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Elizabeth Crowens is the author of fantasy, historical fiction, and suspense books best known for her Time Travel Professor series. She has won different awards, including the Ozma Award for Fantasy Fiction, the Paranormal Award, and the Goethe Awards for Turn of the Century Historical Fiction. The author’s talent show throughout this series and her writing is like a breath of fresh air in a genre that does not have as many writers. Elizabeth Crowens is a film industry veteran with a career that spans over 15 years and also a regular contributor for World Fantasy,, and The Poison apple, among other publications.

Silent Meridian

Silent meridian is the first book in The Time Traveler Professor series. The book stars Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; a man convinced that possessing the legendary red book will help in writing his famous Sherlock Holmes series. Doyle teams up with a John Patrick Scott, a concert pianist cum paranormal investigator to help him find the red book. Doyle also engages a time traveler professor and other interesting characters along the way.

John happens to be Arthur’s friend, and the two have a keen interest in John’s time-traveling experiments. John has tried traveling into the past and future with a lot of success. Arthur feels that with John’s machine, they can both explore other worlds and search for the red book. But is it possible that Doyle is not the good friend he pretends to be? Is there more apart from their shared interest in spirituality that attracts John to Doyle?

This odd team sets on a journey to explore lost worlds. This journey will not only be adventurous, but their friendship gets tested to its limits. The duo also discovers that there are crimes and karmic ties that are following them and wreaking havoc in the present and perhaps in the future. Will the dual be able to overcome all the challenges that come their way?

It is a story of time travel, past lives, astral projection, and so much more. Various famous people are going to make appearances in this book. Thanks to John’s time-traveling machine, Arthur can meet the likes of George Bernard Shaw, J. M. Barries, and H. G. Wells, to mention but a few. These historical figures will add to the story making it more interesting. The main character adventures are also quite intriguing, especially the travel from one era to another.

This is a well-researched captivating story. Get to read stories about John’s life when he was younger and the adventures that he enjoyed in a magical school. The stories in this book are many, but there is a mystic theme that ties them all. This is a self-discovery tales that will teach you valuable life lessons on what it takes to pursue your dreams. You will also get a glimpse at the lives of notable people and the struggles they go through in their journey to success.
Are you looking for a book with an exciting storyline and a cast that can travel through time, Silent Meridian is ideal. The pace is relentless, and the many twists and turns will ensure that you never have to endure a dull moment. It is clear that the author has done her homework, and the stories of people who made a mark in history are accurate.

A Pocketful of Lodestones

A Pocketful of Lodestones is the second book in The Time Travel Professor series. It is 1914, and the war that is supposed to end all wars has just begun. The war has a far-reaching effect as it turns Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John Patrick Scott, Rebecca West, H.G. Wells, and Harry Houdini’s lives upside down. Scott is visiting his hometown during the war, and because he cannot go back to his residence in Germany, he enlists in the army. As one of the lowest-ranked soldiers and with an agent who can’t be impressed by anything he does, he is determined to find out why such things always happen to him.

Scott spends his days burying the days and digging latrines. This is not what he expected. Scott is determined to find out why the sergeant is on his case. The only reprieve he gets is the psychical experiments he undertakes at night. Across the world is Doyle, who is left with no choice but to travel back to ancient China in the hope that he will get the red book and get the help he needs to write the Sherlock Holmes stories. Scott and Doyle discover that in the time of Shakespeare, the witch-hunt never stops. It is upon the two friends to safeguard themselves against the many powers that want to stop them.

The war separates the two friends, Scott and Doyle, who are keen to explore together. That said, the book also comes with tales of Doyle and the adventures he takes while Scott is away. Get fascinating details on how Scott manages to recognize the people he meets during his time travel experiments. Scott’s eyes are opened to his past lives and the reasons why some people dislike him while others love him. Discover Scott’s past and some of the people he has wronged throughout his life.

Yet again, this story presents the main characters with an opportunity to escape from the horrific present. The book comes with vivid descriptions of the world war one from the frontlines. Will Scott be in a position to use his special powers to survive the war? Is it time for Doyle to get the red book and finally finish writing his series?

A Pocketful of Lodestones combines alternative history, time travel, and paranormal fantasy into one intriguing story. Meet a plethora of characters, historical eras, and ancient places. The book is set in a period when people were exploring the spiritualist. Thanks to this, the content herein is nothing like you have read before. If you are looking for an exciting read that includes time travel and a hint of paranormal occurrences, this book is ideal.

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