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Elena Forbes
Author Elena Forbes grew up in London. She grew up in a family made up of actors and writers and spent her childhood always coming up with plays and stories in her head to keep herself occupied.

Elena was heavily influenced by reading Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew, and there was always a body or some kind of mystery that needed solving. She always played detective while she was reading.

Even while as an adult, she would have story fragments spinning around in her head, but it was many years before she decided to tackle writing a novel. The catalyst for her to start was a period of intensely boring and enforced bed rest for medical reasons. After some false starts and some rejected submissions, the synopsis and first chapter wound up getting shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger in the year 2005.

The book evolved after the first scene, and was able to grow and grow from there. Elena was interested in the general topic of Internet chat rooms and how people hide their identities. She was also reading quite a bit about suicide pacts between different strangers that meet up on the net and about teen suicide and depression. Then she sort of combined all of these various elements.

Her main challenge while writing the novel was making the procedural side as accurate as she could within the confines of a novel. She spent a lot of time researching with contacts from the Metropolitan Police as well as the Forensic Services in order to ensure accuracy.

Place is extremely important to Elena in terms of her writing and chose to set her novels in and around the city of London. This is due to its wealth of character, history, and history; it never ceases to inspire her.

“Die With Me” was her second novel, actually. She has another manuscript that is on her computer, and will never see the light of day.

She received a degree in Italian and French from Bristol University. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked in portfolio management for many international investment groups. Elena lives with her husband and their two kids in Notting Hill, London.

Elena’s debut novel, called “Die With Me”, was released in the year 2007. She writes mystery and thriller novels.

“Die with Me” is the first novel in the “Mark Tartaglia” series, and was released in the year 2007. A series of what appear to be suicides of vulnerable young girls is baffling the cops in London. The bodies are located in the naves of the churches after they fell from a great height.

Because of a badly-handled leak, the press get in an uproar for the serial killer they call The Bridegroom. Among the maelstrom of conflicting theories coming from criminal profilers, media, poltically competitive colleagues, and the general circus that surrounds a major murder inquiry, the bodies pile up.

Fans found this to be an excellent murder mystery that introduces a group of some realistically flawed members of the Metropolitan Police force, and is able to capture the feel of the west London suburbs. These are characters that you truly feel like you know by the end of the novel. The novel keeps you captivated to its exciting conclusion, and by the end, readers wanted to read more from this series.

“Our Lady of Pain” is the second novel in the “Mark Tartaglia” series, and was released in the year 2008. During a snowy morning in February, Rachel Tenison (an art dealer in London) goes out for a jog through Holland Park. Still giddy from the night before, her legs wobbly from not enough sleep and too much booze, she trips and falls at the foot of an icy hill. Lying on her back, just enjoying the sensation of snowflakes melting as they land on her skin, she also savors the unexpected stillness of the moment. Then there is a sharp crack of the tree branch right behind her, and it is followed by a voice that softly calls out her name.

Two days later, and Rachel’s naked and frozen body is found in the park, having been bound and then arranged in an oddly symbolic manner. Detectives Sam Donovan and Mark Tartaglia are given the case. Still haunted by the bridegroom, who was a chillingly seductive killer with a desire for lonely girls and lethal heights, they must put the past behind them while they try to figure out who killed Rachel.

They realize that as much mystery surrounds her life as her death. A tip from a journalist pulls their attention to the similarities between this recent murder and one unsolved crime that was committed the previous year, and the web gets even more tangled.

The book has plenty of twists, a heart-stopper of a climax, steadily increasing suspense, and a rather clever plot. Elena expands on both Tartaglia and Donovan, who are both appealing, probably due to their flaws.

“Evil in Return” is the third novel in the “Mark Tartaglia” series, and was released in the year 2010. Joe Logan, a bestselling novelist, walks right out into a hot summer’s evening in central London. The very next day his body is found dumped in the disused Victorian crypt in the Brompton Cemetery. The murder has the signs of professional murder. What had Logan done to deserve this brutal end?

Detective Mark Tartaglia is certain that Logan’s personal life contains the key, but making sense of the victim’s recent past is difficult. Then another body of a second guy is discovered in an old boathouse on the Thames, and was killed in the same way that Logan was.

A methodical and vicious murderer is at work, however what does he want and how is he able to lure his victims to their death? If Tartaglia is able to find the link between the pair of dead guys, then maybe he can locate the killer before he kills again.

Some found themselves getting hooked right from the start, and the story flows well all the way through. While Tartaglia and company dig deeper, the plot gets much more intriguing. Readers had a good time reading about the investigation of a historic murder and the cop characters, who are all likable in their own way.

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