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Spin the Dawn (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unravel the Dusk (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Anthologies

A Twisted Tale Anthology(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Elizabeth Lim grew up on a hearty diet of myths, fairy tales, and songs. She grew up in Northern California, spending a bit of time in Tokyo, Japan. From a very young age, she studied both piano and composition, but was always into writing and reading.

During fifth grade, she ran for student body treasurer and gave a speech while in costume. She believes she was dressed as Uncle Sam, but has just tried to erase the memory from her mind. She just remembers wearing a top hat with fake money sticking out of it. She also sent a possible literary agent her diary on accident.

When she was younger, her dad read her legends and fairy tales from all over the world and many wound up staying with her into adulthood. When she started creating the world found in “Spin the Dawn”, she knew that she wanted the foundation of the story to be rooted in the same tales she grew up on. The three stories that inspired it the most were “East of the Sun” (a Norwegian story), “Donkeyskin” (a French story), and “the Cowherd and the Weaver” (a Chinese legend).

The book focuses on a tailor in particular because of her grandma, who spent quite a few years working as a seamstress when she first moved to America.

Her own passion for telling stories started at about the age of ten, when she began writing fan fictions for Sweet Valley, Sailor Moon, and Star Wars. She posted them online and found that people were reading them, something she found cool. It took her a long time to figure out that she wanted to become an author. After a teacher told her there was a bit too much voice in her essays, Elizabeth focused on not flunking English, taking a break from creative writing.

Through the years, Elizabeth started composing music for video games and film, and even got a doctorate in music composition with a secondary in East Asian Studies. She got her graduate degrees at The Juilliard School.

She always missed her writing, and wrote stories at any time when she needed a break from grad school. One day, she chose to write and complete a novel, just for kicks at first, before things became serious. She has not yet looked back since then.

Her journey has been long and windy. She went through a ton of rejection while she tried to become a published writer, both from editors as well as agents. At first, she wrote women’s fiction before she realized that she wanted to write young adult fantasy. She probably wrote and polished seven manuscripts in all before she sold two of her books.

Elizabeth always struggles while writing, especially during the start, because she does not like drafting. It makes her try to get through this part of writing the novel as fast as possible. She tries to set small goals for herself, just writing five hundred to two thousand words a day and just attempt to finish her book a step at a time.

While writing a story, she will revise her work about five times before ever sending it off to her agent. After that, they revise about two to three more times before they feel that it is ready. Knowing when a story is ready is a tricky thing for her, but in her case it is helpful to have critique partners or readers who are able to offer some constructive feedback to her.

She finds that giving yourself goals is better than having a time line. At the same time, reading is a good idea, but listening is just as important. Having a good ear will improve a writer’s work immeasurably. Rejections are not something you should allow to get you down, as persistence is key.

Elizabeth began by writing what she was looking to read when she was a lot younger, seeing as how there was not a whole lot of Chinese inspired fantasy on the shelves when she was a kid. It was something she wanted dearly and started here.

Elizabeth loves books with a good romance, classic film scores, food (having a soft spot for Ethiopian food and arepas), overcast skies, cycling, English muffins, the color turquoise, and baking.

Her debut novel was released in the year 2019, and was called “Spin the Dawn”. It is from the genre of young adult fantasy.

“Spin the Dawn” is the first novel in the “Blood of Stars” series, which was released in the year 2019. Maia Tamarin has dreams of being the best tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she is able to hope for is marrying well. A royal messenger summons her ailing dad, who used to be a tailor renown, to court, Maia poses as a male and takes his place. She knows that her life will be forfeit if her secret is found out, but she is going to take that risk in order to achieve her dream and save the entire family from ruin. There is only one catch: Maia is one of a dozen tailors trying to get the job.

Lies and backstabbing run wild while the tailors continue to compete in challenges to prove their skill and artistry. Maia’s task is made more complicated when she attracts the attention of Edan, the court enchanter, whose piercing eyes appear to see right through the disguise she has.

Nothing at all could have gotten her ready for the last challenge: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor’s reluctant bride-to-be. One from the blood of stars, one from the laughter of the sun, and another from the tears of the moon. With this rather impossible task in front of her, she goes off on a journey into the far reaches of the kingdom, looking for the stars, the sun, and the moon. She finds more than she ever could have thought possible.

This novel is pure magic and filled with artistry romance, and deep enchantment. Elizabeth has created something amazing. Just when you think you are able to tell where the story is going, you are wrong. This is a white knuckle read. The story is part fairy tale and part epic adventure that is rich and exquisite.

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