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Publication Order of Elfin Books

The Elfin book series is a successful series of paranormal romance, young adult, supernatural, fantasy, fae, and urban fantasy stories. It is written by a prominent American writer named Quinn Loftis. The series is a trilogy and its books were released between 2012 and 2015. Quinn Loftis has set this series in a fictional world of faeries and elves. Some of the essential characters mentioned by her in this series include Cassie, Elora, Triktapic, Lisa, and several others. All three books have achieved worldwide success and have helped the series to become an overall success. The individual success also helped to make Quinn Loftis’ writing career much more successful. She was able to achieve more fame and popularity that enabled her to write many more interesting stories in the later years of her career.

Quinn enjoys writing stories of paranormal romance and fantasy even today. She spends most of her time trying to develop new characters and stories for her upcoming books. Quinn has expressed her gratitude to all the critics and reviewers for helping in making this series immensely successful by their genuine and valuable reviews. She is also grateful to all those fellow writers who have given genuine opinions to her books that helped to attract more readers across the globe. Now, Quinn is looking forward to writing many more exciting stories in the coming years. Her goal is to establish herself in the ranks of the top-rated authors of the fantasy genre and she hopes to achieve this goal in the next few years. Quinn hopes the blessings of her family members, friends, and readers will always be with her to support and motivate her.

The debut book of the Elfin series written by author Quinn Loftis is entitled ‘Elfin’. It was released in 2012 by CreateSpace. In this book, Quinn Loftis has mentioned the primary characters in the roles of Cassie, Triktapic, Lisa, and Elora. There are other essential characters also that help to carry the story forward. Initially, Cassie is introduced as a girl who is more concerned with passing her Algebra test than any other thing in her life. She is best friends with Elora, who wishes to dress her in a skimpy fairy wardrobe for the upcoming Halloween and Cassie is looking for ways to keep Elora from doing that to her.

Cassie has her feet firmly planted in the reality of the suburban world and there is nothing that can make her believe that her life is any different from what a typical teenager lives. But, to her utter shock, she witnesses something that humans are not meant to see, and within a fraction of a second, she is transported into the world of Dark and Light Elves. After this, the readers are introduced to the character of Triktapic. He is introduced as a Dark Elf. Triktapic hails from a realm where dark and light have fought for thousands of years. He belongs to a race that the humans know of only in legends and myths. There is a darkness inside Triktapic that defines what and who he is. It also makes him the deadliest of assassins and the most gifted spy that time has ever known.

Triktapic does not own his life. Instead, it is under the control of the Dark Elf King, whom he serves. Whenever the king orders, Trikpatic doesn’t think twice before slaying his target. He doesn’t show any mercy and is extremely relentless during his hunt. The most feared spy, Dark Elf assassin is never tired of making his prey fall before him. When the King decides to expand his holdings by reaching out to the mortal world and makes complicated plans in this regard, Triktapic doesn’t feel like taking the side of the King for the first time. The mortal realm has no idea that the fight between the Dark and Light has reached their doorstep. Triktapic is the only one who can stop this war and keep it away from the human world. But, his heart is filled with darkness, and doesn’t feel anything. Cassie is the only one who can tame his heart and help him in overcoming his black past and evil nature. But, she must decide whether she is ready to walk the path that she has been chosen to and do what is expected of her for the sake of the human world.

The second volume of this paranormal romance series is called ‘Rapture’. It was also published by CreateSpace Independent publication in 2013. The lead characters shown in this novel include Triktapic, Cassie, Elora, Lorsan, and Lisa. This book opens by depicting that Trikpatic, the deadly assassin, and dark elf, has succeeded in finding his rightful place with the help of the Forest Lords. He is now the king of the realm of elves. Now, Triktapic must face the former comrades of his and try to stop the rising advances of Lorsan, the dark elf’ king. Lorsan is too determined to enslave the human race and Triktapic is dedicated to stopping him from doing so. As per the first step of his evil plan, Lorsan has already started distributing an irresistible drink called Rapture. This drink destroys the person who drinks it and becomes addicted to it without realizing it.

Triktapic needs the support of his Chosen, Cassie, to gain the strength to see beyond his dark past and find a way to reverse the effects of Rapture. In the meantime, Cassie’s best friend Elora is indulging in a fight of her own. She has teamed up with her mother named Lisa and some light elves to travel deep into the realm of dark elves and rescue Triktapic and Cassie. Shortly after they begin their enthusiastic mission, it turns into a fight for their own survival as Lorsan and dark warriors surround them from all sides. In spite of being outnumbered against the dark elves, the humans and light elves put up a heroic fight. They seem to be determined to fight for their King, who was once lost and has been found now. Their fight is also for the human race that has no knowledge of the dangers surrounding them. Also, they battle for the love that has been discovered and the love yet to be found.

Despite their best efforts, Elora and her group get captured by Lorsan’s army and held captive. In the end, the peaceful world previously known to Elora and Cassie is no more. It gets shattered by the realization that elves live among the humans secretly and the evil ones among them want to destroy the humans. Soon after, Cassie and Elora walk their own different paths. Elora wonders if she wants to continue fighting for a warrior that doesn’t want her to be by his side and Cassie scratches her head over the question of which world she really belongs to. As the story comes to its end, the species of elves and humans stand on the verge of war, united by the sole goal of shattering the plan of the dark elf king and unite their divided races under one true King’s rule.

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