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Kiss of the Damned (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sins of the Damned (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Damned (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Soulless Saint (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruthless Reign (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Claimed by Night (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound by Secret (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by Power (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Elena Lawson
Elena Lawson lives with her family in a small Canadian town. She writes reverse harem fantasy romance stories filled with some unforgettable heroes, feisty heroines, and spellbinding romance.

When she leaves her writing cave, she can be found drinking wine some place sunny, obsessively rearranging her bookshelves, or cooking overly fancy meals for her friends and family.

“Claimed by Night” is the first novel in the “Queen’s Consorts” series and was released in 2018. Liana’s life, while trapped on an island, has been a boring montage of listening to lectures and skipping stones, waiting for her mom to die.

Now the wait has ended. The Queen of the Night Court has just been assassinated, and the ship has shown up to ferry Liana back to her place of birth and claim her throne. However not everybody at Court wants her to rule. And to make matters worse, she worries that her ancestors have yet to grace her with magic, and an ungraced Queen could never keep her crown. Filled with self doubt and overwhelmed, she finds protection and solace in the arms of four different Fae warriors.

Devoted, maddeningly eager to please, and charming, it is obvious these males crave more than just royal favor. They want her, and they will do whatever it takes in order to keep her safe. Can Liana’s warriors help her claim her true place as Queen, or will she fall to the denizens of Night?

“Of Wolves and Witches” is the first novel in the “Arcane Arts Academy” series and was released in 2019. Harper Hawkins screwed up. She broke two of the Arcane Council’s laws in a single day. She swears it was just an accident, however just try telling that to the Arcane authorities.

Before she could even catch her breath, her simple gypsy life of peddling potions with her guardians is wrenched away from her. She is forcibly enrolled into the supremely snotty and prestigious Arcane Arts Academy, given shackles under the guise of mercy for her crimes. And as if that were not bad enough, her volatile magic bound her to two infuriatingly overbearing shifters in the woods close to campus, making Harper an instant pariah.

But at least the history teacher’s helpful, not to mention insanely beautiful. And besides giving her this dangerous distraction, there is something else he’s able to provide: a way to finally figure out more about her dad and unravel the dark mystery surrounding his death. However some secrets have got claws, and if she’s not careful, learning the truth could just get her killed.

“Compel Me” is the first novel in the “Last Vocari” series and was released in 2019. She goes by Rose. But don’t let the name fool you, because she’s all thorns.

The polished metal stakes that are strapped to her thighs have pierced the hearts of so many vampires that Rose has lost count. After five years of searching she’s still not found him: the vamp with one brown eye and one blue. The one that slaughtered Rose’s mom and left Rose, a child, to sit screaming in a pool of her still warm blood.

With any amount of luck at all, the guy will come to her. Because she has made something of a name for herself with her trade. Seems that more and more of the bloodsucking bastards seek to find her each and every day. And each of them wanting to be the one able to say they plucked The Black Rose. It isn’t until a trio finds her that she believes she has finally met her match. However these aren’t just any faceless and nameless vamps. Rose knows them. Or, she did know them, at least, when they were still human.

Worst of all, she owes them this debt. However paying them back will mean facing her worst fear, that she might be totally human, either.

“Shifted Fate” is the first novel in the “Wolves of Forest Grove” series and was released in 2019. Jared Stone is a damn wolf, and not metaphorically either.

Allie believed she had it bad, living in her dead father’s old hunting blind out in the woods, just barely staying alive on ramen and apples. But that was before the storm hit and ruined the only sort of shelter she had left.

That’s where Jared comes in. the hottest, and most unavailable guy at her school. Except he was not Jared at the time he pulled her outta the mud. He wasn’t even human. As if that weren’t unsettling enough, when Jared brought her back to his cabin, Allie found that he was not alone. There was another guy, one she’d just heard about in whispers under the bleachers, was there as well. Clayton Armstrong, bad boy. Turned out, he wasn’t human either.

At first, all she wants to do is run. But she’s got nowhere to go, and for whatever screwed up reason, Jared’s insistent she stay. Despite Clayton’s loud protests. Now she’s stuck in this cabin in the woods with these two hotter than hell wolf shifters. One that wants to keep her safe, and the other that wants to eat her for lunch.

“Crooked Crows” is the first novel in the “Boys of Briar Hall” series and was released in 2021. Broken beyond repair, unapologetically fucked up, and heartlessly cruel.

The Crows: Grey, Rook, and Corvus. Bred in a world of violence, secrets, and gang wars, they rule the bloody town of Thorn Valley and all of the people in it. Too bad for Ava Jade Mason has never been any good at keeping quiet or kissing ass. Even if their savage spirits awaken something inside of her that she believed was long dead, she cannot break. She won’t.

They think they scare her, that Ava will just run and hide, however joke’s on them. The Crows are not the first monsters she has faced, and they won’t be the last either. There are worse evils out there that are waiting to take their stab at Ava Jade Mason. And Ava says let em try. She’s tired of running. Tired of holding back her darkness. Thorn Valley is not ready for some new boogie man. Too bad she’s already there.

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