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Elizabeth Everett is an American historical fiction romance author best known for her Secret Scientists of London series. The series has received positive criticism from Kirkus, BuzzFeed, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Entertainment Weekly, PopSugar, and other outlets. Her books are inspired by her greatest admiration for rule breakers and her belief in love’s power to improve the world. Elizabeth lives in Upstate New York with her family.

A Lady’s Formula for Love, the first in The Secret Scientists of London series isn’t your typical regency romance. Rather than being a simple novel highlighting regency London as the playground for the rich folks, this book shines a bright light on the resentfulness of the times of the peasants, the middle class, the working class, women, and the LGBTQ. The book also features people of color playing minor supporting roles. Additionally, the book also explores the issues of relationships and gender conformities. Since the women of the time wanted to practice science and despite the whole world being against them, they were forced to do it in secret. They had tainted relationships with the men in their lives because of their zeal to achieve more. Luckily, there were some men in their lives, the likes of Arthur, who encouraged them to pursue their dreams.

The story’s heroine is Violet Hughes, a young widow, and an outstanding scientist. She is still mourning and nursing her old wounds because her dead husband, who was way older than her, tried to ruin her dreams and turn her into a gentlewoman hostess, the best role for the wife of an earl. He often criticized her beauty, outspoken nature, and desire for physical affection. Upon her husband’s death, which somehow freed her, Violet formed a ladies club dubbed the Athena Retreat for women in the society to come and support one another as they pursue their diverse scientific journeys. On the surface, the club was just a social club, and it would still face animosity from those who find the idea of women socializing awkward.

In the meantime, Chartists are pushing forward for a universal male right to vote, with some of the protests turning out to be violent. One of the groups, led by Adam Winters, starts exploding canisters that contain poisonous gas that affects innocent bystanders and those sent to ease the protests. The British government is forced to spring into action.

Violet’s stepson works as a government agent. Already aware of Violet’s unique knowledge of chemistry, he requests her to create an antidote to the poisonous gas. Unfortunately, rumors spread through the city as she prepares an antidote, and she soon finds herself a target. Her stepson brings another government agent, Arthur, a professional bodyguard, to keep her safe. All Arthurs wants is retirement, buying a farm far north of the country where he spent his childhood, and this one last assignment will help him get started. After all, offering bodyguard services to one female from aggrieved protesters won’t be a tough job for him to handle as long as he is not distracted.

But he gets distracted sooner than he expected. Violet and Arthur are caught in undeniable lust for one another from the start, which slowly transforms into love. Soon what started as simple hugs and kisses transforms into explicit sex scenes that drive the plot alongside character development, the outcome of the political danger, and their confessions of their inner hurts. The main and supporting characters are both amusing and poignant, while the underlying theme of female empowerment makes the story a worthwhile read.
At the core of this novel is the message of listening to your heart and desires in both love and life, as showcased through the character’s story. Violet is an oddly relatable character. She is so consumed in her work that she forgets to eat and is honest with her intentions with Arthur. As a matter of fact, she plans to seduce him. Another theme the book focuses on is feminist ideals. Violet and her club members are breaking societal rules rather than staying home and being good wives. They invent, plan parties, and exercise their minds while not forgetting to tend to their husbands. Diversity is featured in a number of ways. Some of the club members are lesbians, and another character is transgender.

Additionally, the club members are women from all economic classes. Overall, A Lady’s Formula for Love is funny, charming, and enjoyable. You will enjoy reading about Violet’s antics and accidents as a scientist. The plot is perfectly balanced between mystery and love.
A Perfect Equation is the second book in Secret Scientists of London by Elizabeth Everett. Almost a decade ago, Miss Letitia made a terrible mistake that has made her suffer its consequences. Preparing herself to compete for the Rosewood Prize for Mathematics, she is immediately tasked with another responsibility. She is to manage Athena’s Retreat, a secret club for women scientists. After spending the last six years alone, Letitia doesn’t need any offers from other people and certainly doesn’t need friendship from the handsome Lord Greycliff.

Greycliff cannot afford to make mistakes in his life again. His dream of becoming the director of a powerful secret agency is finally within his reach. He is tasked with helping Miss Letty protect Athena’s Retreat. Grey is confident that he can control the ways of the female scientist and, at the same time, keep tabs on the tiny mathematician despite their historical enmity and brewing tension. As Letty and Grey are forced to work together, their dislike for each other turns into an admiration that eventually leads to something magnetic. When faced with the possibility of Athena’s club closing forever, the two must make a choice. Will Grey turn a one-lifetime chance to change history, or will Letty dig to the root of the problem and prove that love is the final answer?
Suppose you enjoyed books like The Rebel and The Rake by Emily Sullivan or A Lady’s Guide to Deception and Desire by Manda Collins. In that case, Elizabeth Everett’s books are highly recommended read.

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