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Eliza Crewe is an indie-published American author that writes YA novels. Crewe is best known for the Soul Eater series.

Eliza Crewe decided that she wanted to be a lawyer at a very young age. And she proceeded to become just that, going so far as to complete law school. It was then that things grew complicated.

Crewe discovered that her writing wasn’t just a hobby. Rather, she had an overwhelming passion for books that caused her to yearn for a career in publishing. So she threw her law books aside and became a librarian.

She began filling her notebooks with random ideas and scenes. By the time Crewe, her husband, and daughter bought a house and settled down in North Carolina, she had made up her mind to write novels.

That was in 2011. The author still had a day job. And because of the location of their new residence, Eliza Crewe realized that she would have to acclimate to half-hour-long commutes.

But she didn’t mind because the time she spent on the road gave her plenty of opportunities to ruminate on her ideas for stories and characters. Eventually, Meda Melange was born, a girl that eats souls.

+Literary Career
Eliza Crewe’s first published novel was ‘Cracked’, which tells the story of a girl with monstrous tendencies who struggles to find her place in the world. However, ‘Cracked’ is actually the second book that Crewe wrote.

Crewe’s journey to publishing success is a strange one. She did not merely fall into publishing, either. Even though she spent so many years committed to the idea of becoming a lawyer, Eliza Crew’s dreams were corrupted by all the time she spent reading.

Crewe was obsessed with books, devouring them at a faster pace than she could acquire them. And as she matured, even with the idea of the law still bouncing around in her head, she found that she could not stop her imagination from conjuring new stories and characters.

It was no small feat for Eliza Crewe to finally decide to put her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer to rest in favor of writing novels.

It took her eight weeks to write the first draft of Cracked and eight months to do all the revisions. With her manuscript completed, she submitted it to ‘Strange Chemistry’, a publishing firm that was running a program which invited new authors without agents to submit their manuscripts.

Crewe was hopeful that Strange Chemistry would react positively to her manuscript. But that did not stop her from querying agents. The results were rather discouraging.

Of the thirty or so agents that the author approached, only one gave her a chance by asking her to make a few changes and then resubmit the manuscript. The experience left the author dejected.

But then 2012 came around and something incredible happened. Crewe had encountered an aspiring writer in India through one of her online critique groups. He read her manuscript and loved it.

Then he emailed her, asking Eliza Crewe if he could pass it on to a friend of his, an editor at the Penguin Office in India. Penguin India had plans to open a new YA imprint called Inked in a few months.

They loved Crewe’s novel and immediately expressed interest in rolling it out under the Inked umbrella. Crewe was more than happy to oblige. In doing so, she had done something few authors ever did.

She had acquired a publisher before securing an agent. It wasn’t long after that Victoria Marini, the one agent that had asked her to make revisions came calling, also expressing interest in signing Crewe.

And then Strange Chemistry offered her a book deal, the result of Victoria reaching out to their editor and sweet talking her into reading Eliza Crewe’s manuscript. When all was said and done, the author had two editors, two covers and two different release dates for the exact same book.

It was a dream come true and the eventual release of ‘Cracked’ should have placed Crewe firmly on the path to publishing success. What happened next wasn’t the author’s fault.

Her first published novel was received well enough. Things only went wrong when Strange Chemistry, which was the YA imprint for Angry Robot, closed. The occurrence proved disastrous for many of its authors who were left in limbo in the middle of their series.

Eliza Crewe was already gearing up for the release of ‘Crushed’, the sequel to Cracked when Strange Chemistry closed. Crewe did not know what to do next.

She still had a contract with Angry Robot but she didn’t know what they were going to do with her series. But then, to her relief, they gave the rights to the Soul Eater series back to her.

At that point, Crewe was encouraged to find another publisher. But she instead decided to self-publish. She knew that finding a new publisher would delay the release of ‘Crushed’ because of all the time it would take to negotiate a new deal.

She also realized that she was no longer willing to trust the future of her career to another publishing company. Self-publishing gave her complete control over her books, which is what she realized she wanted. So she proceeded to do just that.

Meda eats people’s soul, which technically makes her a bad guy. But she cannot help it. She has never met another soul eater, so she doesn’t have the best control over her gifts.

All that changes when three soul eaters come into her life. At first, Meda things they will help her figure her powers out. But then they try to kill her and an elite group called the Crusaders that exists to kill her kind saves her.

Now Meda has a chance to play the good guy.

Meda was a monster. But she put that mantle behind her, having decided to join the crusaders and to follow the holy and righteous path. She didn’t have much of a choice, what with the Crusaders being the only thing standing between her and those who wished to kill her.

But now Meda is rethinking her decision. Not only is her training difficult but the Crusaders do not truly trust her. So when a demon boy comes into her life and offers her a chance at freedom, she takes it.

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