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My Body Is a Book of Rules (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Starvation Mode (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Magic (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Pie & Whiskey(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shapes of Native Nonfiction(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lyric Essay as Resistance: Truth from the Margins(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Elissa Washuta

Elissa Washuta is a Cowlitz Indian Tribe member and a masterful writer in the field of non-fiction. Her literary creations include insightful pieces such as ‘My Body Is a Book of Rules,’ ‘White Magic,’ and ‘Starvation Mode.’ Washuta has demonstrated a knack for delivering compelling narratives, which provide thought-provoking viewpoints and engaging perspectives to her readers. This strong skill-set places her among the leading figures in contemporary non-fiction literature.

Furthermore, Washuta’s prolific writing career isn’t limited to individual works alone. In a collaborative effort with fellow author Theresa Warburton, she co-edited a captivating essay anthology known as ‘Shapes of Native Nonfiction.’ These contributions equally enhance her standing and reputation as a versatile writer. With this varied oeuvre, her writing prowess becomes undeniable, showing an excellent command of different narrative forms and platforms.

Elissa Washuta, being an essential part of the literary society, continues to share her unique stories, rich in cultural aspects of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. This dimension of her writing offers readers an exciting, genuine, and heartfelt experience. An opportunity to immerse themselves in stories striking a perfect balance between different cultures and experiences. The literary world is indeed fortunate to have an author as talented and as engaging as Washuta.

Early and Personal Life

Elissa Washuta, an esteemed memoir author, has led a life filled with rich experiences that have fueled her interest and passion in reading and writing. This journey has evolved and interwoven with her inherent creativity, led to an exploration of her craft that has been recognized and awarded on many fronts. Through fellowships and awards from notable institutions such as the National Endowment for the Arts, Artist Trust, Creative Capital, 4Culture, and Potlatch Fund, she has been encouraged to further hone and nurture her writing talents.

This unique confluence of experiences and recognitions didn’t stop just there. Washuta took this in stride, using it as a springboard for continued growth and exploration in her field. She further expanded her horizons and influential reach by assuming the role of an assistant professor of creative writing at the Ohio State University.

Born on the 25th of November, 1984, and raised in the Columbia River George region, she’s grown as an author and stepping into the sphere of imparting knowledge, Elissa has charted a path many writers aspire. Her successes serve as inspiration for those treading the path of literature. Dedicated to her craft, Washuta is not just penning down superlative narratives but also positively reinforcing the vibrant world of literature.

Writing Career

Elissa Washuta’s worked at Richard Hugo House, where she nurtured emerging authors. Her academic tenure spans teaching roles at the University of Washington, writing endeavors at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and serving as an Assistant Professor at Ohio State University.

Adding to her captivating journey, Washuta is also recognized for elucidating Seattle’s Fremont Bridge’s history as a Writer-In-Residence. Her significant contributions to Native American writings, along with esteemed authors Sherwin Bitsui, Joy Harjo, and Tommy Pico, distinguishes her artistry within the literary landscape. Washuta’s multifaceted career symbolizes the power of passion married to intellectual curiosity.

White Magic

Elissa Washuta’s highly acclaimed memoir essay collection, ‘White Magic’, was brought into print on April 27, 2021. Leaving a significant imprint on readers worldwide, it was published under Tin House Books. This association further emphasized Washuta’s remarkable contribution to contemporary literature, cementing her place as a respected author.

Elissa Washuta’s book traces her explorations of Native occult trends and spiritual tools, following a full decade marked by personal struggles including addiction, abuse, PTSD, and an incorrect bipolar disorder diagnosis. She relates a compelling journey of embracing her ancestors’ unseen powers and spirits, while seeking meaningful love.

This collection includes interweaved essays examining elements like colonization, heartbreak, and life without intoxication relief. The narratives, enriched with cultural instances from her life, explore themes of cultural based inheritance, as well as the risks attached to romantic love beneath colonial rules for a Native woman.

‘White Magic’ brilliantly intertwines Elissa Washuta’s personal struggles and journey of self-discovery. Her work is insightful, emotive, and impactful, a compelling exploration of cultural inheritance.

Starvation Mode

Elissa Washuta, recognized for her literary prowess, published yet another masterpiece, ‘Starvation Mode,’ on June 1, 2015. This compelling work was recognized globally, established under the Instant Future/Future Tense Books banner. Underscoring Washuta’s distinct style and narrative skill, this publication added another feather in her cap, further solidifying her esteemed position in contemporary literature.

In ‘Starvation Mode: A Memoir of Food, Consumption, and Control,’ Elissa Washuta depicts her personal battle with dietary control. She narrates the rules she implemented to mold her body and mind through the food she consumed. The uncomplicated structure, a series of lifestyle and food consumption rules, echoes against the book’s powerful narrative. It elucidates on fundamental needs and the cultural pressure that shapes us.

‘Starvation Mode’ is Elissa Washuta’s raw, unflinching exploration of personal struggle with food and control. It’s powerful, thought-provoking, and beautifully resonant about our needs and societal pressures.

My Body Is a Book of Rules

Elissa Washuta, wielding her signature storytelling charm, enthralled readers with another gripping piece ‘My Body Is a Book of Rules,’ published on August 12, 2014. Emerging under the umbrella of Red Hen Press, this memoir essay collection fully amplified Washuta’s influential voice in the literary arena. This publication, evoking the compelling narrative prowess of Washuta, served to bolster her reputation as a master of memoirs and essays across the globe.

In her debut memoir Elissa Washuta resonates with her readers as she transitions to adulthood, grappling with mental tumult. Amidst rapid mood swings due to her medications, she finds her American Indian identity crisis bleeding into self-doubts related to mental health, ethnic identity, sexual trauma, and independence.

The memoir navigates through her life’s fragments in fifteen inventive chapters, juxtaposing her Catholic school norms with Cosmopolitan’s womanhood paradigm, and compares her bipolar swings with noted figures like Britney Spears and Kurt Cobain. The memoir presents an undiluted, self-deprecating, and fierce exploration of human fallibility.

‘My Body Is a Book of Rules’ is Elissa Washuta’s daring exploration into adulthood. An inventive memoir, it perfectly balances self-deprecating honesty with fierce insight into human fallibility. A must-read!

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