigate not only a wedding but traveling to Spain, an irritating man, and pretending for three days in a row on top of that. She’s heard of some half-baked plans, but this one has got to take the cake.

Catalina is in a relationship for once in her life, and that’s the good news. She’s bagged an American boyfriend and is not single for the first time in a while. Her family is thrilled when they find out that she will be bringing him along as her date to the event of the year, which is of course, Catalina’s sister getting married.

Catalina’s family is all going to be there for the wedding in this small town in Spain to see her sister walk down the aisle. It promises to be downright magical, and it’s going to almost nearly be a shoe in when it comes to making the top story of the day for the local newspaper in that tiny Spanish town.

Catalina is worried about the wedding because her life has endured a sudden shift, and she doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to endure this turn on top of making her way from New York City all the way over the Atlantic to get to Spain for the wedding. All that it took was one call and suddenly she is single again. Catalina is panicking– she already let her family know that she was bringing someone, and they’re going to be confused and maybe not all that surprised if she shows up with no one.

Catalina is determined to keep that from happening. She has a month solid to track down a guy that wants to go to the wedding and basically actively participate in pretending he is in a relationship with her. She doesn’t think that is going to be so easy, especially finding someone that has a valid passport and wants to go to Spain with her for said event. What type of man would even want to participate in this type of obvious charade?

She thinks that it’s hopeless, but then she finds a guy that is tall and with blue eyes that would be just perfect as a date. Aaron Blackford is a man that she did not like right from the start, and now he’s turned around and offered to accompany Catalina to the wedding as her date. She doesn’t even know what to say after the guy just made her blood hot by saying she was delusional– and offering himself as her best choice for getting someone to be on her arm.

Is it infuriating? Absolutely. Is this guy right? Most likely. Catalina swallows her pride and takes him as the date, but can he pull off being the fake boyfriend or will this guy blow the whole thing for her? This guy is six feet and four inches of handsome, and even if he aggravates her, she has to admit that once they get to Spain she sees this guy’s appeal.

Her date may be the type of make her feel super irritated, but he’s also a standard level of attractive that is hard to resist. She’s got to weigh whether it’s worth ditching him and showing up at the wedding on her own or whether it might be worth bringing him to the wedding and risking it.

Will her family love this guy or will they immediately see through the ruse? It’s too soon to tell, but Catalina knows one thing: she sure doesn’t want to show up to this thing single. Can she find a match or will she have to make this blue-eyed guy her match? Read this fun book to find out in a romance that is sure to end happily ever after.

The American Roommate Experiment is the second novel to come out from Elena Armas. If you have been searching for a fun and light read, check out this book and see whether Rosie’s crush on Lucas ever develops into anything or if it is destined to fizzle out!

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