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Elizabeth May is a well-established author who is widely known for the Young Adult fantasy book series, The Falconer. May was born and brought up in California before relocating to Scotland. Her work has been sold in more than ten countries. Some of May’s books have been selected for an Amazon Book of the Month, a Scholastic Reading Club picks and a Green Mountain book award. Elizabeth May grew up in California, where she spent most of her time going through the books in the local library. May used to spend most of her free time reading the books in restaurants, dinner tables, family vacations and classrooms of well. Eventually, May began writing her own stories and writing about people and places about where she has never been.

Once her love for writing developed, she also developed an interest in traveling. Elizabeth has traveled throughout the world, including the rugged landscapes of New Zealand, the plains of Canada, coral reefs of Australia and more than 39 states in the United States. One day when traveling, she had a brief stop in the United Kingdom and fell in love with the country of Scotland. She decided this is where she belonged. Elizabeth May was inspired by the exceedingly dark and mysterious, the fairy legends of Scotland and winding alleyways of Edinburgh. After she had earned her Ph.D. at St. Andrews University, Elizabeth May decided to become a full-time writer. When May is not traveling around the world, Elizabeth May can be found taking photos or imagining exceedingly complicated stories about girls. Currently, Elizabeth resides in Edinburgh with her two cats.

Best Elizabeth May Books

The Falconer is one of the best performing books by Elizabeth May. In this book, Aileana Kameron is the protagonist. By day, Kameron is a lady, but by night she becomes a killer. Kameron has been this way, ever since her mother was killed. She was not only torn into shreds, but she also had her heart ripped out of her chest. However, for the thing that killed her mother was not human. Normally, the naked human eye cannot easily see these type of predators, which prey on the weak. However, Kameron possess a device which gives human beings the ability to see these predators coming. However, this was just the beginning.

The predators are constantly hunting for the weak. They first begin by devouring their energy and then kill them after sucking all their energy. They are usually in all shapes and form. Furthermore, they are mighty and strong and had been imprisoned by the city. However, they had managed to break free, one after the other. If they are not going to end the human race, then they are going to imprison everyone. Furthermore, they are also exceedingly dangerous and deadly and posses different strengths. This time they are not only preparing to rise but they are also planning to rule once again. They are known as Faeries and they are rising. With that said, it is only one person, who can save the entire human race from imprisonment and death. The only challenge is that the savior is the last of her kind.

She happens to be the last remaining Falconer with the ability to stop these creatures. She is only one person fighting against so many creatures, and she is just learning and teaching herself how to handle her abilities. She is yet to attain the full power of a Falconer, and she is more than willing to give up her life, so as to save the human race. She is not only the hunter, but she is also hunted, a killer, a prey, and a rescuer. With that said, The Falconer is one of the best books to have been written. The Vanishing Throne is the second book in the Falconer book series. In this sequel, the author focuses on the evolution and the history of the relationship between the Unseelie and the Seelie court.

The book begins as Aileana Kameron had disappeared through the portal, which she had been trying to close forever. Now, she has woken up in the Faery world where she is tortured and trapped by one, Lonnrach. With the assistance of an unexpected friend, Aileana, re-enters the world of humans, only to discover that everything has changed completely. Aileana holds the keys to saving both worlds, however, to do this she must be able to awaken her dormant Falconer powers. The only challenge is that by doing this, she might lose her life. It is clear to see that the author has mastered several things especially when it comes to writing. However, one aspect that clearly stands out is character development. The author takes the reader on an exceedingly cruel, fierce and emotional journey. As she was being imprisoned by Lonnrach, she was not only tortured but also imprisoned.

Aileana believes that the main reason that she is going through this is because she did not end things when she had the chance to. When she managed to escape, she found a friend. The secondary characters such as the ally that she made were exceedingly important. Some of the most noticeable characters include Derrick, Gavin, and Aithinne. The Fallen Kingdom is the third and final book in the Fallen Kingdom book series. This book begins as the protagonist crawls from beneath the ground. She has no memory of where she is or what had happened. It becomes apparently clear that she is not the Kam that we had met in the previous novels. Her eyes are not only different but also her powers as well. Eventually, Alieana meets with Derick, her good friend. There are several things, which take place, and in the process, Aleana is able to restore her memory fully. After her memory is fully restored, Kam once again reunites with Kiaran.

As expected, the romance between the two kicks off. After the reunions, the two groups, humans and faeries realize that they should go on one more mission if they plan on saving the earth. You are going to enjoy, The Final Kingdom, which is the last book in the series.

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