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Elizabeth Breck is an American mystery, thriller, and suspense author and a licensed California private investigator. While growing up, her favorite book was Harriet, the Spy, which might have contributed to her becoming a PI. She has written the Madison Kelly Mystery.

Breck holds a bachelor’s degree in writing from the University of California, San Diego
Anonymous is the first in the A Madison Kelly Mystery series. Madison Kelly is a private investigator in San Diego, and one day, she comes home to a disturbing note on her front door with the words, ‘Stop investigating me or I will hunt you and kill you.’ She also notices a strand of blonde hair attached to the note by the writer, which she thinks was done on purpose and not by accident.

At first, she is so confused after seeing the threat that she is between jobs trying to figure out what she’ll do next, and isn’t currently investigating any case. However, she recalls that she tweeted on cold cases of two young ladies broadcasted on the crime podcast.

Samantha went missing after leaving a bar in Gaslamp District around four years ago, while Elissa vanished on her way home from a bar in the same area two years later. She hasn’t investigated anything, and she is currently doing insurance fraud work.

Maybe all this is because she has been watching and tweeting the podcast during her free time and thinks that’s why she got the attention. She wonders whether all this has anything to do with the tweets on the podcast about the unsolved murders.

Maddie finds out that the note is connected to the two women who have been missing for years and discovers that someone has been following her and is sure she is being watched.

Maddie decides to do the opposite and find out what’s going on by conducting an informal investigation and goes the extra mile to interview a host of some suspects while uncovering hidden agendas. She is so curious to know what happened to the girls, and she has been interacting with the podcasters and other listeners on Twitter.

It seems there is a connection between the two missing girls. Knowing that she is on the watch, she decides to be careful, so she doesn’t end up being the next victim.

She hopes she’ll make it alive at the head of it all. Madison is a strong and independent lady who depends on herself in business and personal life. In the past, she relied on her friendship with a local police detective for assistance at times.

However, their friendship is strained for a couple of months. She decides to ignore the situation and requests him to analyze the notes on her behalf. In the meantime, she starts tracing Samantha’s and Elissa’s whereabouts on the nights they went missing.

She conducts interviews with family members and close friends, hoping she’ll have reliable information to help in the investigation. Madison’s personal life is solitary, and she has some friends and a beneficial relationship with Dave Rich, a local surfer.

Deciding on expanding her friendship, she agrees to go out with one of her neighbors. Madison plans to meet Tom when she finds new evidence, and he introduces her to his friend Ken. As she gets closer to solving the mystery surrounding the cases, she knows whom to trust.

Will Madison find the murderer, or will the murderer find Madison first?

There are plenty of actions to keep the reader engaged to the last page. There are mysteries to be solved, and Elizabeth Breck throws some red herrings to unveil the villain as a surprise. The numerous twists and turns keep the readers guessing about what might happen next.

Double Take
Double Take is the second installment in A Madison Kelly Mystery. After a young journalist is reported missing in sunny San Diego, Madison Kelly finds out the price of having much information. Madison was known for making a difference in the world, and she took cases involving missing people hoping to bring them to their families.

She comes back to La Jolla after a man requests her to find a missing girl. Everything doesn’t seem right in the city since Barrett Brown, a young journalist, has vanished with no trace for about a week. Her boyfriend gets a private investigator, Madison, to conduct the investigation and find her. As per the information given by Travis, the boyfriend, Barrett, has been missing for five days.

Barrett reminds Madison of her younger self as intelligent and ambitious. As she starts her investigation, Madison finds out that the disappearance is connected to a huge story she was running after, and now she’s set to find Barrett’s.

As the investigation gets deeper, things start heating up between Barrett’s Boyfriend and Madison since he appears not to be telling everything she knows. Madison feels that someone is watching after noticing several cars following her.

She is sure that she might be the next victim if she doesn’t solve the case in time. Who is following her, and why are they watching her movement?
Travis works in a local newspaper, and Madison suspects that Barrett’s disappearance is connected to the recent deaths of 3 young couples. A lawyer specializing in trusts and death certificates raises Madison’s eyebrows.

Madison discovers that Travis is married with two kids and never reported Barrett’s missing case to the police. She finds a multi-million dollar insurance fraud as she follows the investigative trail and realizes that Barrett might have been killed.

After finding Barrett’s boss breaking into a missing lady’s house, Madison follows him, leading her to an abandoned building where she makes a huge discovery. This makes her think that the person must have been looking for something, and she finds valuable information that might be useful.

She wonders how three couples died in accidents one month after each other, and the same person signed their death certificates and the same lawyer involved. Following the trail, she discovers a scheme that has made millions for someone. Even though she suspects that Barrett might be dead, she is ready to find the truth.

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