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Eli Yance is the pseudonym of a bestselling horror/comedy author who writes his mystery thrillers under his pen name.

Eli was very young when he began writing and he was just eleven when he finished writing his first complete manuscript. Aged eighteen years, he published his first short story.
He published his first long-form fiction work “House 23” in 2013 and kicked on from there that he now has at least three titles to his name.

He has since become known for penning gritty crime novels that are usually a high-octane blend of the sexy beast and the classic British lock stock and barrels gangster flicks.
Yance makes his home in Northumberland in the United Kingdom alongside his wife and several dogs. He has said that he tends to spend too much time with his dogs and not enough with his wife.
He usually keeps up with other authors and his fans and readers through his Twitter account and email.

“House 23” by Eli Yance is the story of a man named Joseph Lee, whose wife was brutally killed while he was at home resulting in him going into a depression.

It did not help that most of the people in his neighborhood believed that he was responsible for his wife’s murder.

However, the police did not have enough proof or evidence that he was responsible, even though he had already been cut out and shunned by friends and family.

He is now all alone and dealing with self-loathing living a miserable existence that consists of solitude and narcotics. All he now has is remorse and regrets, but everything is about to change as new neighbors are moving in.
His new neighbor has an uncanny resemblance to his slain wife and suddenly, he feels things he never thought he would ever feel again. Soon enough, it is clear that things are very different from what a surface observer would believe they are.
Terrible secrets come to light and Lee is discovering that everything he knew about his neighbors, wife, and himself may have been very wrong.
It is work that keeps its readers guessing with an incredible storyline that is simply un-put-downable.

Eli Yance’s novel “Fairwood” tells the story of Pandora and Dexter, who find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere, where they had fled to escape the law.

A contemporary Bonnie and Clyde, all Dexter and Pandora desired was the good life of excitement, freedom, and each other. They found an easy way out only to find themselves living a life on the run.

Their petty crime spree soon balloons into the unexpected and the love-struck duo find themselves the most wanted criminals in the nation. With nowhere to go, they find refuge in Fairwood, a very small town where they hope to escape detection.
They are embraced and welcomed by the residents and they believe they have found the perfect spot where they can make a new life. They intend to live on the right side of the law, hoping that the sins of their past will not catch up with them.
However, Fairwood is nothing like what it appears to be. Something very weird is lying under the friendly chatter and happy smiles that the residents like to display.
The conversations seem plastic and the smiles are always on point but Pandora and Dexter always feel like they are being watched.

The two believed they had found a safe refuge but now suspect that this place may be worse than the life they had left in the past.

“Consequence” by Eli Yance is the story of two hardened hitmen, two young con artists with an unspoken bond, and a millionaire businessman and his loving family.
They are all from different worlds but will be brought together by one massive event that changes their lives forever.

Roach and Morris will have to find something so that they can get out from under the authority of their boss who is the mafia boss running the murky streets of London. Price and the rich local businessman may be the people who will lead them to it.
But the hitmen are not the only ones looking to take out Price. Philips and Richards are two young con artists who are now ready to leave the life of pretty crime in the past but first need to get a big score to set themselves up for their new lives.
However, all it takes is one stroke of bad luck, one mistake to change everything. It is a fast-paced thriller that follows the interconnected storyline of three groups of people as they are hurtling toward a very destructive end.
This violent and brutal thriller exposes the callous and cold underbelly of the criminal world and how it affects innocent lives that come into contact with it.

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