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Publication Order of Elite Guardians Books

Always Watching (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Without Warning (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moving Target (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Secrets (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Elite Guardians is a romance and suspense novel series by Lynette Eason, an award-winning author who writes for Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group and the Love Inspired Suspense line by Harlequins. Her novels have won several awards including the IRRC award, the Daphne, the Selah, and the prestigious Carol Award among many others. Her works have also been ECPA and CBA bestsellers. Lynette was brought up in Greenville in South Carolina and went to the University of South Carolina, Columbia for her undergraduate studies. She later attended Converse College for her master’s in education. She currently has more than twenty novels and is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Some of her biggest influences include the likes of Deborah Raney, Terri Blackstock, Robert Liparulo, Karen Kingsbury, Shirlee McCoy, Dee Henderson, and Brandilyn Collins. She attributes her talent and desire to write novels that inspire her readers to God. She married the boy next door and together they have two children. She currently lives in Simpsonville South Carolina.

The Elite Guardians novels tell the stories of Maddy, Haley, Katie, and Olivia, the bodyguards of the Elite Guardians Agency. This is a different type of agency as all its bodyguards are women from different backgrounds that have a range of skills and prowess. The first novel of the series is about Olivia who is the owner of the Elite Guardians Agency. She is a fierce and skilled bodyguard though she also has her insecurities particularly when it comes to love. She is contracted to protect Wade who needs her to keep him safe from physical threats, while she needs him to protect her heart and get her back in touch with her spirituality. “Without Warning” the second novel of the series tells the story of Katie the bodyguard with the training and professionalism to be the best in her job. But Katie has demons in her past and she finds herself having to face up to her biggest fear. Her client is Daniel, a marine and single father who has the instinct to protect but who has realized that he needs a specialist such as Katie to protect himself and his niece. In “Moving Target” Maddy and Quinn have been friends for years but in the past two years, Maddy has begun to develop feelings for Quinn. They are both dealing with their insecurities and baggage with Quinn filled with guilt and angry at God for his sister’s death and Maddy having left the FBI under unclear circumstances.

In “Always Watching” the first novel of the series we are introduced to Olivia Edwards the owner of the Elite Guardians Agency. It is a unique agency as Olivia insists on having all her operatives as highly trained women. When one of her operatives is injured while at work protecting one of their high profile clients named Wade Savage, Olivia has to step in for her. But Wade is attacked again and he is bewildered to learn that his father had one of the best of the Elite Guardians tail him as a bodyguard. Olivia has a tough job of not only protecting Wade from a stalker but also his daughter. The stalker has been upping up the ante and getting bolder over time and now Olivia has to identify and find him before he causes any more harm. She has a troubled past that she has kept well-hidden though this means that she never lets anyone into her life. But she cannot help it with Wade and his daughter who she soon finds herself irresistibly drawn to. While he is a masculine man and a marine, he is smart enough to know that the best thing for his daughter is to have the beautiful Olivia protecting them. Olivia’s skills will be tested to the limit as the stalker threatens the three of them. While they struggle to keep their feelings under wraps, they come to know one another even as they depend on each other in their quest to protect the Wade family from a stalker. Helping each other renew and strengthen their relationships with God, they soon find themselves falling deeper in love.

“Without Warning” the second novel of the series is about Daniel Matthews, the former marine who now runs six eateries. He is in his office in one of the eateries doing some work when he hears a noise which he does not give much heed to. However, the persistent noise makes him get up to go investigate, only to make a grisly discovery. He is not so much concerned about the incident until one of his eateries is razed to the ground in a bizarre fire. His teenage niece Riley who has been living with him after she was orphaned is very concerned and thinks that he needs a bodyguard. She goes to the Elite Guardians and gets Katie Single to protect her uncle. It turns out that Katie is not only a bodyguard but also a self-defense teacher in a course Riley has been attending. Katie is suffering from PTSD from the tragic death of her brother and when she meets her newest client Daniel, she realizes what a heaven-sent he is. Matthews is also a sufferer of PTSD having been a marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, unlike Katie he has learned how to deal with his flare-ups using some techniques that he is ready to teach her. Daniel admires Katie’s courage and character and they find that they have a lot in common over the course of the investigation. He has always felt angry with God for the death of his sister in law and brother but Katie’s incredible faith has him rethinking his stance on God. But they need to find and catch the man determined to ruin him before he does more harm.

In “Moving Target” the third novel of the Elite Guardians series we are introduced to Maddy, a woman who supported Quinn during his rehabilitation. While he had been a hard patient, she did not mind given that he had been there when she got her throat cut and nearly lost her life. But then a madman kidnaps both of them and dumps them on an island, where he intends to hunt them down and kill them for sport. But Maddy and Quinn will not take it lying down and will fight back, find the man and put hm where he belongs. They are not only fighting to keep themselves alive but also for their relationship. Both have complexities involving family that makes it almost impossible to pursue the relationship they want. But having their loved ones in danger and running for their lives puts everything in perspective and brings them closer together. They are not going to let a mad man win and stop them from experiencing the love they deserve.

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