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Elizabeth Bonesteel

Elizabeth Bonesteel is an author of science fiction books best known for her Central Corps trilogy. She began making up stories from childhood at the age of five in efforts to fight insomnia. Thankfully, her family connection to the space program enabled her to get exposed to science fiction materials since her childhood. Bonesteel currently works as a software engineer and is a Massachusetts resident where she lives with her husband and daughter.

The Cold Between

Elizabeth Bonesteel first book in Central Corps trilogy is a murder mystery set in space that’s wrapped up in covert missions, political conflicts, a dash of romance and questions about a 2-decade old tragedy involving the destruction of a ship near a wormhole.

The book opens up with a space ship emergency evacuation which is followed by the destruction of all hands. After several years, the wormhole is believed to be responsible for the ship’s damage is still off-limits even though scientific curiosity still exists about the fate of the Phoenix. Not far from the space where the space ship was destroyed, a Central Corps Ship dubbed Galileo under the command by Greg Foster, the son to one of the Phoenix officers leaves the shores of planet Volhynia. It’s not Galileo’s typical run, but they have been commanded to pick up some of the crew from the Demeter by Captain McBride who reports that his ship was attacked by another ship led by the aggressive confederation of space traders near the wormhole.

Elena Shaw, Galileo’s chief engineer, isn’t looking for romance. She’s a woman who’s been through a hard heartbreak with her man, Danny Lancaster and she is still hurting and confused. However, Trey the retired PSI officer in the bar is intelligent, sensitive, and attractive. She agrees his invitation and spends a night with him. But when Elena returns to her ship the following day, she discovers that her ex-boyfriend has been killed and her companion she spends night with arrested as the prime suspect to the murder while she’s able to free him by providing a solid alibi, its suspicious because of relationship with the victim.

Despite her earlier opposition of her captain, a former good friend who deserts her as Danny did, Elena sets out to find out the truth behind Danny’s death, with some assistance from Trey- a pirate captain trying to clear his name as well. As they learn to trust each other, they begin sharing some background information during their investigation, and all their clues point a connection between Danny, the Phoenix destruction and shadowy operations to destabilize the relations between the PSI and the Corps.

The Cold Between is a decent action-packed adventure with plenty o mysteries to sort out. In addition, this is also a bit of Peyton Place in space with so many exciting plot points turning on who has been involved with who or wanted to be. The story has some fascinating characters and solid characterization. Both Elena and Greg Foster have been friends for many years, but their relationship becomes complicated because Greg who is unhappily married develops feelings for Elena who doesn’t understand why he wants her and at the same time pushing her away. She has a good relationship with Trey, but their relationship might not last because of their different lives.

There is a strong emphasis on interpersonal relationships and personalities which guarantees to hook you in. It’s to be noted that they don’t affect the world-building and the mystery in the book.

Remnants of Trust

In the second book in the series, Elizabeth Bonesteel has woven a fascinating universe which builds upon the promising start from the first book in the series and takes her story narrating to the next level.

The story kicks off with an out of character invasion on a Central Corps ship by space raiders. The Galileo, the space ship under the command of Captain Greg Foster and home to Commander Elena is close enough to respond to the distress signal but not near enough to prevent the ship’s destruction. The interventions of a nearby PSI ship are able to prevent that disaster, but not the loss of more than 100 crew members. Evidence available points to sabotage but by whom and for what reasons is a mystery no one can comprehend. Factions and hidden agendas within the Corps government further make the puzzle more complex and puts everyone in danger.

Greg and Elena, as well as Jessica, are among the characters that make a return in this second book, and throughout the novel they mature and are further developed. On the other hand, strong new characters including Captain Celik are also introduced. None of the secondary characters are as fascinating as Shiang Guanyin the pregnant captain of the Orunmila. The reader gets to spend a lot of time with her and her PSI ship which is a beautiful contrast in cultures from the Corps ships. There’s plenty of time for the reader to understand how the different cultures frame the different perspective of the people who live in them.

The author vividly captures the people’s faulty understanding of each other. Bonesteel uses this to show the reader how it influences decision making and outcomes. The relationship between characters both leading and supporting cast are realistic and nuanced. There are a lot of things to love about Elizabeth Bonesteel’s books. Her book’s plot is steadily paced, there is complicated mystery, great action scenes, and a government with hidden agendas within agenda manipulating its citizens and events for reasons that remain unknown. The greatest accomplishment with Bonesteel’s books is the diverse cast of characters who are intricate, detailed and have realistic motivations. The author skillfully lends perspectives to indicate that people motivate more intricate than good or evil.

Remnants of Trust is a fantastic addition to the Central Corps series. It’s an intriguing story with solid mystery, and even as the mystery is solved, it only results in more questions which are answered in the next book in the series.

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