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Elizabeth Norris is a reputed American writer of romance and young adult novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Unraveling book series. Before taking up writing as a career, Norris taught history and English at a high school in southern California for some time. She had an interest in writing romance novels from an early age and when the time seemed right, she decided to leave the beaches of southern California and move to the cold regions of Manhattan. Norris believes that the snowpocalypse winter suits her writing and helps to bring out the best out of her. The other things that Norris is addicted to besides writing include red velvet cupcakes, Argo tea, guacamole, and sushi. In her debut series, she has described the story of a girl who fights to save the boy she has started to love, her world, and her family.

Author Norris began her writing career in 2012 with the novel called Unraveling. After that, she wrote two more full-length novels and one novella with the same setup, location, and characters. Norris hopes to write many more novels in the upcoming years and is currently working on the development of her latest novel, which she is expected to release as soon as she finishes its writing and editing part. On her Facebook page, Norris has clearly stated that she has finished writing her debut series, which is comprised of just two novels and there will be no 3rd novel. During her spare times, Norris likes to interact with the readers through her website, Facebook page, and other social media platforms. She loves to take feedbacks from them about her books and understand their expectations of her as a writer of young adult and romance author.

As of today, Norris resides in New York, United States. She loves to watch movies and reads books in her free time. Her favorite movie is Donnie Darko, while her most favorite book is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Norris considers herself a great lover of used books, an enthusiast, and an addict of fringe science. She says that she has always been drawn to romance stories and their characters. Most of her day time is spent brainstorming and imagining scenes and dialogues of the characters in order to understand them better before she actually sits down to write the manuscript. Very often, Norris is not able to sleep while thinking about her characters. When this thing becomes a habit for several days, she realizes that she is in the course of developing a full-length novel. The same thought comes to her mind when she succeeds in writing the first 10 thousand words without any difficulty.

The journey of becoming a published author has never been easy for Norris. She has received tough criticism in the form of hate emails and harsh words. However, she has learned to put aside all the negativities and focus on doing what she does best. It excites her very much when readers come up to her after reading her books and give compliments. Norris likes to do most of her writing at her kitchen table. Many times, she has written in coffee shops. Norris has also spent time sitting in the New York Public Library and working on her novels. She thinks that it is quite cool to be surrounded by books while writing novels. For Norris, writing the last scene seems to be the easiest one as it gives her the feeling that her manuscript is about to come to an end.

The Unraveling series written by author Elizabeth Norris is comprised of 2 novels and 1 novella released between 2012 and 2013. Norris has mentioned the essential characters in this series in the form of Janelle Tenner, Jared, Ben Michaels, Taylor Barclay, and several others. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Unraveling’. It was released by the Balzer & Bray publication in 2012. The book is set in San Diego, California. Initially, Janelle Tenner is introduced as a 16-year-old. Hailing from San Diego, she works as a lifeguard. Janelle carries lots of responsibility on her shoulders due to her intense academic schedule. Her mother suffers from bipolar disease, while her father is an FBI agent and keeps himself immersed in his work.

Janelle Tenner has a younger brother named Jared and has to look after him as well as none of her parents have time for that. All these things come to a sudden halt when Janelle dies. But, she is brought to life again with the help of the paranormal powers of a mysterious and alluring loner named Ben Michaels, who studies in her high school. Later, Janelle Tenner learns about a strange clock that is showing the countdown for earth’s destruction. She also learns that there are only 24 days to figure a way to stop the strange clock for saving the planet. Janelle Tenner teams up with Ben Michaels to do the needful and save the lives of all those she cares about.

The second volume of the series is called ‘Unbreakable’. It was published in 2013 by the Balzer+Bray publication. This book opens by depicting that Ben Michaels disappeared to his home universe through a mysterious portal four months ago. Janelle Tenner becomes worried when she does not see for this long and starts to believe that she is never going to see Ben again. As Janelle’s life begins to resume normalcy, she feels that her devastated world is not going to attain normalcy in the real sense. Shortly after, Taylor Barclay visits her in the form of an Interverse Agent. He informs her that a dweller from the alternate universe is suspected of kidnapping people, running a ring of human trafficking, and selling people on different planets.

Taylor Barclay also tells Janelle that Ben Michaels is the main suspect. If he doesn’t show up within a period of 5 days, his imprisoned family will get executed. Later, Janelle Tenner discovers that someone from her world has become a victim of the human trafficking ring and someone who she cares for, she decides to assist Taylor Barclay in catching the culprit. She does not care about the dangers associated with this mission. In the set five days, Janelle has to locate the disappeared people, track down the culprit, and find Ben before his life falls into danger. She cares about Ben a lot as she loves him and is forever indebted to him for helping her overcome death. The clues that she finds during the investigation make her realize that she might have not known Ben that well. Janelle races against time to save the lives of all those she loves, including Ben Michaels.

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