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Elise Hart Kipness is a bestselling author of crime, mystery, and thriller novels who is best known for her debut work “Lights Out.”

The former TV sports reporter has said That her debut is inspired by her experiences in the high-adrenaline and high-pressure world of live TV.

Similar to her protagonist, she used to work chasing down elite athletes through the Madison Square Garden tunnels. As such, she has reported to national audiences standing before glaring lights.

In addition to being a reporter for Fox Sports Network, she has also reported for the Associated Press, News 12 Long Island, and WNBC-TV in New York. Elise Kipness published “Lights Out” her debut novel in 2023 with more still in the pipeline.
She is now a co-president of the Connecticut chapter of the Sisters in Crime in addition to being a member of the International Thriller Writers and the Mystery Writers of America.

She graduated from Brown University and currently makes her home in Stamford, where she lives on a hobby farm alongside her family, ducks, chickens, three Labradoodles, and a very cantankerous turkey.
Together with her husband, they raised their children in Fairfield County as they love the proximity to New York City and the suburban feel of the area.

Living in Stamford, Connecticut, their kids played town sports and went to public schools while her husband coached many of the teams.

Kipness drew upon her background in sports and news broadcasting in the writing of Lights Out. In her novel, she brings her readers behind the scenes and into the world of broadcasting, particularly from the female perspective.
Before she became a sports reporter she used to work as a reporter for TV news beginning in Long Island before she moved to New York City’s WNBC.

Much of the news she reported at this time was all about tragedy and she worked on some pretty horrific stories.

She still remembers Colin Ferguson the perpetrator of the Long Island Massacre in 1994, in which he fired on passengers on a passenger train, injuring nineteen and leaving half a dozen dead.
Elise Hart Kipness spent months covering everything from the pre-trial motions, up to when the verdict was handed down.

While she had been trained to keep her emotions in check as a journalist, she found it a very heartbreaking case that haunted her for years. She also remembers covering the crash of the TWA Flight 800 in which 230 people lost their lives.
Kipness was among the dozens of reporters who reported on the emerging details of the tragedy and interviewed the families of the victims which left an indelible mark.

When Elise Hart Kipness had the chance to move to sports coverage, she jumped at it as she wanted to get away from all the murders, storms, abuse, and other kinds of tragedies.
Her very first assignment was covering the NBA lockout in 1998, which she enjoyed a lot, even though it was not so great for the owners.

Working in sports reporting, she regularly interviewed the best players such as Patrick Ewing, the Commissioner of the NBA David Stern, and the president of the Players Association.
Even though she was only one of the very few women in the predominantly male world, she had the privilege of entering locker rooms to interview players alongside mostly male reporters.
While some people hated the presence of a woman, particularly in the locker room, most of the athletes were helpful and respectful.

During this time, she learned a lot about what it took to become an elite player including the sacrifices, the physical toll, and the mental toughness needed.
Her experience working as a sports reporter thus made for some great material, which she used when she finally decided to become a fiction author.

As for how she got the idea for her novel “Lights Out,” it came to her about two decades ago with the birth of her son.

She had then taken a break from her reporting and was no longer traveling. Previously she used to go on assignments that lasted months or weeks at a time.
Five years later, she began missing writing and needed to get back into the world of sports and thought why not do it from home via a book?

She loved returning to the world of reporting, even if it was only in her mind. She liked feeling the excitement of player interviews and the buzz of adrenaline.
Elise Kipness decided to set her first novel in the NBA since her very first breakthrough was about a lockout at the NBA. It was during this time that she got to know a large number of players intimately.

“Lights Out” by Elise Hart Kipness is an interesting work of fiction that is inspired by her former life as a news reporter.

The lead in the novel is Kate Green who has had a very successful professional career playing soccer. But she has now reinvented herself as a sports reporter.
A decade later, she is on the cusp of losing everything after a television interview that ended in disaster.

Green finds herself suspended and fears that her life may get more difficult only to get a rug pull when Kurt Robbins a huge star of the NBA is killed in his very own home.
As the police begin their investigation into who could have been responsible, Yvette who is Kate’s best friend and the wife to the star comes into their sights.

It seems their marriage had its ups and downs, even though Kate could have sworn they were deeply in love. She just cannot see her fiend killing Kurt no matter what the tabloids were reporting.
Certain the police have got it wrong, she is determined to investigate the homicide herself. But as she works to clear Yvette’s name, her life begins to unravel and circle the drain.
Her career is already in a very bad palace and now she can see her name plastered all over the New York Post’s gossip columns.

Even worse, her estranged father has come back into her life as she has been contracted to work as a consultant to the homicide department of the Greenwich Police.
As her world begins to go haywire, there is all manner of ulterior motives, well-hidden lies, and devastating secrets that come to the surface.

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