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Elissa Grossell Dickey is a multiple sclerosis warrior, mother and author that is a huge believer in the power of captivating stories and strong coffee. She usually writes book club fiction and made her debut with the critically acclaimed and wildly successful novel “The Speed of Light.” The novel follows a young woman as she navigates a life changing year, where she grapples with a terrifying incident at the workplace, a new love, and multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The novel was first published in 2021 under Lake Union Publishing. Before she became an author, Grossell Dickey was a journalist. She now works a day job in higher education where she is involved in marketing and communications. She is also a Pitch Wars alumnus having been in the program in 2016. She is a blogger for the MS Society, co creator of the Aberdeen Write Now writer’s forum and board president of Aspire. She was born and lived for much of her childhood in Northern Minnesota though she currently lives with her husband and children in South Dakota.

Dickey’s debut novel “The Speed of Light” is a book club fiction novel about a woman dealing with an MS diagnosis. She was inspired to write the novel given her won journey with multiple sclerosis over the years. Before she penned her bestselling work she had never felt like a main character in her life and she decides to make herself one. She would need to be very brave to pull it off and as such she had to accurately portray the fear, the symptoms and the diagnosis all of which mirror her own struggles with the condition in a tumultuous year. While it still feels surreal to have a published novel, getting published was not a walk in the park. It was scary and difficult to put one’s story out there though she has received a ton of messages from readers that have said the story resonates. This is what has made the effort and struggle so much worth it for Elisa Dickey.

The Speed of Light by Elisa Grossell Dicky is a provocative and compelling debut that happens in a defining year of a young woman’s life. Simone is doing her best to keep the past in the past but it will not be easy. She has just been diagnosed with MS and walked away from a relationship with Connor that she once believed was the love of her life. The holidays are just around the corner and the sounds and sights of a South Dakota winter only makes things worse by bring back memories of better days. But then on a quiet morning in December gunshots pierce the silence of the halls at the university where she works. She crouches terrified in a temporarily safe place and pretend that everything will be fine in no time. Her mind is racing as she waits for the silence. It is during this time that she starts thinking of the past year. She had fallen in love only to find it a mirage and then found enduring friendships and her strength in family. She had hoped against hope and planned for the future even though she was afraid of it knocking on her door. Everything she had done seemed to have led to her finding herself in a situation she cannot control and hoping to confront those she can. It combines a life altering diagnosis with romance to make for a great read.

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  1. Beverly Sullivan: 2 years ago

    I too have MS. I enjoyed your novel and am waiting for the next one!!


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