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Publication Order of Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Books

Premeditated Myrtle (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Get Away with Myrtle (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold-Blooded Myrtle (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Myrtle Peril (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of StarCrossed Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Curse Dark as Gold (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Bites: Scary Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into / Bones: Terrifying Tales to Haunt Your Dreams(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bones: Terrifying Tales to Haunt Your Dreams(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth C. Bunce is an Edgar Award-winning author known for her fiction for young adults.

Her Myrtle Harcastle Mystery series was named one of Amazon’s top picks as one of the twenty children’s books of the year in 2020 for the book “Premeditated Myrtle”! The book was also an Edgar Allen Poe Award Winner (The “Edgar Award”) in 2021, an Indie “Next Pick”, and was named a Society of Midland Authors Honoree and was selected for the Library of Congress’s National Book Festival. This series would go on with more books that included the book “How to Get Away with Myrtle” as well as “Cold-Blooded Myrtle”.

The author loves anything that is spooky, old, mysterious, fantastical, or all of the above! To that end, she writes mysteries, ghost stories, historical fantasy, and fiction for younger readers. She credits her books as being inspired by the cultures and the places of the past, with elements of magic or imaginary worlds.

Elizabeth has been writing stories about themes of magic or other worlds for a long time, before she even thought that it could really be an career. She says that she has always had an interest when it comes to anything regarding culture, history, folklore or literature. In college, she studied anthropology and English. She has worked other jobs in writing before, but likes being a novelist the best.

She is a native to the Midwest of the United States. Elizabeth resides in an area where you can see the tall grasses rising up from the prairie in a place close to Kansas City. There she lives with her spouse as well as their cats. She loves spending time with her husband and her cats, and when it comes to hanging out, she loves pursuing her passions and hobbies. This includes everything from quilting to needlework, cosplay, and historical costuming. However, she does say that she draws the line when it comes to cooking. Cooking is decidedly not one of her many hobbies that she enjoys pursuing.

Her first book came out in 2009, a novel titled “A Curse Dark as Gold”. The book would win the William C. Morris Award in the category of a young adult debut. This would bolster her confidence in her ability to not only write, but to reach a wide audience that wanted to read what she was writing! It was a great first start and the author was even more thrilled when the novel was picked to be a Smithsonian Notable Book as well as being selected for the Amelia Bloomer project. The book also was picked on a variety of reading lists for kids and she has had her novels named to the Best Fiction for Young Adults list put out by the ALA.

The author has also won the Kansas Notable Book award several times. Check out her works and see why so many people are listing her novels as some of the top books in the genre and for young adults!

Elizabeth C. Bunce is the creator and the author of StarCrossed, the first novel in the Thief Errant series. If you are a big fan of any book that involves fantasy, then be sure to check this book out!

The main character in this story is a lady in waiting, Celyn Contrare. She serves Merista Nemair, a young woman who has a penchant for being shy. She lives in a castle that is as grand as can be, although it takes quite a bit of fires burning to warm the place fully. This is where the elite of Llyvraneth live, and she spends all of her time attending to the shy Lady Merista while keeping her velvet dress clean and managing to avoid or skillfully navigate the constant gossip happening in the court.

Her world is full of noble people and attending to Merista. But at night, things are different. She is living a double life and is secretly skilled at picking locks, making documents up that look just like the real thing, sneaking into places to take gems and jewels, and keeps secrets close to her vest, all while appearing to be a doting servant.

Her name is Digger, not Celyn Contrare. That is a name that she made up to hide her real identity. While Digger may be a talented thief, she’s also on the run and will get into big trouble if she is caught. The King has come up with an Inquisition, and they hate magic so passionately that it will be very bad for her if she does not maintain her freedom.

Desperate to avoid death, Digger is doing her best to keep her cover at the castle. But things are going terribly, as someone knows her secret and is using it against her. Contending with blackmail on top of all that she has to deal with, Digger knows that she is one mistake or one bad slip up away from having everything go south.

Can she manage to get out of this tricky situation for good? Will Digger have to pack up and sneak away in the dead of night to avoid becoming dead herself? Only time will tell, but with Llyvraneth gearing up for civil war, she’s going to have to make a choice quick. What will she do? Read this novel to find out!

is the second novel in the Thief Errant series by author Elizabeth C. Bunce. Main character Digger is back, and she’s managed to avoid getting caught for now.

She even expects to end up in jail every once in a while, but didn’t think that she would see Lord Durrel Decath stuck there. He once saved her life, and she owes him a debt. She is determined to use her spy, forging, and thievery skills to help look into his case and finally be even once and for all.

The only thing that remains to be seen is whether she will succeed. Can she avoid falling for the lord in the process of it all? Is Durrel as innocent as he proclaims to be? Read this book to find out!

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