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About Eliza Clark

Eliza Clark is a renowned British mystery and horror author known for her exceptional storytelling abilities. She is celebrated for creating intricate characters and protagonists that captivate readers from the first page. Her talent lies in crafting engaging narratives that keep readers hooked until the very end, while also providing insight in a humorous and engaging manner.

Readers are drawn to Eliza Clark’s works for their enthralling plots and well-developed characters. Through her storytelling, she effortlessly weaves together suspenseful mysteries that keep readers guessing until the final reveal. Her gift for creating compelling stories makes her books a popular choice among mystery enthusiasts.

Eliza Clark’s ability to immerse readers in her fictional worlds is a testament to her skill as a writer. With each book, she invites readers on a thrilling journey filled with twists and turns that leave them eager for more. It’s no wonder that fans of mystery novels continue to seek out Eliza Clark’s works for their entertainment value and engaging storylines.

Early and Personal Life

Eliza Clark was born and raised in Newcastle before moving to London, where she attended Chelsea College of Art. Growing up, she developed a passion for reading and writing, which eventually led her to pursue a career as a mystery author. Her time in London provided her with the inspiration and environment to further develop her craft and hone her storytelling skills.

Being in London allowed Eliza Clark to immerse herself in a vibrant and diverse literary scene, which fueled her creativity and opened up new opportunities for growth as an author. Drawing from her experiences and surroundings, she found inspiration for her novels and characters, shaping her unique writing style. Over time, Eliza Clark’s journey has seen her evolve from a budding writer to an established mystery author, with each book showcasing her growth and talent in the genre.

Returning to her roots has not only influenced Eliza Clark’s writing but has also provided her with a sense of homecoming and connection to her roots. The bustling cityscape and rich history of London have also served as a backdrop for many of her stories, adding depth and authenticity to her narratives. Through her experiences and evolution as an author, Eliza Clark continues to captivate readers with her compelling mysteries and engaging characters.

Writing Career

Eliza Clark has made a mark in the writing world while also working in social media and marketing, including a stint at Mslexia, a creative writing based magazine for women. Her talent was recognized in 2018 when she was awarded a grant through the New Writing North’s ‘Young Writers’ Talent Fund. Known for her short horror stories featured in Tales to Terrify, she would also release a novelette through Gehenna and Hinnom later that year, showcasing her diverse writing abilities.

In addition to her accomplishments, Eliza Clark co-hosted the podcast titled ‘You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?’ with her partner, focusing on analyzing film and television that fails to reach its full potential. Her debut novel, ‘Boy Parts,’ was well-received, and readers would eagerly await her next works, including ‘Penance’ in 2023 and ‘She’s Always Hungry’ in 2024.

Eliza Clark’s writing career continues to gain momentum as she expands her literary portfolio and engages audiences with her intriguing storytelling.

Boy Parts

Eliza Clark’s horror thriller ‘Boy Parts’ was published on July 23, 2020, by Influx Press. The novel brought readers into a chilling world with its intriguing storyline and engaging narrative. Through Influx Press, ‘Boy Parts’ captivated audiences with its blend of horror, suspense, and satire.

Irina, a woman from Newcastle, has a peculiar habit of photographing regular men she convinces to pose for her, showcasing her unique artistic vision. After being put on leave from her stagnant bar job, she seizes an opportunity to display her work at a trendy London gallery, hoping to reignite her artistic pursuits and leave behind a life consumed by substances, excessive drinking, and intense cinema interests.

This news sets off a series of self-destructive events, focusing on her intense friendship and a growing infatuation with a reserved supermarket employee, leading to an intricate narrative that explores Irina’s complex relationships and inner turmoil.

Eliza Clark’s debut delivers a gripping tale filled with horror, suspense, and satire. Her narrative skillfully weaves together a story that keeps readers enthralled until the very end.


Eliza Clark’s mystery thriller ‘Penance’ was published on July 4, 2023, by Faber & Faber. The novel introduces readers to a thrilling world of mystery and suspense, with Clark’s second release.

Readers are transported to the unsettling town of Crow-on-Sea a decade after the brutal murder of sixteen-year-old Joan Wilson in Eliza Clark’s ‘Penance’. Through meticulous storytelling, Clark guides audiences through various perspectives and interviews, shedding light on the events of that fateful night.

Journalist Alec Z. Carelli takes center stage, crafting a purportedly ‘definitive account’ of the tragedy, exploring the impact on the town’s residents amid a web of truths and uncertainties. Clark’s narrative mastery weaves a compelling tale filled with intrigue and tumult, leaving readers to ponder the blurred lines between fact and fiction.

The tale unfolds a decade after a chilling murder, engaging audiences through a maze of accounts and uncertainties. Clark’s skillful storytelling skillfully navigates through the intricate web of truth and fiction, offering a riveting read for all mystery enthusiasts.

She’s Always Hungry

Released on November 7, 2024, through Faber & Faber, Eliza Clark published her debut short-story collection. The book showcases a diverse range of stories that delve into various themes and genres, showcasing Clark’s versatility as a writer.

The collection itself delves into the deepest desires of characters longing for fulfillment. From a teenager yearning for flawless skin to a scientist nurturing alien flora, each narrative explores desperate cravings that propel the protagonists forward.

Clark’s unsettling yet humor-laced tales skillfully navigate the complexities of human hunger, delivering a provocative and revelatory reading experience.

Through a blend of diverse themes and genres, Eliza Clark skillfully captures the essence of yearning and longing within each character. Readers are taken on a thought-provoking journey filled with revelations and unsettling yet captivating narratives.

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