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Elizabeth Logan is the pen name of a renowned American writer named Camille Minichino, who has expertise in writing mystery and thriller stories. Under this name, she is well known for writing the Alaskan Diner Mystery series. Camille Minichino is also famous for writing the Sophie Knowles mysteries under another pseudonym of Ada Madison. Under her original name, she is widely popular for creating the Periodic Table series and the Sister Francesca Mystery series. There one more pen name used by the author, that is, Margaret Grace. She uses this name to write her Geraldine Porter mysteries series, which is also known as the Miniature Mysteries series. In addition to these series, Logan has contributed to a collection of short stories with author Margaret Hamilton. She has also penned several novellas and non-fiction books in her career, the most prominent ones among them being The Cyclone, Majesty In Miniature, The Sodium Arrow, Nuclear Waste Management Abstracts, Neon Ornaments, etc.

Additionally, Logan has provided a helping hand to the first, second, and fourth books of the Happy Homicides series. To do this work, she worked alongside other prominent authors, including Nancy Warren, Joanna Campbell Slan, Teresa Trent, Kathi Daley, Carolyn Haines, Randy Rawls, Nancy Cohen, Annie Adams, Neil Plakcy, etc. Author Logan is a Ph.D. holder in physics, which she obtained in 1968. She is an alumnus of Fordham University, located in New York City. Following her doctorate, she was involved in a long career in the fields of research and teaching. Logan shifted her focus towards writing in the latter part of her career and worked with equal dedication as her other professions.

Currently, Logan serves as a faculty member of the San Francisco based Golden Gate University. She is also a staff member of the Lawrence Livermore National Library. Being one of the prominent authors of her time, Logan also had the opportunity to be a board member of the Club of California Writers. In the Alaska Diner Mysteries, Logan has depicted the chief protagonist in the form of Charlie Cooke. She has described Charlie Cooke as a chef based in San Francisco. When the series begins, Charlie Cooke is seen getting an opportunity to move out of San Francisco and make her base in her hometown of Elkview in Alaska. Her mother asks her to take over her diner and look after its business. Charlie sees it as a chance to reconnect with the people of her town and give herself a second chance at love. But, her plans to add fresh flavors to her mother’s diner are shattered when a murder takes place and she gets involved in getting to the bottom of the mystery.

Charlie thinks that the local police are not doing its job correctly and so, she decides to take it upon herself to find the culprit and unravel the mystery. As the series proceeds further, Charlie Cooke indulges in other mysteries and tries to solve them too. The intriguing mysteries and excellent settings by author Logan keep the series interesting throughout. Many readers have expressed their excitement to read many more Charlie Cooke stories and hope that Logan comes up with a few more titles in the coming years. A number of critics have reviewed this series with excellent comments and have praised the author for her superb work in the mystery/thriller genre. Logan hopes to keep getting the love and support of the critics and readers across the world for all her upcoming projects.

The debut book written by author Elizabeth Logan in the Alaskan Diner Mystery series is entitled ‘Mousse and Murder’. It was released in 2020 by the Berkley Books publication. Elizabeth Logan has set this novel in Alaska and San Francisco. The primary character shown in this book is Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Cooke. Other essential characters created by Logan for this book include a local journalist named Chris Doucette, who is also Charlie Cooke’s former classmate; a cat named Eggs Benedict; Tropper, Annie Jensen, Oliver, and several others. Initially, Charlie Cooke is introduced as a chef working at a diner in San Francisco. Her mother owns a diner of her own in Elkview, Alaska. This hometown diner is called Bear Claw Diner.

After running the diner for many years, Charlie’s mother asks her to come back home and take over the responsibilities from her. Charlie sees it as a good opportunity to return home and she was also longing to meet her mother and the people of her town. Once back, she seems determined to give herself and the diner a fresh start. Charlie begins to make several important changes and additions to the menu. She thinks that the diner’s menu is quite old and has become stale. Adding some exciting cuisines and dishes that she learned working in San Francisco is what Charlie feels is the need of the hour for the Bear Claw Diner. However, her plans are tossed out of the window with the murder of her head chef named Oliver.

Charlie discovers his dead body in the kitchen of the diner. To make matters worse, she is seen as the main suspect in Olier’s murder as people had seen her fighting with him publicly over the changes she was bringing to the diner just a few days before. Now, Charlie is not only required to prove her innocence, but also save the reputation of the diner that her mother had built over years of hard work and dedication. More than her own state, she feels sorry for her mother and wants to bring back happiness on her face at any cost.

Charlie becomes determined to investigate Oliver’s murder case in her own way and find clues that would take her to the real killer. There is a lot at stake for her as her freedom, life, and career lie on thin ice. She finds help from her old classmate and journalist Chris Doucette. Her cat, Eggs ‘Benny’ Benedict, also proves to be of great help in carrying out the investigation. Overall, this book offers an intriguing mystery that is capable of keeping the reader glued to their seats once they begin reading it. It’s setting, characters, and narration are all quite enjoyable. Logan has done the pacing very well, making the scenes easy to understand and interesting at the same time. There are many humorous elements added by Logan to make the novel more exciting to read.

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