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Elizabeth Topp is a literary fiction novelist who is best known for “Perfectly Impossible,” her debut fiction which she published in 2020. The work would become a bestseller on Amazon and topped the lists for the literary fiction genre.
She was only in the second grade when she penned her debut novel. Later on, she went to Harvard College where she studied creative writing, and then got a master of fine arts in nonfiction writing from the Columbia School of the Arts.
Topp co-authored “Vaginas: An Owners Manual,” which was her first work in 2004 alongside her gynecologist mother.

It is a much-needed, thorough, and engaging explanation of the working vagina, full of accessible facts, whose authors are only interested in education rather than feminist agendas.
Another work she published with her mother was “The Stress-Free Pregnancy Guide,” which came out in 2008.

Topp currently makes her home in the same Manhattan apartment where she grew up with Matthew her partner, Anna her daughter, and Stripes their cat.
She published her second novel “City People” in 2023.

She first knew she wanted to become a novelist when she penned an intricate short story about a mouse who befriended a prisoner of war while she was a second grader.
But like many authors, she never pursued it and for many years, she only did creative writing so that she could get that extra credit at school.

It would take many years before she remembered how she had once loved writing and began thinking that maybe she could do this as more than a hobby or for grades.
However, the biggest trigger was coming home one day to find her roommate announcing that she intended to become an author.

Then a twenty-three-year-old, Elizabeth Topp has been working for various employers for many years as a private assistant.

While she worked for all manner of employers the only constant was that hardly anyone ever understood what her work entailed as a Private Assistant.
Nonetheless, she understands given that she also cannot adequately explain what she does as it changes, sometimes every single day.

She found herself coming up with tales of hilarious people and ridiculous circumstances that she would then turn into “Perfectly Impossible,” her debut.

As for her influences, Elizabeth Topp has said that she was indoctrinated into narrative culture right from the moment she could speak by her mother.

Back then, stories were like small pieces of candy that she used to give to her as a way to distract her when they were in restaurants. Through bits and pieces, she worked through Shakespeare and the bible, chunks of which she still remembers to this day.
When she was older, her mother read her Rebecca and Jane Eyre before she introduced her to trashy romances which she devoured as a teenager. Throughout her life, she has always kept her family history alive in hilarious, animated retellings.
Her most rewarding experience since she got published has been getting comments from people all over the globe and questions in anticipation of her future writings.

She usually writes her novels hoping that her readers will be entertained, carried away, uplifted, and amused. She hopes that her readers will not only be entertained but that their relationships and lives will get that sense of enhanced glamour.

Elizabeth Topp’s novel “Perfectly Impossible” introduces the lead as Anna, who works as a private assistant to one of the richest matriarchs in New York City – Bambi Von Bizmark.
She has a simple job – ensure that everything goes perfectly and there are no surprises.

But it can be hectic as she never knows what the day will hold as what will be needed, what she will have to remember, and what she will be asked varies from day to day.

Presently, things have been tense at her employer’s home as Bambi and her husband have been fighting but since they have been invited to the Opera Ball as honorees, mood swings and demands have been increasing exponentially.
Anna finds herself having to walk a delicate line between not bankrupting the family and making sure Bambi gets her wishes, even as she tries her best to get her to accept reality.

Caught between her unconventional life as an artist and the staid world of immense wealth, Anna finds herself struggling with all manner of questions. If she was meant to be a painter why has she achieved so much success working as a personal assistant?
When after many months of suffering her boyfriend gets a fancy new job, their entire future is thrown into doubt and her identity crisis just worsens.

It is a fun read about the typical chaos of a private assistant’s life and the excessive lifestyles of New York’s elite.

“City People” by Elizabeth Topp is a searing and unforgettable novel about mothers who have to deal with grief following the loss of one of their own.

Susan Harris is a successful and beautiful woman who unexpectedly jumped from the top floor of her building causing ripples through her mother’s group in New York. How could this happen without any of them noticing?
The women are forced to deal with some dark truths about themselves,even as they confront the shock of her death.

A single mother named Vic who has aspirations of one day becoming an author is confused and shocked that her friend would take her own life.

A makeup executive named Bhavna is trying to deal with her friend’s death, even as she sacrifices everything to ensure her son is admitted to the school he has always dreamed of attending.
As for Kara, she had lost her sister who took her life years earlier and hence she is a little familiar with the grief of suicide.

Amy and Penelope had been working on a business deal when Susan took her own life and now are not so sure if the deal is worth the toll it would have on their families.
For all these women, the death of one of their own forces them to look deeper into who they are, even as their futures and those of their kids are hanging in the balance.

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