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Elfhome is a fantasy series written by Wen Spencer. The first book in the series was released in 2012 and received much critical acclaim. The book was well liked by readers and critics alike, and went on to make Wen Spencer an award-winning writer. After this, several books were released in the series, all of which were received positively by readers. The books are engaging, fast-paced and extremely well written.

Tinker, The Heroine Of The Series:Elfhome tells the story of a girl named Tinker who lives in Pittsburgh, only the setting of the series is in the future. In this era, elves live along with humans and magic is a common thing. Both humans and elves use this magic in their daily life and in several cases, magic has even replaced science. The series is meant to be a fantasy one, with romance and action included. In the series, Tinker is trying to save the world and the humans of Pittsburgh while also focusing on her romantic life.The main character in the book is quite engaging. She is a girl genius who relies heavily on science in addition to magic. Her mental capabilities are exceptional; so is her wit. Tinker spends her time inventing gadgets while trying to lead as normal a life as possible in Future Pittsburgh. She has friends, pays her taxes and generally tries to mind her own business. Tinker is shown as having a kick-ass attitude and wits to match, without being fearful of anything or anyone. She does what she believes is right, even if it seems difficult. With her guts, intelligence and scientific knowledge, Tinker is ready to take on the world, be it humans, wargs, dragons or elves.

What The Series Is About:The series has several books, all of which make for an interesting read. In the series, we are introduced to this future world and a new planet known as Elfhome, which has elves, wargs and other creatures. The first book in the series, named Tinker, explains this world in great detail. The details make you easily imagine the world that Tinker is inhabiting and makes you feel a part of the story. The visual scenes are perfectly described, making Elfhome seem like a real planet.


The first book starts by describing the event known as Shutdown. Basically, part of Pittsburgh, along with its residing humans, is now present on an alien planet known as Elfhome. Once a year, the area is returned to Earth in a process known as Shutdown, for a period of 24 hours only. After that, Pittsburgh goes back to being a part of Elfhome. However, the elves of Elfhome have no interest on staying on Earth and spending time with Earthlings even for this small amount of time, and hence they stay in Elfhome while Shutdown is taking place.This is why when Tinker sees an elf running through her yard during Shutdown, she is amazed. She goes to investigate and finds out that the elf is Windwolf, who is being chased by wargs, which are evil demonic creatures from Elfhome.

Windwolf is the same elf who, several years ago, had saved Tinker’s life. Tinker feels duty-bound to help the elf now that he is in trouble, and hence immediately comes to his rescue. While she manages to fight off the wargs, her elven friend survives but is seriously injured and needs immediate medical attention.The story continues to build as Tinker realizes that now there are wargs who are after her as they want to erase any evidence of the attack on Windwolf. Even worse than that, the NSA seems to be on her tail too as they realize how genius Tinker is and what are her mental capacities. NSA wants to use her intelligence to construct a gate that will link Earth to Pittsburgh which is stuck in Elfhome, and they need Tinker to co-operate whether or not she wants to.The book is jam-packed with action, adventure and intrigue on each page. The writing style is so engaging that it is difficult to put the book down.


The second book in the series is named Wolf Who Rules. It continues where the last book left off, with Tinker and Windwolf carrying on their adventures. In this novel, the head of the Wind Clan, who lives in Elfhome, faces a lot of troubles and threats from all sides. He tries to keep a balance between humans and elves while being attacked by oni dragons and tengu, which are creatures that are trying to disrupt the peace of everyone. Tinker faces her own challenges as she has recurrent nightmares. These dreams may hold the secret to saving Pittsburgh, and therefore Tinker must do everything in her power to try to decipher these nightmares and follow the path that they are leading her to.


Elfhome series does not end on these two books. There are other books in the series, each of which has its own main plot while building on the story line that we already know. In the next books, Tinker’s adventures continue while she struggles to save Pittsburgh and fight off oni dragons and other demons. Several other characters are also introduced as the story goes on, with the most interesting ones of these being Tinker’s twin siblings who were raised in New York City by adoptive parents. The twin sisters realize the truth about who they are, and must fight to help Tinker in her struggles.The series does not slow down for a single page; the action continues throughout all the books so the readers are not bored for even a minute. While being rich in action and thrill, the book series also focuses on Tinker’s romantic life and her love interest. This makes Tinker a more relate-able character, as we see her facing the struggles that a normal human does. She may be a genius, but she still has emotions and feelings like any normal human girl.


If you are into fantasy novels, this is one you should not pass up on. The entire series is interesting to read and builds on the characters as the story goes on. You will find yourself becoming so engrossed, you will only realize it when one book ends and you go out to buy the next one in the series.

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  1. Bronze: 4 months ago

    I’ve read most of the books in this series and enjoyed them all. I was reading the summary of an HP fan fiction story and the author said ” Combat Gardening to be found inside.” Which reminded me of the book The Elfhome Project. It’s a series of interconnected short stories. One of which talks about just how dangerous gardening truly is on Elfhome. Think of it this way, if you need a flamethrower to clear out weeds from your back yard garden and/or lawn, that certainly qualifies as Combat Gardening! And that was only one of the stories in that book.


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