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About Elizabeth Grey

The British romance author Elizabeth Grey is well known for creating funny and engaging contemporary romance novels. Capturing the attention of the reader straight away, her books are extremely easy to pick up, yet highly difficult to put down. With many of her books being in the chick-lit genre, she’s a gifted writer who’s extremely astute, knowing how to get straight to the point. Her writing is incisive and she understands her audience perfectly, giving them exactly what they want, whilst also ensuring she says what she wants to say.

There’s a lot of humor within her work too, as she definitely has a way with words, really making the reader laugh on multiple occasion. She’s also extremely astute when it comes to human behavior, understanding how people interact with one another. This insight elevates her work to a level that is quite unlike any other, taking the reader on a journey throughout each book. Often drawing from her own life and experiences too, she lends her books with a sense of relevancy as they’re grounded firmly in the real-world.

Creating characters that really speak to the reader as well, her protagonists come alive off of the page too. Staying with her audience long after they’ve finished the story, many find themselves returning time and time again for more. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula, especially when it comes to the many series she’s created over the years. With strong and compelling ideas, she’s got plenty more books set for release in the near future, as she’s got a lot more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Hailing from the north-east of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Grey really had a passion for the written word growing up. Developing her love of the craft, she would go on to find her own voice and approach to writing, creating a style all of her own. Born in Sunderland, she would always be looking for new and exciting ideas growing up, as she would later put her own experiences into her stories.

Studying both art and business during her five years of university education, Elizabeth Grey would build upon her skill-set. Moving in to the corporate world of marketing, she’d later work in operations management, a line of work which would also help inspire her. Currently living in South Tyneside, she married back in 2007, and she continues to write living with her partner and three children.

Writing Career

Starting her literary career in 2017, Elizabeth Grey would write the book ‘Just Friends,’ which would also begin her ‘Agency’ romance series. This collection of books would be set both in and around a marketing agency located in London, looking at the lives and loves of those working there. A spin-off series would also come out in 2018 titled ‘When We Were Young’ featuring the characters of the ‘Agency’ series when they were younger.

Second Chance

First published in 2019 on the 9th of June, this would originally be released through the ‘Snowflake Publishing’ label. Making up the third part in ‘The Agency’ series of books, it continues on from the previous books, being set in the same world as before. While the story itself is self-contained, there are many returning characters, so it can be read in order, but it’s not completely necessary.

Being a highly successful ad producer for television living in London, Freja Larsen is enjoying a fantastic and exciting career. But then there’s Nate Klein who’s now a successful multimillionaire businessman for TV and he’s the Tribe advertising agency’s latest client. Nate and Freja had a relationship years ago, but she let him go to protect him from a difficult truth, but now he’s back and the chemistry’s stronger than ever. What was the secret from her past all those years ago, can they overcome these difficulties, and will she use her second chance?

Set within an advertising agency in the heart of London, this is a bright and lively series that makes the most of its premise and location. The story is engaging and will keep readers constantly guessing throughout, right until the very last page with all its twists and turns. Knowing the readers well at this point, Grey is a confident writer, moving the story along with both wit and style.


Originally released in 2018 on the 17th of August, this would initially come out through ‘Snowflake Publishing’ once more, being the first in the ‘When We Were Young’ spin-off series. Branching off from ‘The Agency’ series, this features the characters of Freja Larsen and Nate Klein in their early days. It’s definitely a book with some adult material, so it’s best to be prepared before reading, but it’s all handled sensitively.

Living for the moment, Freja Larsen is a young woman looking to make her way in Los Angeles, as she attempts to put love and Denmark behind her. Meeting Nate Klein she starts to question what she actually wants, as she instantly feels attracted to him, drawn in to his orbit. Nate’s father is powerful though, and he doesn’t want Nate seeing a woman who’s a waitress looking to become a movie star. Will the two of them become an item, can they overcome the difficulties facing them both, and what will finally become of Freja?

There’s a little bit of darkness to this, as it tends not to shy away from more difficult subject matter with its story. Starting off a spin-off series, this does well to establish the style and tone of what’s to come, giving readers a clear idea of what to expect. The characters remain relatable, as it works at developing the world of ‘The Agency,’ taking it further, and heavily immersing readers in it.

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