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Elizabeth Amber is a historical paranormal romance fiction author from the United States who is best known for the “Lords of Satyr” series of novels.

In college, she majored in history and it was then that she developed a fascination with artifacts from the Greco-Roman period. As such, she has been to all manner of museums and archeological sites in Greece and Italy.
She saw firsthand the ancient amphorae, frescoes, and runs decorated with maenads and satyrs. It was from this that she would get the inspiration for “The Lords of Satyr” series of novels.

She published “Nicholas,” her debut novel and the first of the “Lords of Satyr” series of novels in 2007. Given the popularity of her debut novel, she would go on to write several more titles and her first series now has at least half a dozen novels.
She now pens novels under the Aphrodisia line of Kensington Publishing.

Outside of her writing, Elizabeth Amber has a great husband, two cats named Biscuit and Chelsea, and a best friend named Eva. She also loves going to the museum since she has always been intensely interested in archeology and history.

At the time Elizabeth Amber wrote her debut novel, “Nicholas,” she did so even though she had a lot of doubts about the market for that type of work, or if anyone would be interested in publishing it.

However, she found a lot of fascination with the story as it began to unfold and decided to forge ahead. Once she was done with her first draft, she went to a Romance Writers of America conference as she intended to learn from people who had done it.
It was at the conference that she met several already published and aspiring authors who would become friends who encouraged and guided her on her journey.

A few months later, she submitted three chapters of her manuscript to Kensington and several months after that, she had a call with an offer.

Over the years, she has become a critically acclaimed author and her novels have even been mentioned on the likes of Publishers Weekly.

When Elizabeth Amber is not writing her novels, she can usually be found working as a volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter in her neighborhood since she is quite an animal lover.
She also engages in many other hobbies such as shopping, cooking, and spending time with her sister and mother.

When she is having a slow evening, she likes to spend time online interacting with her fans and readers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
She also loves to get the input of readers on what they might expect to see in upcoming works of fiction.

Elizabeth Amber’s novel “Nicholas,” is the debut work of the “Lords of Satyr” series that initially tells the stories of two brothers who happen to be half-otherworldly and half-human.
The brothers make their home on a huge vineyard in the Italian countryside, where they can hide who they really are. But things change when they receive a letter from the king of the ElseWorld who is on the verge of dying.
He is saying that a few years earlier, he had sired three half-human daughters in secret. The king needs the Satyr brothers to find his daughters and marry them so that they can have Satry protection.
They have to do what is asked of them, even though they are very reluctant.

Nicholas the first brother takes his turn and finds Jane at a fair where she is disguised as a fortune teller.

She hates the bizarre abilities she has but she does not know that she is only half-human. All she wants is to make enough money so that she can run away from the terrible life she has been living.
When Nicholas proposes marriage, she agrees to his offer but on the condition that her sister has to come along too.

Once they get married, they will still have to confront and deal with many sectors particularly to do with their true natures. To further complicate things, they will also have to deal with a threat to their lives.

“Raine” by Elizabeth Amber is the story of Raine who needs to find his wife after Nicholas his brother found his in the previous outing.

He had once been married and is not anxious to get back into that. His first marriage had imploded since he was too sensuous that he scared off his first wife.

He had sworn that he would never marry or even try to sire children since he did not want anyone to deal with the predicament of living as half ElseWorld and half human.
However, the King has ordered that he needs to find one of his FaerieBlend daughters and marry her and he cannot disobey.

Jordan Cietta does not know that she is half ElseWorld and all she knows is that she is a freak of nature. She had been born with female and male genitalia but for most of her life, she lived as a male as it was the only way she would inherit her family’s wealth.
The doctor had agreed to deliver her as long as he would be allowed to use her as a marvel at his lectures every year. It is at one such lecture that Raine set his eyes on her and it seems as if they had been thrown together by fate.
She agrees to be his companion but the matter of their true nature complicates things a lot.

Elizabeth Amber’s novel “Lyon” is the third novel of the enthralling “The Lords of Satyr” series of novels.

Lyon is the last of the Satyr brothers who now needs to find his bride. He heads to Paris to find her and on the very first day in the city of lights, he meets a mermaid-like woman that he initially thought was his fated one.
He mated with her but while in the act he smelled and was instantly drawn to another faerie. He goes after the new woman and finds that she is a supposed courtesan named Juliette Rabelais, who is being protected by a guardian.
But she is not what she seems to be as she is just playing a role thrust upon her by an evil and manipulative man who has mystical powers and who knows all her secrets.

The man forces her to use her powers for his benefit and when he sees that Lyon is interested in her, he is furious. Juliette is drawn to Lyon but she is afraid of letting down her guard as she has lived in fear and terror of her true nature for so long.

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