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The Doctor's Wife (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somebody Else's Daughter (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Stranger Like You (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Things Cease to Appear (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing Point (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth Brundage is a renowned American writer of mystery, thriller, and fiction novels. She has written a few widely successful standalone novels in her career. Some of her most popular novels include All Things Cease to Appear, The Doctor’s Wife, A Stranger Like You, Somebody Else’s Daughter, etc. Author Brundage completed her graduation from Hampshire College. Later, she attended the film at the NYU. Brundage was also a screenwriting fellow at the Los Angeles based American Film Institute. She earned her MFA from the Writers’ Workshop of Iowa, where she also received the James Michener Award. In addition to writing novels, Brundage was also involved in the field of teaching. She has taught at a few colleges, universities, and institutes such as Bard Simon’s Rock College, Hartford University, Skidmore College, Trinity College, Rochester Institute of Technology, etc.

Currently, Brundage resides close to Albany in New York. Her short stories have featured in many literary magazines and journals such as the Witness magazine, Greensboro Review, New Letters, etc. When Brundage was a teenager, she wanted to become a poet. It was during her high school days that she fell in love with words. And she likes to give a lot of credit of her success to her teacher named Mr. Krasner. He always motivated his students by saying that he believes they can do it. This brought about a key transformation in Brundage at a very young age. His influence enabled her to become an author and also inculcated a desire to become a teacher. Brundage believes that teachers can help shape the future of kids because at their age they are vulnerable and have terribly fragile dreams.

After teaching for several years, Brundage came to the conclusion that teaching is among the most important professions. Also, the profession is not just restricted to teaching, but also includes guiding, promoting, motivating, making the children confident in making the right decisions. Author Brundage’s advice to the aspiring authors is that they should more from themselves. They should commit to their particular vision and make the readers see what you want them to see exactly. As a writer, they should not try to please anyone and must trust their abilities. When Brundage has to repeat the process of writing all over again at the time of starting a new novel, she hates it a lot. She considers it to be the hardest thing being a writer.

Brundage finds it extremely difficult and intimidating to face a blank page. It feels to her like teaching yourself again and again. Brundage doesn’t like it when people repeatedly ask her about when she is going to finish her work and publish it. She keeps telling them that her work is in the process of development and will publish it as soon as she finishes it. But, people keep throwing silly questions at her face and she absolutely hates it to answer the same questions repeatedly. The best thing about being a writer is the feeling she gets when she finally finishes a particular book. Brundage believes that she has a lot to offer and is looking forward to exploring the writer in her to bring out many more interesting stories in the future.

A popular book penned by author Elizabeth Brundage is entitled ‘A Stranger Like You’. It was released by the Viking publication in 2010. The central characters of this book include Hedda Chase, Hugh Waters, and several others. Initially, Hedda Chase is introduced as an executive producer, who works for Gladiator Films. She is considered top-class in her work and was fast-tracked in this field of business since she completed her graduation from Yale. Hedda is seen as an aggressive woman with a mind focussed on business. Recently, she made some big changes to a movie project that was started by her predecessor in the company. Hugh Waters was associated with the project in the capacity of a screenwriter.

Hugh dreamed to make it big in screenwriting and saw the script as a getaway from his tiring day job as an insurance agent and his dead-end marriage. But, Hedda’s decision to have a change of plans shattered his dreams completely. She claimed that the script had over the top violence with an untrustworthy premise and an implausible ending. Hugh becomes so much disturbed by seeing her dreams fail due to Hedda’s claims that he decides to stage the ending of his script and make Hedda Chase the victim. He visits Hedda’s house in Los Angeles, abducts her, and puts her in a BMW’s trunk. Hugh leaves the car in the parking lot of the Los Angeles airport with the keys and parking ticket inside and lets destiny decide Hedda’s future. This novel is an intense, high velocity, complicated, and provocative. It was received very well by the readers and the critics.

Another mind-blowing novel written by Brundage is called ‘All Things Cease to Appear’. It was published in 2016 by the Knopf publication. Brundage has set the story in New York and has mentioned the primary characters as George Clare, Catherine Clare, Ella Hale, Fanny Clare, Calvin Hale, etc. The novel opens by depicting that when George Clare returns home one afternoon, he finds his wife murdered and his 3-year-old daughter sitting beside her dead body. George had recently moved in the tight-knit town after taking a job offer at a private college as a teacher of art history. The cops immediately label George as the prime suspect. It is only after the interference of parents that George is rescued from suspicion. But, the investigating officer doesn’t let him out of his sight and keeps a track of all his activities. The investigation carries on for very long, but the police are not able to establish anything with proof. Finally, the murder mystery is solved and hard justice is served, but not before 20 years go by since the day the murder was committed. This book is seen as a classic whodunit. It is also considered a complex and rich portrait of a troubled marriage and a psychopath killer. Brundage has shown various taints that go on to scar different families and a whole community. It was also well received by critics and readers in many parts of the world, thereby increasing the popularity of author Brundage to a greater extent.

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